Where Do The DJ Photos of Weddings and Parties Come From?

As the site of DJ Mystical Michael continues to grow and expand, (look for a new look soon!), we now have over 500 DJ Photos on our site! Of those 500 DJ photos captured of Weddings, Parties, Events, Fundraisers and Dancers, all but about 25 of them are from actual events that I am the professional DJ. It turns out that the professional DJ often has the best pulse of the Wedding or Party because we are providing the music, as well as good professional DJs coordinating the event and know exactly what and how is gong to happen next.

 Who Is The Photographer of The DJ Photos?

I am the ‘photographer’ at most of my events. It is in my contract with my Brides, Grooms and Party Planners that I will capture their amazing experiences and use them on my site for promotional purposes. I make sure in advance that the Brides and Grooms know this clearly because I do not want to upset anyone with my DJ Photos. I have had a few of my Brides and Grooms explicitly ask me not to take DJ photos at their Weddings. Of course, I have willingly agreed. Most Brides and Grooms are really excited to know that their special day of DJ Photos will be accessable for friends and family to view the next day after their Wedding. The same is true for my Party Planners that are not Brides and Grooms, they know I will use the DJ Photos on my site and give me permission to do so.


The truth is that I am just a mediocre ‘photographer’ at best. I do not think I am even qualify as a photographer, I just like to capture fun and special moments of Weddings, Parties and Events and share my DJ Photos with you. This way, you know in advance what your Wedding or Party will be like if you hire me to be your professional DJ. It gives you a bird’s eye view of Weddings and Parties with DJ Mystical Michael, not just what it looks like but also what I feel are the moments that you will appreciate. A professional photographer will do a MUCH better job and have significantly higher quality equipment than me. They take their gear as serious as I do with my MacBook and BOSE L1 system. They take their craft and finished product as serious as I do as a professional Wedding and Party DJ.


I just thought it was important to share with you where and how the DJ Photos you see on my site come from and that I have legal permission to do so. The other images are either purchased for specific uses or from Creative Commons through the public usage licensing. Last month I had a very angry, rightfully so, photographer write me about an image I had on my site. A gorgeous dancer full of beauty and colors that I loved! I explained that I found her image on Creative Commons and was using it legally. She had never heard of Creative Commons, so I sent her the link and info. I then apologized and removed the image. Apparently, somebody else who did not have rights or permission, posted her image on Creative Commons and offered full permission for public use! It has been since cleared-up but the artist has been hunting down all the illegal uses of her work all over the internet. She said most users were not as polite and respectful as me and some even refused to delete the images. This is so sad and disturbing to me. This is one of the ways the internet and its access are being abused.

Let me know if there are any specific DJ Photos on my site that you appreciate and like!

DJ Photos of Fun Wedding Party on The Dance Floor

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