This Weeks Billboard Top 200 Albums Featuring Pink Floyd? A Curious DJ

As a professional full-time DJ, I like to scan the Billboard Charts weekly to keep up on what is new, fading and different trends. Today I was viewing the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and saw something that had me tilting my head in confusion; Pink Floyd has FOUR albums in the current Top 200! What?


The professional DJ wonders, “Can that really be true?”


It turns out it is true. For reasons I do not understand, Pink Floyd albums are still selling at a very high rate. Not that I think their albums are not worthy of sales, but all the albums that are on the charts are over twenty-five years old! The highest is Dark Side Of The Moon, which remained on the charts for 741 weeks from 1973-1988 consecutively; the longest in history, but that was almost thirty years ago. I actually had both an 8-track and vinyl version of the album but again, that was twenty-eight years ago.


Also charting this week in order of appearance on the charts are The Wall, Wish You Were Here and Animals. It is peculiar to see Pink Floyd albums surrounded by Maroon 5, LMFAO, Blake Shelton and Taylor swift, again, not judging any of the artists, just peculiar. It certainly demonstrates how different the American music industry is today. Any genre from Pop, Dance, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Country even Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra can produce a strong-selling album and professional DJs will play them at Weddings and events.   The Singles Chart has always allowed for diversity since it is just a song and not an entire album. By the way, Adele currently has two albums in the top ten, 21 and 19, with “Someone Like You” #1 on The Top 100 Singles, her second #1 following the success of “Rolling in The Deep”.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