LMFAO Sexy And I Know It

It’s great to see some performers in the music business are still making music just for the fun of it and is real fun to listen and dance like LMFAO Sexy And I Know It. Any professional DJ will smile at this. These guys are such a goof and have no problem making fun of themselves and everybody else along the way. In some ways, they remind me of the many of the early rock and roll bands in the late fifties and early sixties that songs were just for fun and didn’t serve much purpose except to have fun. LMFAO Sexy And I Know It also reminds me of the way The B-52’s enjoy making fun music.

LMFAO Sexy And I Know It Music Video

LMFAO Sexy And I Know It in particular has my attention because it is rare for male performers to make light of guys and body-building while ‘showing-off’ their bodies in a playful manner. Of course, who can not appreciate anyone who thinks they are sexy just because they do, even though they might not fit the typical stereotype of what is sexy?

The LMFAO Sexy And I Know It Story

LMFAO Sexy And I Know It is a song by American duo LMFAO from their second studio album, Sorry for Party Rocking. It was released as the third single from the album on 16 September 2011. The song was written by Stefan Kendal Gordy, GoonRock, Erin Beck, George M. Robertson and Kenneth Oliver, and it was produced by Party Rock. It went to number one on the BillboardHot 100 on January 7, 2012 and remained there for two weeks. Despite such charting success, the song was negatively reviewed by critics.

Rhode Island Teen Dance Party DJ with LMFAO Sexy And I Know It

The song became LMFAO’s second number one hit (after Party Rock Anthem) on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, making them the first duo to have two successive number-one singles since OutKast‘s “Hey Ya!” (2003) and “The Way You Move” (2004). The song also reached number one in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and charted within the top 10 in nearly every country in which it charted. The song was featured in the season 5, episode 12 of Gossip Girl. and in the Glee episode, “The Spanish Teacher“.

LMFAO Sexy And I Know It is Great stuff!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love was originally planned as a side project from Talking Heads musicians, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, a husband and wife team. It charted high on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Dance Charts. Tom Tom Club Genius of Love was huge in the clubs for both Dance and early Hip Hop clubs as a professional DJ. Tom Tom Club Genius of Love was one of those songs that was just fun to listen and dance. Previous to the release of their self-titled album and song Tom Tom Club Genius of Love, it was not clear to many how much creative input other Talking Heads members had besides David Byrne.

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love Music Video

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love Sampled

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love is one of the most sampled rhythm tracks of the 1980s, particularly within the rap/R&B/hip-hop genre, with dozens of unsolicited remixes and versions, most notablyDr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde‘s “Genius Rap” in 1981; Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five‘s “It’s Nasty” in 1982; Mariah Carey‘s “Fantasy” in 1995, and The X-Ecutioners‘ “Genius of Love 2002” in 2002.

Other artists have incorporated “Genius of Love” into their works, including Public Enemy‘s “Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts“, Redman‘s “Brick City Mashin’“, Cam’ron‘s “Me, My Moms & Jimmy“, 2nd II None‘s “Niggaz Trippin’“, Fresh Kid Ice‘s “Roll Call”, 2Pac‘s “High Speed”, Busta Rhymes‘ “One”, Ant Banks‘ “Roll ‘Em Phat”, P.M. Dawn‘s “Gotta Be… Movin’ On Up”, Annie‘s “Chewing Gum“, Menajahtwa‘s “I Ain’t Nasti”, 50 Cent‘s “When I Get Out”, Erick Sermon‘s “Genius E Dub”, Mac Dre‘s “Chop that Ho”, Dream Warriors‘ “And Now the Legacy Begins”, T.I.‘s “Down Like That”, Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack“, Ice Cube‘s “Bop Gun (One Nation)“, and Warren G‘s “What’s Love Got to Do with It“.

The song’s musical bridge, which contains a repeated chant of “Bohannon”, was one of several theme songs used for many years by a syndicated US talk radio program hosted by Jim Bohannon. However, the chant was intended for record producer and disco pioneer Hamilton Bohannon.

Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ with Tom Tom Club Genius of Love

Tom Tom Club Genius of Love is a great tune to turn-up and move!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love

Beyonce’s debut single as a solo artist, Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love, co-written by Beyonce, Richard Harrison and Jay-Z. The beats and horns are sampled from The Chilites Are You My Woman. After a successful career with Destiny’s Child Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love was the beginning of her solo recording career and hit the mark from the first beat.


Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love is a song that I get professional DJ requests almost regardless of genre of the rest of the music being played and works with all of them!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love Rhode Island DJ

An interesting fact about Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love is that Jay-Z was called in last minute at 3:00a.m. to add his rap which he did without a pad or pencil in ten minutes! I guess they had the magic together and it just worked. Of course, they were married years later.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love Music Video

Beyonce and Jay-Z Crazy In Love Success

Columbia Records released “Crazy in Love” on May 20, 2003, as the album’s lead single. The song was lauded by critics, who praised the horn sample, the guest appearance of Jay-Z, and the assertiveness with which Knowles sings the lyrics. “Crazy in Love” ranks 118th on Rolling Stone‘s 2010 list of the 500 greatest songs of all timeVH1 placed the song at number one on its 100 Greatest Songs of the 2000s list. At the 46th Grammy Awards, it won Grammys for Best R&B Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. “Crazy in Love” was Knowles’ first number one single as a solo artist in the United States, peaking on the BillboardHot 100 chart for eight consecutive weeks. It also topped UK Singles Chart, and reached the top ten on the singles charts in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden as well as Switzerland and achieved multi-platinum certifications in most of these countries. “Crazy in Love” had sold more than 8 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time worldwide.” Wikipedia

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire is a great song! The release of the movie I Walk The Line introduced a new generation to the greatness of Johnny Cash. He was one of the few artists to be inducted into the The Country Music Hall Of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and The Gospel Hall of Fame; quite an accomplishment. He was often known as “The Man In Black” for his dark clothes when performing. He produced several free performances at prisons throughout his career and often did so to facilitate reactions to his choices, bringing attention to the conditions in many prisons and jails. Two of his more famous shows for inmates were recorded, San Quentin and Folsom prisons. he also performed abroad at  Österåker Prison in Sweden, which also produced a live recording.


He generally started his concerts by saying, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” followed by his traditional opening song, “Folsom Prison Blues”.

Dancing Fun Wedding DJ Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire was co-written by his wife future wife, June Carter and Merle Kilgore. He told June’s sister, Anita Carter, “I’ll give you about five or six more months, and if you don’t hit with it, I’m gonna record it the way I feel it.”

 Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire Music Video

Her version did not include the Mariachi-styled horns that came to him in a dream. Four years later the were married, which he stated helped stop his alcohol and drug addictions. His daughter Rosanne thought it proved the healing power of love. The song reached #1 on The Hot Country Singles and #17 on The Hot 100 Charts. Every good professional DJ know how important Johnny Cash is.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun is such a great and fun song. Cyndi Lauper is one of those artists that it is hard not to like. She is fun, talented, creative and seems to always be completely herself in whatever she does.  A true unique talent who has not veered from her own style and way of doing things.  She was very loyal to her first band that she recorded with, Blue Angel, not allowing the record companies to break them apart.  She eventually found her way as a solo artist and was the first woman to have four Top 5 hits from the same album.

Wedding Bouquet Toss DJ Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun

“Lauper knew she could write songs, but the record company had a lot of material they wanted her to record. She altered a lot of the songs that were thrown her way, often changing the lyrics to suit her. An example is her Platinum-certified Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun; Lauper says the original lyrics of the song dealt more with a girl pleasing a man, and therefore she changed the lyrics, wanting the song to be more of an anthem as she felt the original song seemed misogynistic.” Wikipedia

 Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun Music Video

There are few songs that are more fun to dance and party to than Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The video is hysterical and carries that fun and playful vibe throughout. It is noteworthy that Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun included girls from diverse races and backgrounds in her video, something that was not yet part of the music industry.  It is very common for a professional Wedding DJ play this song during either The Bouquet Toss or Garter during a wedding reception from women of all ages.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Pink Raise Your Glass

I realize that I am posting the video Pink Raise Your Glass, very late. It occurred to me as a professional DJ, that this is becoming a Rock Classic. Almost every party or wedding that I perform at as a Rhode Island Wedding DJ these days includes this song. It has even made it to 40th and 50th Birthday parties!


