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Fun 50th Birthday Party in New Jersey

This past Saturday, along with the gorgeous Spring sunshine was a totally fun 50th Birthday Party in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The woman whose birthday we were celebrating, was so thrilled to have all her friends and family gathered together to play, eat, drink and dance in their backyard. Their backyard is beautiful and just added to the great atmosphere that the sun and people created.

I have been DJ for more and more milestone birthday parties lately, especially 50th birthday parties. I have a 40th birthday party and a 75th birthday party coming in June. I really enjoy being the DJ for these parties. They feel so joyful and fun, and everybody has a great time. The birthday party was catered by Encore Catering in East Hanover, New Jersey. They did an excellent job!

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Beyonce

50th Birthday Party with Great Music

This particular 50th birthday party offered a diverse selection of music from many genres and generations. Some of the artists that we chosen were Beyonce, Sly and The family Stone, The Beatles, Neil Diamond (she is a Red Sox fan), Bruno Mars, Joe Jackson, Billy Joel, Prince, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

One of the aspects of the event that was most pleasing for me was that a couple whose surprise 50th birthday party I was DJ for two years ago were there as well. In fact, another of their friend’s was the one who recommended me to the husband who organized the party. The husband asked his friend if he knew of a great DJ for the party and the friend had been at the other 50th birthday part and had so much fun, he gave him my name to contact. Fortunately, I had the date open and we were able to book it easily. It was fun seeing all these people again! I will see them all again in June at a High School Graduation Party the recommender wants me to DJ.

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Billy Joel

All in all, a great day for a family that has reason to celebrate. The husband had a stroke three years ago and he has come a long way since then. There were a few tears shed to celebrate his and their lives during a speech. I was very grateful to be there and participate in this occasion with them.

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Motown Music

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Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

Last weekend I had a really fun 50th Birthday Party in Newark New Jersey at Iberia Restaurant. It was actually at Iberia Peninsula Restaurant across the street.

Iberia Restaurant Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

“Requiring more room  to accommodate the crowds that flock to their sister restaurant, Iberia, the owners have realized their dream of building a palatial Portuguese / Spanish restaurant.

Iberia Peninsula is one of the most spectacular restaurants ever to be constructed in New Jersey.  Cathedral ceilings, stainless steel topped bar stretching as far as the eye can see, brick, marble, and large barbeque pits make up this enormous restaurant.  There are two large dining rooms.  Both above and below the main restaurant are several beautifully decorated rooms of varying sizes for private parties.”

Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

It is not often that I get the opportunity to  provide Music, DJ & MC services for a Rutgers Professor who is also an Interfaith Minister. In this case, she is actually an even better person than her professional accomplishments. I can see why anybody would want Reverend Dámaris M. Otero-Torres  to facilitate their special moments and life’s Blessings. her site, Epiphanies of the Heart, states her perspective;

“Life is a river of unlimited opportunities that invite us to explore the depths of joy, gratitude, beauty, love, intimacy and purpose. 

Whether you are blessing the arrival of a new life, initiating the journey of marriage, renewing your wedding vows, or honoring the memory of a loved one, your ceremony is crafted with utmost care and reverence to crystallize that special moment in memories that will last for a lifetime.”

Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

Damaris is a special woman, as is her husband Paul. I am so grateful to have been part of their wonderful night of celebration with more than one hundred friends and family eating, singing, talking and most of all, dancing! They wet a mixed crowd form New Jersey and NYC and represented many demographics and cultures collectively. Along with being really fun and caring people at the 50th Birthday Party, I always cherish being a Multicultural DJ. It is one of the things I do best as a Rhode Island DJ; mixing music and cultures seamlessly with respect and inclusion. At this 50th Birthday Party, there was a musical focus on Vocal Classics, 80’s Dance Music and lots of Salsa and Merengue. Her mother wanted a few Waltzes mixed in that she danced like a trained professional! They were beautiful to watch.

Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

I always feel funny when I write this, but I love my job as a DJ of events like Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Graduations and of course, Damaris 50th Birthday Party. I am grateful that I have the skills and training to excel as a DJ to offer my services for others. This is one of the reasons I offer a guarantee.

Fun 50th Birthday Party with Fun Rhode Island DJ

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ


Damaris 50th Birthday Party


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The StoryBook: DJ Tells A Sweet Sixteen Story

The StoryBook is a live performance created from your personal and family experiences at your Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Birthday or Anniversary Party. We professionally create a story from your stories that are rewritten for a sensational oral production live with musical choreography at your event! The StoryBook is fun, funny and personal. Your friends and family will love it and talk about it for years to come.

The StoryBook Video

This particular The StoryBook video has clips from The StoryBook at the Sweet Sixteen Party that our team were DJ and MC in October of 2011 for a wonderful young lady and her family. We produce The StoryBook special live performances anywhere in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area that we are hired as your DJ and MC team for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Birthdays and Anniversaries.

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Your Story Told For You By The Professional DJ

I am very excited to be offering my new service for the first time this weekend to two clients at their events. I have been working on this project for a while and can’t wait to be able to show it off for the first time Saturday night! We are a culture that shares our stories as a form of strengthening our families and communities. I wanted to offer a service for my clients that presented their story at special events like Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Birthdays and Anniversaries, and other important dates in our lives.


Happy Bride and Groom Kissing Their Wedding Story


What we do is interview beforehand the individual or individuals that are celebrating their event. They share with me their story or collective stories. We continue our conversation until we all feel there is enough material to showcase the unique and essential parts of your lives leading up to this moment. In the case of a Wedding, both the Bride and Groom share stories of your lives before you met, how you met and while you were dating. Finally, why you are choosing to get married and what you love about each other. If it is a Sweet Sixteen like Saturday night, I meet with the girl and her family and together we weave together the special moments in her life that have brought her to this day.


I take all this information and go home to create your “fairy tale” , your unique story.  Of course, it is not completely non-fiction – I add in some spice to make it even more fun.  While creating your story, I include the songs that have bookmarked some of your essential experiences and make them part of The StoryBook.


Happy Bride and Groom First Wedding Dance Story


At your wedding or event, I share your story with your friends and family for all to celebrate your life with you. While telling your story live, my DJ Assistant will be playing the perfect songs from your past and present to enhance the experience for everyone!


A live StoryBook for friends and family to celebrate together!


On Saturday night, I am presenting this at the Sweet Sixteen of a fabulous young lady who is jumping out of her skin with anticipation. On Sunday afternoon, a loving couple will get the chance to invite their friends and family to share their journey with them on this special day.


Happy Couple on Dance Floor at Wedding Story


At first, I was a little anxious about offering this professional service. Then I remembered that my beginnings as a DJ were in radio. After almost twenty years as a teen and family counselor, I certainly have experience interviewing and supporting families and skills to encourage them to share and reflect on how amazingness of our lives. The writing is probably the part I am enjoying the most. I am a budding writer and appreciate any opportunity to put on my writer’s cap and create something beautiful out of real life through words and music. Tomorrow night, I get my first chance to share my new service for the first time!


Bridal Party Introductions at Wedding

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