Wedding Grooms Matter Too!

With all the attention and focus on Brides, many Grooms these days feel left out and a desire to be more involved in the wedding process. Several Grooms have expressed their interest in participating further in their wedding than they are given credit for. It us iot that they wantto take any of the attention fromthe Brides, they just feel left out sometimes in their own wedding and would like to contribute.

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Happy Groom at Wedding with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Grooms have alway had the unique experience of being one half of the wedding equation but typically end-up just showing-up at their wedding without really knowing what or how it all was put together. This was partially based on the fact that Bride’s mothers were the primary wedding planners until recent years. Now that Brides have taken control of their wedding planing and coordination, Grooms also want to experience the whole event from, beginning to end. Other factors int he shift of whom is planning weddings has been the increase in weddings happening at a later age and Brides and Grooms paying for their wedding themselves. Women’s rights also plays a part int he shift as well. Women today are not as willing to just be ‘the good little daughter’ and let their mothers plan the whole process. Today,women want a voice in the wedding process and often plan the whole event from their computers at work! As a professional Wedding DJ, I am aware that most of my contact through email and even phone with Brides is experienced while they are at work. As we move even further forward in our technological advances, this trend can only increase. Many Grooms want this too!


Happy Groom at Wedding with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

It is fairly common for the Groom to be the one who is responsible for finding, hiring and working with the Wedding DJ. I find they are very willing and excited to co-create the music and entertainment for their wedding. Of course, many Brides and grooms have very contrasting tastes in music. This may even be more on display when Brides and Grooms share their individual vision of what the post-diner partying and dancing music will sound like and what songs they want for the First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Cake-Cutting, Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss. We are always able to find a nice mix of both their tastes and styles to create a fun and unique wedding experience for them and their friends and family together. This is one of m favorite aspects of being a professional Wedding DJ, the planning and coordination along with the Bride and Groom.

Happy Groom at Wedding with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Grooms, I encourage you to let your Bride know that you want to contribute more in your wedding.


Brides, I invite you to let them and take some of the responsibility off your shoulders. Remember, it is their wedding too.

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It appears that most folks want to pay tribute to and glorify The Bride and forget about The Groom, believe it or not, he plays a part in all this too! Wedding Grooms at New Jersey & New York Weddings as a professional  Wedding DJ.


Happy Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance



Happy Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance



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Happy Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance



Happy Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance



Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance



Wedding Groom and Bride First Dance at Korean wedding



See! The guys can light-up the page just like the ladies.


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