Providence DJ Mystical Michael Featured on Bridal Guide


DJ Mystical Michael was featured yesterday on Bridal Guide Wedding Tip of the Day.

Tip of the Day: Looking forward to dancing the Hora, the Greek money dance or any other customary rites as a nod to your heritage? Hire wedding DJs that are familiar with your culture and background.

“Be clear in what you are requesting from your vendors — don’t automatically assume that they know what you mean,” says Michael Swerdloff, aka DJ Mystical Michael. This means providing examples of must-have songs as well as those you’d rather skip. Also, keep in mind that in order to be as inclusive as possible, you’ll want to have them play tunes that appeal to a broad audience, too.

Providence DJ Mystical Michael Featured on Bridal Guide - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Nice to be featured on Bridal Guide again.

DJ MysticalMichael Rhode Island DJ and Boston DJ

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DJ Wedding Planner Guide for Boston & Rhode Island Weddings

Many Brides and Grooms are frustrated and stressed trying to figure out the specifics of their wedding. As a Wedding DJ in the New Jersey & New York area, I knew I needed to create a simple wedding planner guide for couples.


Of course, most professional Wedding DJs has some version of a wedding planner guide. They are basically the same with little variation. I made certain to focus on making it very simple. Brides and Grooms have enough to figure out and wanted to make it a tool to release stress, not add to it.


Like all documents used for wedding planners, it is a work in process. I invite you to use it, if you find it useful.  If you would like a Word version, please email me and I will send you a copy of the wedding planner guide. If I have left something out, please let me know. My professional experience as a Wedding DJ does not mean I have all the answers, just tons of experience and knowledge.

Bride and Groom First Wedding Dance Using Wedding Planner Guide

Wedding Planner Guide



Ceremony start and end time:


Will we be providing music for your ceremony?


If so, is it in the same room as the reception?


If not, where is the location of the ceremony?


Prelude Song:


Processional Song(s):


Recessional Song:


Ceremony notes:


Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour start and end time:


Will we be providing music for your cocktail hour?


If so, is it in the same room as the reception?


If not, where is the location of the cocktail hour?


Cocktail Hour music preferences:




Any other details we need to perform at your cocktail hour?












Bridal Party Introductions:


Parents Introduction Song:


Parents of The Bride:


Parents of The Groom:


Bridal Party Introduction Song:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 1:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 2:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 3:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 4:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 5:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 6:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 7:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 8:


Ring bearer:


Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man:


Bride & Groom Introduction Song:


How do you want to be introduced?


Introduction notes:










Ceremonial Dances:


Bride & Groom First Dance Song:


Would like the bridal party to join? If so, when?


Bride & Father Dance Song:


Groom & Mother Dancec Song:


Will there be a Bridal Party Dance?

If so, what song:


Special Dance:


Would you like the DJ to ‘cut’ the above songs early?


Introduction notes:








Dinner music preferences:



Cake Cutting Song:


Bouquet Toss Song:


Garter Off Song:


Garter On Song:


Last Dance Song:


Reception notes:


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