Money Pink Floyd

I remember when my brother first brought home Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. For me as an adolescent, the music was so far out of my scope of what music was and could be I did not know what to do with it. It was another year or two later before I was able to appreciate the creative sounds and energy they produced. The album graced his turntable often during those years. Soon after, it became an old friend of mine as well, with Money Pink Floyd being one of the first songs that caught my attention. The rest of the album followed shortly.The album went on to become the longest running on Billboard charts in history, its run was an unbelievable 781 weeks! Yes, you read that correctly, this album was on the Billboard charts for 781 weeks! This is about fifteen years!


Let’s put that in perspective. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton together were U.S. Presidents for sixteen years. Seinfeld ran for nine years, Friends for ten, Miley Cyrus was sixteen when she released her first album and fifteen years is more than twice as long as World War II that had over 60 million casualties.  It is hard to believe that Dark Side of the Moon was on Billboard longer than Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


What made this album so interesting was the creation of what we now can do easily and often through digital effects. Money Pink Floyd used alarms and heart-beats and cash registers to help the listener hear what they were tying to say through the amazing talents of engineer Alan Parsons. It changed the industry in many ways. Can you imagine the music industry today without musicians using non-musical sounds in their recordings?


Pink Floyd had the technical know-how to include rock, electronics, jazz and classic genres all into one album with a dose of blues guitar. Today their music is often associated with the album The Wall, which was a bigger hit commercially but did not last as long on the charts. There are rumors that if you play the album Dark Side of the Moon while watching the movie The Wizard of Oz that the music syncs with the scenes perfectly. I have never tried this but it has been widely talked about since the late 70’s.


Dark Side of the Moon was one of my favorite albums during my teen years and well into my twenties. It was one of the albums I listened to when I needed some peace or to clear my head.

Again, 781 weeks on the Billboard album charts!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ


We had been traveling for five days through Central Mongolia. The Russian van was full of dust and dry sand. There were seven of us total including the driver and guide. We spent time on camels, horses, foot and van learning and experiencing The Semi-Gobi Desert first-hand and felt the affects in our minds, bodies and clothes.


Our driver had tried to keep things alive by playing a cassette tape of traditional Mongolian music but the rocks and dry air must have finally done his tape in and it broke into little streams of brown plastic. That was yesterday.


We had stopped to eat some lunch in a deserted mostly flat area not far from the dirt road we had been traveling on all morning. While lunch was being put together, I took a short walk to get some space and quiet from the group. We had slept in Gers (Yurts) together and I was aching for some time with myself. I was standing and doing some stretching when in the background echoing through the small hills was an American voice with a beat. It was “Beautiful” Akon, the song. Everybody rose from their individual and collective slumber. I walked back to the group and a young couple we were traveling with got out of the van and were dancing together on the dry desert ground. I broke out laughing and was taken over and reminded of the power of music and a beat. It was only minutes later when the whole group sat down for some pasta, vegetables and tuna together and enjoyed a meal. After one year in South Korea and some time in Mongolia, hearing American music in English was such a relief and reminder of how far from home I was.

Never doubt the power of music and a beat, regardless of what you like or do not like to bring out the life and energy in us. I am sure we all have our own stories and experiences to share about times and places when music woke up a lost part of ourselves. It is no wonder music has been part of every culture for as long as records have been kept. On this day, it was “Beautiful” Akon.

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Michael Jackson at MTV Awards 1995

I was walking down the streets of downtown Hong Kong in early August of last year, 2009 and was totally caught off guard by seeing and hearing this video played on big screen TVs in front of every music, electronic, t-shirt, snack bar and jewelry store with crowds of people standing and gawking. I do not know which surprised me more, the amount of shops and people watching or how captivated they were.  It was as if they had never seen or heard music before in their lives, not just Michael Jackson; music or dance in general.


I have the image still in my head at how a man’s recent death had reached the attention of the global pop world with such force and energy. I remember the day that I heard the he had died. I was in South Korea at the time teaching English to young kids. For days, kids would walk up to me and ask me if I was Michael Jackson’s brother. As you know, in most of Asia the family name is first and given name is second. From their perspective, the name ‘Michael’ is a family name, not a given name. He was the talk of every young and old person for a month or two no matter whom I was speaking to.


I have wondered just what Michael Jackson had that nobody else could match. I used to play his stuff on vinyl in clubs when Off The Wall and Thriller were still on the charts and was amazed at how his music would transcend race, age, genre or taste. It was that forceful.

