What Is A Rhode Island Multicultural DJ?

I get asked from time to time, “Michael, what is a Rhode Island Multicultural DJ?” And this is the conversation that typically follows.

I smile and reply, “A Rhode Island Multicultural DJ is a professional DJ that is well-versed in the many cultures and traditions that a diverse area like Rhode Island demands for great Weddings, parties and Events.”

Fun Dancing at Wedding with New Jersey Multicultural DJ

“Yeah, that sounds great but what does that mean in real life for me hiring a good Wedding DJ for me and my fiancé for our Wedding? We are from two different cultures and want our families and friends to have a great time and fit together well.”

That is exactly what a good Multicultural DJ does!

“A good Multicultural DJ has a vast library across many cultures and genres to meet the needs of a diverse population like yours. We are very comfortable with both taking direction and guidance from you as to what your cultural traditions and music demand, and taking over when you need someone to make sure everything goes exactly the way you wanted it. In short, a good Multicultural DJ is ready for whatever happens at your Wedding. That is what a good Rhode Island Multicultural DJ is. Make sense?”

Fun Dancing at Wedding with New Jersey Multicultural DJ

“Yes, I think I get it now. You are saying that a good Multicultural DJ knows a lot about different cultures and is confident enough to let their ego get in the way of me teaching the about my culture for my Wedding. Do I have it correct?”

“Yes, I should hire you to be my marketing guru!”

We both laugh and start talking about the details of their Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding and cultural traditions…

Fun Dancing at Wedding with New Jersey Multicultural DJ

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