Pink Raise Your Glass is a great party song with some nice sarcasm mixed-in to the typical Pink high energy rhythms.  It is starting to become rare for Rock songs of the current era to stand the test of time as the Classics of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s did. There are several reasons for this, one being the rise in popularity of Hip Hop, R&B and Country. Pink seems to be one of the artists that may be able to rise above and sustain popularity and her roots for an extended period, partially due to the fact that she appeals to teens, twenties and adults simultaneously. I hope she continues to produce edgy music like Pink Raise Your Glass, that also reaches widespread audiences.

Pink Raise Your Glass Rhode Island Rock Wedding DJ

According to Billboard, Pink was rated No.13 on the list of Artists of the Decade and No.1 Pop Song Artist of the Decade (2000–2009.  Pink has named Madonna and Janis Joplin as two of her biggest musical influences. She stated that “I wanted to do it my way with my career, and I had this arrogant notion that people weren’t just interested in my music but me as a person. That was my bit of arrogance, I guess. That’s something I learned from Madonna. I was a fan right from the first time I heard ‘Holiday'” Of Joplin she expressed: “She was so inspiring by singing blues music when it wasn’t culturally acceptable for white women, and she wore her heart on her sleeve. She was so witty and charming and intelligent, but she also battled an ugly-duckling syndrome. I would love to play her in a movie.”

Alecia Beth Moore (born September 8, 1979), known by her stage name Pink (stylized as P!nk), is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress. In 2000, she released her first single “There You Go“, from her debut album Can’t Take Me Home. The song was a commercial success, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Having sold over 40 million albums and 70 million singles globally, being a critically acclaimed performer, Pink is often seen as the “underdog” in popular music, for not receiving as mainstream attention as her female pop stars peers. Her career accolades include three Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards, in addition to having eighteen Top 20 Hits on the Billboard charts and three #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2009 Billboard magazine named Pink the #1 pop musician of the decade, and in 2012 VH1 named Pink #10 on their list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music

British soul singer Adele considers Pink’s performance at Brixton Academy in London as one of “the most defining moments” in her life.

Pink Raise Your Glass Music Video

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Ritchie Valens Sleepwalk

It is hard not to feel the energy and Soul that the great Ritchie Valens Sleepwalk put into every guitar lick in this song. Smooth as silk without being overproduced. I recently had a Groom ask for this song to be the song that he and his mother would dance to for their Mother-Son Dance.  I fought hard to contain the tears that well-up every time I hear this song. I do not remember the scene in the film La Bamba but I remember it was one of the more emotional ones. There are few artists from that era that had a full-length feature film made about their life like Ritchie Valens Sleepwalk. As a professional Wedding DJ, I get requested plenty of his music these days and continue to feel moved by his music.

Ritchie Valens Sleepwalk Music Video

He was born Ricardo Esteban Valenzuela Reyes. He was asked by his producer and agent to change his family name to make it sound ‘more american’. Its strange in 2011 to contextually imagine that happening today, where nearly twenty percent of American population is Latino.  His death along with other pop stars Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper is still considered an American tragic story. After the February 2, 1959, performance in Clear Lake, Iowa, Holly, Richardson, and Valens flew out of the Mason City airport in a small plane that Holly had chartered. He was on the plane because he won a coin toss. The plane, a four-passenger Beechcraft Bonanza, departed for Fargo, North Dakota, and crashed shortly after takeoff in a snow storm. The crash killed all three passengers and the pilot; at 17, Valens was the youngest to die on the flight. The event inspired singer Don McLean’s popular 1971 ballad “American Pie“, and immortalized February 3 as “The Day the Music Died”.

