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7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

For the record, I do not necessarily agree with the author of this article but thought it was interesting and makes for fun conversation. Some Wedding Traditions do seem a bit outdated for many young couples but, have value for others. One of the benefits of being a Wedding DJ these days is that Brides and Grooms can create whatever they want for your Wedding together with your Wedding DJ. You can include, recreate or leave out whatever Wedding Traditions you want.

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7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

A recent poll showed that more women are changing their last names after getting hitched, and I plan on following the crowd after I get married next summer. But there are a ton of other outdated traditions that my man and I need to figure out about before the day comes. IMHO, these are totally old-fashioned…

By Natasha Burton

1. The bouquet toss

I used to think the bouquet was the most exciting part of a wedding. When I was 12. As I got older, and the crowd of women around me hungering for the bride’s flowers thinned out to a handful of tweens and me, I realized how awful this tradition really is. Plus, I’m selfish and want to keep my bouquet to myself, m’kay?

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

2. The garter retrieval

There’s nothing less sexy than your guy burrowing his head under your wedding dress while your dad-and his-watch. Not to mention your mother, your mother-in-law, your friends…need I go on? My groom can put his head between my legs all he wants on our honeymoon, but not in front of our nearest and dearest.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

3. Bridesmaids

Why, in 2013, are we still down with the idea of forcing our friends to buy ugly coordinated dresses and stand up in uncomfortable high heels next to us while we get married? There is literally no reason to do this, now or ever. Sure, I suppose some people like the cuteness of taking pictures with their friends in matching outfits, but I did enough of that at the mall’s glamour shot booth in middle school. Not trying to hate on gals who dream of a big bridal party, but I honestly don’t see the point.

4. The white dress

Full disclosure: I bought a white dress for my wedding. But I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by the blush, pink, and red frothy creations that have been floating down runways and taking up valuable real estate in bridal salons. While I chose to wear white-mainly because it fits my personal vision of how I’d like to look as a bride-I don’t like the kinda sexist, virgin-y undertones of the tradition.

5. The father give-away

This is another thing I’m probably going to do, even though I’m not totally down with the origin of the tradition-as in, the suggestion that a woman is an object given to her husband from her dear old dad. Still, I don’t want to walk down the aisle alone (I’ll trip and fall on my face, knowing my lack of composure in these types of high-pressure situations), my mom has politely declined the job for fear of the same aforementioned clumsiness, and I have two amazing fathers-my dad-dad and my step-dad-who would happily escort me. And, more importantly, keep me upright.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

6. The not-seeing-each-other-beforehand thing

Honestly, I love this tradition of not seeing my groom until I’m walking down the aisle. It’s kinda romantic, right? But I don’t like the idea of following a superstition that, if we happen to catch a glance of each other, bad luck will befall our marriage. Plus, I’m going to be nervous as sh*t pre-ceremony and I want to be able to hug my fiancé and hear him tell me how pretty I look before we swap vows.

7. The cake smashing

It’s become custom for couples to get into a mini food fight after cutting their ungodly expensive wedding cake. I get it. It’s funny to see people in fancy clothing with food on their faces. Maybe I’m a bit uptight, but I’d prefer not to have chocolate ganache smeared up my nose (or on my dress) on my wedding day. Considering that most couples don’t get a chance to eat at their receptions, I’d much rather put that cake where it belongs-in my belly. And then get myself back out on that dance floor.

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What do you think about this article? Which Wedding Traditions do you agree or disagree with the author that should be removed from Modern Weddings?

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Top 50 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

The following are the Top 50 Most Requested Cake Cutting Songs for 2011 as compiled by DJ Intelligence. Cake Cutting is a fun and honored tradition at most Western Weddings.

Wedding Cake Cutting Songs with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

The wedding cake is often a multi-tiered layer cake that is elaborately decorated with white frosting. Some couples have a smaller display cake, which is supplemented by sheet cake.

The groom’s cake is a tradition observed mainly in the southern United States. In the Colonial and Victorian eras, the white-iced bride’s cake was considered “too light” for male tastes, and a second cake choice—usually a dark, liquor-soaked fruitcake—was also offered. Today, chocolate is popular, although the groom’s cake may be in any flavor and is usually shaped or decorated as something significant to the groom, such as a favorite hobby or sport.

If a full meal is served, the wedding cake is usually served after the meal. Otherwise, the cake may be served as soon as the family has received all of the guests.

Commonly, the couple ceremonially cut the first piece of the cake, and in a nod to an ancient Roman wedding rite, may feed a bite to one another and perhaps sip a glass of wine or other drink with linked arms. Then the cake is served to the guests. Like being asked to pour tea at a formal tea party, being asked to serve the cake is generally considered an honor

Wedding Cake Cutting Songs with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Top 50 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

  1. Archies – Sugar, Sugar
  2. James Taylor – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  3. Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
  4. U2 – Sweetest Thing
  5. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  6. Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat – Lucky
  7. Jack Johnson – Better Together
  8. Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
  9. Beatles – When I’m Sixty-Four
  10. Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E
  11. Plain White T’s – 1,2,3,4 (I Love You)
  12. Average White Band – Cut The Cake
  13. Queen – You’re My Best Friend
  14. Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  15. Frank Sinatra – Love And Marriage
  16. Cake – Love You Madly
  17. Unkle Kracker – Smile
  18. Natalie Cole – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
  19. Beatles – All You Need Is Love
  20. Dean Martin – That’s Amore
  21. Iz – Over The Rainbow
  22. Michael Buble – How Sweet It Is
  23. Michael Buble – Everything
  24. Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am
  25. Turtles – Happy Together
  26. Sarah McLaughlin – Ice Cream
  27. Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe
  28. Etta James – At Last
  29. Christina Aguilera – Candyman
  30. Big & Rich – Lost In This Moment
  31. Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup
  32. Counting Crows – Accidentally In Love
  33. Ray Lamontagne – You Are The Best Thing
  34. Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love
  35. Louis Armstrong – (What A) Wonderful World
  36. Harry Connick, Jr. – Recipe For Love
  37. Lonestar – Amazed
  38. Bob Marley – Is This Love?
  39. Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You)
  40. Tim McGraw – My Best Friend
  41. Taylor Swift – Today Was A Fairytale
  42. K-Ci & Jojo – All My Life
  43. Taylor Swift – Love Story
  44. U2 – Beautiful Day
  45. Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This
  46. Harry Connick, Jr. – It Had To Be You
  47. Adam Sandler – Grow Old With You
  48. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  49. Dave Matthews Band – You And Me
  50. Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love

Top 50 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

I noticed that The Beatles “In My Life” is not on the list for 2011 Cake Cutting Songs, but I am pretty sure it was for 2012. It is a beautiful song and becoming very popular again as a Cake Cutting Song. It is always interesting to me as a professional Wedding DJ when old songs get a second life, years later for what seems out of the blue.

Wedding Cake Cutting Song for Bride and Groom with DJ Mystical Michael

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What is your favorite Wedding Cake Cutting Song?

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