Today, one year after his passing, I maintain the awe I had when he was first releasing the videos from Thriller. He was doing things nobody had done before and spitting it out so quickly it was as if he found a muse the rest of us just talk about. I wonder what Michael  Jackson’s legacy will be in twenty-five years from now? Will it be his music? His dancing?  His choreography? His public image? Or maybe his general greatness and ability to create magic?

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Teen Dance Party Mix Part II

This is the second part of the Teen Dance Party Mix Series. Teen Dance Party Part I is more focused on 2012 with some 2011 & 2010 additions. Teen Dance Party Part II is more focused on 2011 & 2010 with some 2012 splashed-in to keep it fresh. Here is the link to Teen Dance Party Part I

Teen Dance Party Mix II

      Teen Dance Party Mix Part II - DJ Mystical Michael

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Teen Dance Party Mix Part I

I am creating two of these Teen Dance Party Mixes for a Christmas Present for someone’s daughter. She is nine years old and is both a Classical Pianist and a lover of Pop Music that she can dance to. I figured these might be helpful for someone else as well, whether it be for a teenager having a Dance Party, a Sweet Sixteen or a client wanting to hire me for their Teen Dance Party. Most of the songs were released in 2012 but some of are from 2010 and 2011 as well to add some flavor.

Teen Dance Party Mix I

      Teen Dance Party Mix Part I - DJ Mystical Michael

If you would like me to send you a CD version, please fill-out the Contact Form with your information and I will be glad to ship it to you. Here is the link to Teen Dance Party Part II


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Amazing Night at The Hoboken International Film Festival

Each time I have had the opportunity to DJ and priovide music for The Hoboken International Film Festival, I leave feeling inspired and grateful. Last night was even more so than past years with the Hoboken International Film Festival.

Hoboken International Film Festival with DJ Mystical Michael

Sometimes it takes a professional DJ more than one experience to figure out what works at such a special event. I think I nailed it last night! The festival founder and President, Kenneth Del Vecchio, appreciates 80’s Rock as the genre for the event. Rock, even 80’s Rock, is a rather large genre and needs some communication and understanding to get exactly what that means to each individual. To one person, 80’s Rock can mean Michael Jackson, to another it could be Journey, the next it might be Peter Gabriel or AC/DC. And we still have not covered the whole genre. Even though 80’s Rock was the genre we were featuring, I still made certain to include Rock Music from other periods, Motown, Soul and few others sprinkled in. One of the presenters, actor Mike Rivera, when he arrived at the podium, stated he liked the song being played, Ram Jam “Black Betty” but where is the Kanye? Three songs later Kanye West made it to the Hoboken International Film Festival too.

Paul Sorvino at Hoboken International Film Festival with DJ Mystical Michael

Last night the great actor Paul Sorvino received The Lifetime Achievement Award. It was an honor to be in his presence and play a song for him, which he danced and sang to without us planning on him doing so. Apparently, he appreciates Bobby Darin’s “Beyond The Sea” as much as I do! At events like the Hoboken International Film Festival, it is a fun challenge to guess what songs will match with what actor, celebrity or politician without communication from them. It is even more fun when I guess right like I did with Mr. Sorvino.


An amazing night with fun, excitement, inspiration and great music. Can’t wait till next year’s Hoboken International Film Festival.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Audience of Two: Robert Loggia and Audrey Loggia

Last Night at The Hoboken International Film Festival where I am the Festival DJ, I was getting ready for the crowd to enter the main theatre for the Opening Night Gala and movie release party and who crept in before anybody else? Robert Loggia and his charming wife Audrey!


Robert Loggia has starred in many classic films and received a list of awards. Here is a partial list of some of the more popular films he has appeared in: Scarface, An Office and A Gentleman, Big, Prizzi’s Honor, The Sopranos, Independence Day, The Pink Panther series and one of my favorite films ever, Wide Awake.

Robert Loggia was interviewwed by AC Club and I thought this piece was interesting:

“AVC: When you’re doing such an intense movie like Scarface, what did you guys do to blow off steam when you weren’t working?

Robert Loggia: I think most of us who stayed on the set went to our trailer. I would meditate a lot. I’m 81, so it’s more than 50 years of a way of working. I guess for each actor they have a different style.

AVC: How does the meditation help you?

Robert Loggia: It quiets you, and gives you energy. Doesn’t keep you revved up. So when they claw you back to the set, you’re fresh as a daisy, ready to go. I can’t be under the weight of the character for a 14-hour shooting day. I don’t think anybody can do that.”

Every year they enter the theatre before the rest of the crowd to get into their seats without all the chaos of a red carpet event. Last year we had some conversation and I found out they are Sinatra fans like me. So, when they found their seats, I asked if they wanted me to play some music for them before everybody else joins us.