Ritchie Valens Sleepwalk with Rhode Island Oldies DJ

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Marc Anthony Aguanile

Marc Anthony Aguanile Lyrics


Godly saint, strong saint, immortal saint
Aguanile, Aguanile Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Eh Aguanile, Aguanile Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai

Eh kyrie eleison christe eleison Don’t interfere with my drunkenness

Que yo tambien me se de’so
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai

Listen, everyone who can pray, pray
to stop the war
It won’t stop on its own, that would be a rarity

Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Ay tambores umaculli, Tambores umaculla
Everyone on the floor
The earth is going to shake
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Que abonbon chele abonbonchacha

I drink to sprinkle on women

Oh that the three nails of the cross
Get behind me
Let them speak and he will answer them
Oh God that criticizes me
I have aguanile mai mai

Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
A jew that yells at its horse without compassion
like Jesus they crucified, dead because of a betrayal
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
eh abongonchele abongochacha
aguanile Bless me with women
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
ay aguanile, aguanile Give me water
I’m thirty and I want to drink
ataca quintero!
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai
Aguanile, Aguanile, Mai Mai

Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ with Salsa Dancing Marc Anthony Aguanile

The first time I heard Marc Anthony Aguanile, I knew it was about something more than just romance or dancing, even with my limited Spanish. I could feel the energy and passion that emanates from the beat, chorus and vocals. This version of Marc Anthony Aguanile is from the film El Cantante. As a professional Wedding and Party DJ, I can feel the lyrics of Marc Anthony Aguanile even when I can’t understand them.

 Marc Anthony Aguanile and His Story

Marc Anthony (born Marco Antonio Muñiz; September 16, 1968) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, actor and producer. Anthony is the top selling tropical Salsa artist of all time. The two-time Grammy and three-time Latin Grammy-winner has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. He is best known for his Latin salsa numbers and ballads.

 Marc Anthony Aguanile Music Video

El Cantante (English: The Singer) is the soundtrack to the film by Marc Anthony. The album was released on July 24, 2007. The entire album, with the exception of the last track “Toma de Mí”, is a cover album of songs originally written and recorded by the famous Puerto Rican Slasa icon Héctor Lavoe.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Wedding DJ Father-Daughter Dance Songs

As we continue to explore the different possibilities for Wedding DJ Dance Songs, along with The Bridal Party Introduction Songs, First Dance Songs, Mother-Son Dance Songs, Bouquet Toss Songs, Garter Toss Songs, Cake Cutting Songs and Last Dance Songs, it seemed time to list the most popular Father Daughter Dance Songs.

I have included two separate lists of Father-Daughter Dance Songs for Wedding DJs below. The first list of Father-Daughter Dance Songs is taken from WeDj.com, a resource I use and am an active member. This list of Father-Daughter Dance Songs is more traditional and based on popularity. The secod list of Father-Daughter Dance Songs is taken from various wedding forums of Briddes conversations abouttheir upcoming weddings. They are alittle more off the beaten path and represent the non-traditonal Father-Daughter Dance Songs, Brides and Fathers. The non-traditional Father-Daughter Dance Songs also have a music player for you to listen to the Father-Daughter Dance Songs. There is some overlap but I wanted to keep the lists intact as they were for you.

Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs at Jersey Shore

Top 100 Wedding Father/Daughter Dance Songs

The following list represents the most popular wedding dance songs for father and daughter. It has been compiled from thousands of wedding requests, dynamically created by Gigbuilder, the most popular web-based event management system in the world.