He smiled and Audrey responded, “Sure. That would be great.”


“I remember from last year you both enjoy Frank Sinatra.”


“Wow! What a memory!”


“It’s my job. Besides, you two are special guests.”


I selected a couple of Sinatra tunes, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Come Dance With Me”” and turned on the speakers of my BOSE L1 System and got the desired result, both Audrey and Robert loggia were smiling and slid back into their seats to relax and enjoy the music. Of course, our moment together was short before the theatre was packed with all the Actors, Writers, Directors and Producers.

It was an experience that this professional DJ will treasure for quite a while.

Robert Loggia at Hoboken Film Festival with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Mystical Michael at The Hoboken International Film Festival Tonight!

Every year I look forward to The Hoboken International Film Festival. It is a great opportunity to play music and get to meet film stars, writers and producers. This year I will again be providing music for the Opening Night Gala and the Gala Awards.  It is typically a set of good, solid Rock Music with some other favorites mixed in. Tonight’s events begin at 6:00pm and include a cocktail hour. This will be followed by opening of the festival. The night’s feature is another premier film of Kenneth Del Vecchio, the founder of the The Hoboken International Film Festival, edgy film Snapshot.

Can’t wait!

Hoboken International Film Festival with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

The Wedding DJ Goes With The Flow

Last weekend I was professional Wedding DJ for a young couple.  The Bride whose father has passed away had asked me initially if we could choose not to have a version of The Father-Daughter Dance. I invited her to reflect on it and not make a decision till the last minute. She repeated her wish not to do so, although I again suggested she ask an Uncle or a close friend of the family.


We had some email contact the night before and she again stated she did to want to do the dance. I supported her decision and reminded them that they still had not chosen a song for the Parents Introductions before the Bridal Party Introductions. Of course, it was the night before and they had more important things to worry about and I was OK with knowing I may have to improvise a bit the next day. I got to know them well enough through all of our conversations to have a sense of what they may appreciate. They were struggling with making choices on their music as I continued to offer them suggestions as their Wedding DJ.  I’ve been doing this a long time as a professional Wedding DJ and trust in my skills and experience.


The Ceremony went beautifully and The Bride looked like a living magazine cover. The Groom actually looked really nice himself.  During the Cocktail Hour, The Bride and Groom approached me and asked if she would be able to do a Father-Daughter Dance with her Uncle. I smiled and assured them it would be fine. We quickly discussed what song they would dance to and landed with Michael Buble’s version of “How Sweet It Is”. She was very happy that she would be able dance with him and it all worked out. I then reminded them we still need a song for the parents to be introduced. I suggested some Motown songs and we determined Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” would be perfect.  We never want it to be like this at a wedding without a plan for any of the traditional dances or Introductions but a good professional Wedding DJ goes with the flow and supports the needs of The Bride and Groom.

Beautiful Bride dancing with her Uncle at Wedding DJ Mystical Michael

The introductions and dances all went magnificently. The Reception was fun and everybody had a great time! I know I write this all the time but I feel like I get to work with the best Brides and Grooms. Next up is Wedding DJ for a Bride and Groom who live in South Carolina but used to live in New Jersey on Sunday and The Hoboken International Film Festival on Friday Night in Jersey City.

Wedding Guests Dancing at Wedding Reception having fun and playing with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Sometimes Brides and Grooms Give The Wedding DJ New Ideas

I am the professional Wedding DJ for a young Bride and Groom tomorrow. I have really enjoyed working with them and creating a fantastic wedding together. As I have shared before, I still appreciate coordinating and sharing my professional Wedding DJ experience with each Bride and Groom that hires me. I like being able to offer them ideas and music that will provide the backdrop to their day, and it is their day. Every now and then they come up with a new song or way of celebrating one of the wedding traditions and it always makes me smile. Tomorrow will be one of those days.


Like many Brides and Grooms, they were having a hard time deciding a few of the songs for the traditional components and dances. In this case, they were struggling with coming up with  the right song for The Recessional after the ceremony. As their Wedding DJ, I sent them ideas and MP3s for them to consider but as is often the case, these songs sparked an idea of their own. They thought about it and came up with a song from the film Life As A House, “Building A Family” by Mark Isham. The perfect song for them and their wedding! When he shared their decision with me, I thought in my head, “Of course, this is the right song for them”. Another great wedding on the way tomorrow at The Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater, NJ for this Wedding DJ.

Building A Family

The song is from the soundtrack to Life Is A House with Kevin Kline and  Krsitin Scott Thomas. “When a man is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he takes custody of his misanthropic teenage son, for whom quality time means getting high, engaging in small-time prostitution, and avoiding his father.”

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