Rank Song Title Song Artist Year Genre
1 The Way You Look Tonight Frank Sinatra 1964 Ballad
2 Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton 1978 Ballad
3 My Girl the temptations 1965 Oldies
4 What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong 1967 Ballad
5 Old Time Rock & Roll Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band 1978 Rock
6 When You Say Nothing At All Alison Krauss 1995 Country
7 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) James Taylor 1975 Popular
8 Unforgettable Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole 1991 Ballad
9 My Wish Rascal Flatts 2006 Ballad
10 I Loved Her First Heartland 2006 Country
11 Stand By Me Ben E. King 1961 Oldies
12 I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack 2000 Ballad
13 Isn’t She Lovely Stevie Wonder 1976 Country
14 In My Life Beatles 1965 Oldies
15 My Little Girl Tim McGraw 2006 Country
16 Have I Told You Lately Rod Stewart 1993 Alternative
17 Tiny Dancer Elton John 1972 Oldies
18 Because You Loved Me Celine Dion 1996 Popular
19 Butterfly Kisses Bob Carlisle 1997 Alternative
20 Just The Way You Are Billy Joel 1978 Ballad
21 Over The Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Iz” 2003 Popular
22 Can You Feel The Love Tonight Elton John 1994 Ballad
23 You Are So Beautiful Joe Cocker 1975 Ballad
24 Could I Have This Dance Anne Murray 1980 Ballad
25 Make You Feel My Love Adele 2011 Popular
26 Love Me Tender Elvis Presley 1956 Ballad
27 I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston 1992 Popular
28 The Keeper Of The Stars Tracy Byrd 1995 Country
29 God Only Knows Beach Boys 1966 Oldies
30 You’re The Inspiration Chicago 1984 Oldies
31 Forever Young Rod Stewart 1988 Alternative
32 Daughters John Mayer 2004 Ballad
33 Unforgettable Nat King Cole 1943 Ballad
34 Landslide Fleetwood Mac 1975 Oldies
35 Through The Years Kenny Rogers 1982 Ballad
36 Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler 1989 Ballad
37 You’ve Got A Friend James Taylor 1971 Oldies
38 I Do (Cherish You) 98 Degrees 1999 Popular
39 My Cherie Amour Stevie Wonder 1969 Oldies
40 Colour My World Chicago 1971 Oldies
41 In My Daughter’s Eyes Martina McBride 2003 Ballad
42 Tupelo Honey Van Morrison 1972 Oldies
43 Thank You For Loving Me Bon Jovi 2000 Ballad
44 Moonlight Serenade Glenn Miller Orchestra 1940 Ballad
45 You Raise Me Up Josh Groban 2003 Popular
46 A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme) Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle 1992 Popular
47 The Way You Look Tonight Steve Tyrell 1999 Ballad
48 There You’ll Be Faith Hill 2001 Ballad
49 You Look So Good In Love George Strait 1983 Country
50 God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You N Sync 1998 Ballad
51 Memories are Made of This Dean Martin 1962 Oldies
52 Just Fishin’ Trace Adkins 2011 Country
53 You’ll Be In My Heart Phil Collins 1999 Popular
54 I Do (Cherish You) Mark Wills 1998 Country
55 Fire And Rain James Taylor 1970 Oldies
56 My Funny Valentine Frank Sinatra 1955 Ballad
57 I Turn To You Christina Aguilera 2000 Ballad
58 Dance With My Father Luther Vandross 2003 Ballad
59 Hero Mariah Carey 1994 Alternative
60 Father And Daughter Paul Simon 2002 Alternative
61 A New Day Has Come Celine Dion 2002 Club
62 Love Without End, Amen George Strait 1990 Country
63 There Goes My Life Kenny Chesney 2003 Ballad
64 He Didn’t Have to Be Brad Paisley 1999 Ballad
65 Tuxedo Junction Glenn Miller 1944 Ballad
66 Longer Dan Fogelberg 1980 Oldies
67 I Wish You Love Dean Martin 1959 Ballad
68 Then They Do Trace Adkins 2003 Country
69 The Blower’s Daughter Damien Rice 2003 Ballad
70 Over The Rainbow Eve Cassidy 1998 Ballad
71 Wild World Cat Stevens 1970 Oldies
72 Shower The People James Taylor 1976 Oldies
73 My Angel) Lullabye (Goodnight Billy Joel 1994 Popular
74 Drive (For Daddy Gene) Alan Jackson 2002 Country
75 Cinderella Steven Curtis Chapman 2012 Popular
76 Daddy’s Hands Holly Dunn 1986 Country
77 Daddy’s Little Girl Al Martino 1967 Ballad
78 Shining Star Manhattans 1980 Popular
79 Surfer Girl Beach Boys 1963 Oldies
80 True Love Ways Buddy Holly 1958 Oldies
81 Memories Elvis Presley 1984 Ballad
82 Angels Among Us Alabama 1994 Country
83 She Elvis Costello 1999 Ballad
84 You Belong To Me Duprees 1960 Oldies
85 You Decorated My Life Kenny Rogers 1979 Country
86 I’m Your Angel R. Kelly & Celine Dion 1998 Alternative
87 Loving You Elvis Presley 1957 Ballad
88 Not Yet A Woman I’m Not A Girl Britney Spears 2002 Ballad
89 You Can’t Hide Beautiful Aaron Lines 2002 Ballad
90 Kind & Generous Natalie Merchant 1998 Alternative
91 Love Of My Life Brian McKnight 2001 Ballad
92 The Most Beautiful Girl Charlie Rich 1973 Country
93 Times Of Your Life Paul Anka 1976 Country
94 Daddy Beyonce 2003 R&B
95 Stealing Cinderella Chuck Wicks 2008 Country
96 Little Miss Magic Jimmy Buffett 1981 Ballad
97 That’s My Job Conway Twitty 1987 Country
98 Daughter Loudon Wainwright III 2012 Popular
99 The Wedding Song Captain & Tennille 1977 Ballad
100 Blessed Elton John 1995 Popular

Classic Rock Ballads and Hard Rock for The Rockin’ Dads and Brides Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs

  • Led Zepplin’s “Thank You” (hear it)
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” (hear it)
  • Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow” (hear it)
  • The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” (hear it)
  • Warrant’s “Heaven” (hear it)
  • Neil Young’s “Here for You” (hear it)
  • Bruce Springsteen’s “When You Need Me” (hear it)
  • Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” (hear it)
  • Guns and Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (hear it)
  • Staind’s “Zoe Jane” (hear it)
  • Tom Petty’s “American Girl” (hear it)

Contemporary Sentimental, but Not Overdone Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs

  • Loudon Wainwright’s “Daughter” (hear it)
  • Five for Fighting’s “100 Years” (hear it)
  • World Party’s “She’s the One” (hear it)
  • 10,000 Maniacs’ “How You’ve Grown” (hear it)
  • Natalie Merchant’s “Kind And Generous” (hear it)
  • The Cary Brothers’ “Blue Eyes” (hear it)
  • Wilco’s “My Darling” (hear it)
  • Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” (hear it)
  • Amos Lee’s “Sweet Pea” (hear it)
  • Eva Cassidy’s “True Colors” (hear it)

Softer Rock Classics Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs

  • Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” (hear it)
  • Bad English’s “When I See You Smile” (hear it)
  • Journey’s “Lights” (hear it)
  • Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” (hear it)
  • Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” (hear it)
  • Carol King’s “Child of Mine” (hear it)
  • The Byrds’ “Turn, Turn, Turn” (hear it)
  • Paul Simon’s “Father and Daughter” (hear it) or “You Can Call Me Al” (hear it)
  • Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” (hear it)
  • James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend” (hear it)
  • Joe Cocker’s “Darling Be Home Soon” (hear it)
  • Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” (hear it) or “Landslide” (hear it)
  • The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” (hear it) or Rufus Wainwright’s version
    (hear it)
  • Another Beatles selection, “In My Life” (hear it)
  • Lulu’s “To Sir With Love” (hear it)
  • Gram Parsons’ “A Song for You” (hear it)
  • Bread’s “Daughter” (hear it)
  • Jimmy Buffett’s “Little Miss Magic” (hear it)
  • Spiral Staircase’s “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday” (hear it)
  • Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” (hear it)

Classics from The ’40s and ’50s Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

  • Ray Charles’ “Ain’t That Love” (hear it)
  • The Rays’ “Silhouettes” (hear it)
  • Frankie Avalon’s “Bobby Sox to Stockings” (hear it)
  • Elvis’ “The Wonder of You” (hear it)
  • Sam Cooke’s “Nothing Can Change This Love” (hear it)

Crazy and Funky Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

  • Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” (hear it)
  • Voltaire’s “Goodnight Demonslayer” (hear it)
  • Any version of “You Are My Sunshine,” particularly the Johnny Cash version (hear it)
  • “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (hear it)
  • LOTS from The Vitamin String Quartet. Try Sweet Child O’ Mine (hear it) or “Don’t Stop Believing” (hear it)
  • Kermit’s “The Rainbow Connection” (hear it)

Country Dads and Brides at Heart Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs

  • The Bellamy Brothers’ “Let Your Love Flow” (hear it)
  • Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” (hear it)
  • John Fogerty’s “I Will Walk With You” (hear it)
  • The Judds’ “Love is Alive” (hear it)
  • Rascal Flatts’ “My Wish” (hear it)
  • Dixie Chicks’ “Lullaby” (hear it)

Alternative Dads and Brides Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

David Bowie Wedding DJ Alternative Father-Daughter Dance Songs

  • Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have It All” (hear it)
  • David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” (hear it)
  • “Standing” from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical, sung by Tony Head
    (hear it)
  • The Dropkick Murphy’s “Forever” (hear it)

And the Strangest (but cool) Suggestions Father-Daughter Dance Songs:

  • Randy Newman’s “Short People” (hear it)
  • Jonathan Coulton’s “Re: Your Brains” (hear it)
  • Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five’s “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

Many great Father-Daughter Dance Songs to choose from! What are your favorites or you used at your Wedding?

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

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Snow and Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

It was a gorgeous Saturday Night closing out 2012 with a Fun Wedding and a great Bride and Groom. When I had first met with the Bride and Groom, the Bride smiled sheepishly and said, “Michael, I would be so happy if somehow it snowed really big flakes the morning of our Wedding, but not so much that it makes my friends and family not be able to attend our Fun Wedding. I think it would be so beautiful here at The Highlawn Pavilion to have thr grounds covered in snow!”


I laughed at the time at what seemed like a peculiar request. On the morning of their Fun Wedding, it snowed huge flakes and she was correct, it looked stunning at The Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, New Jersey. When I drove in through the twisting road into Eagle Rock Reservation, where Highlawn Pavilion is nestled, I smiled from ear to ear as I approached the lights and snow-drifts. It looked like something out of a magazine. The New York City skyline in the background only added to the magical Winter landscape. I knew we were in for a special night, and I was correct this time.

 Simple and Elegant Fun Weddings are My Favorite

Everything went perfect, as they typically do in well-managed venues like The Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange. Of course, the Bride looked amazing and so did the Groom! I am still a fool when it comes to simple and elegant Weddings. I know it is trendy to go over-the-top with Weddings these days, but for me, simple and elegant Fun Wedding are the my favorite.


From their First Dance at Fun Wedding:

Gorgeous Fun Wedding First Dance at Highlawn Pavilion with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Friends having fun at Fun Wedding:

Man Having Fun Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

The Groom getting down with an old friend at Fun Wedding:

Groom and Friend Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

The Bride Partying with Friends and Family too at Fun Wedding:

Bride and Friends Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

The Bride and Groom were not the only romance going on that night at Fun Wedding:

Beautiful Man and Woman Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

And the young couples were not the only ones enjoying the gorgeous Wedding Night at Fun Wedding:

Man and Woman Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

And the partying at the Gorgeous Wedding went till they asked us to shut-down at Fun Wedding:

Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

Finally, the joy and celebration expanded with Friends and Family sharing the gorgeous Fun Wedding Night together:

Friends and Family Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

But they asked for one more song to dance at the gorgeous Fun Wedding, so we honored their request:

Friends and Family Dancing at Gorgeous Fun Wedding at Highlawn Pavilion

What a beautiful and gorgeous Fun Wedding Night!

About Highlawn Pavilion, a Fun Wedding Venue:

Situated at the top of Eagle Rock Reservation, the building today known as Highlawn Pavilion, and the property around it, has a storied past.

“In 1909, an open masonry shelter affixed with a series of arches dubbed “the casino” was built on the crest of the Reservation and to this day serves as the bones of the structure that is Highlawn Pavilion.

The term “casino” refers to an Italian style county dwelling or summer house. As the Reservation became a popular spot where week-enders congregated the Italian term proved to be an accurate description.

Automobile enthusiasts of that period held races up the cobblestone roadway of Eagle Rock Avenue with the finish line in Eagle Rock Park, near where Highlawn is situated today.

After years of neglect, the casino was acquired by the Knowles family whose extensive renovation resulted in the creation of the restaurant known today as Highlawn.”

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