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Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party

I always feel so satisfied after a really fun event, of course, some more than others. It seems to take the right mix of people and music to make an outstanding event like the Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party last week. It was a 60th Birthday party that the guest of honor kept insisting was his 38th Birthday, not his 60th:) He was a little late in trying to convince anybody since we were all present at Chelos Waterfront in Warwick way before him, due to it being a surprise 60th Birthday Party.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

The excitement was building as each guest arrived in advance of the guest of honor. There was a nice mix of family, friends and co-workers. Both the guest of honor and his wife are employees at BOSE in Framingham, MA. I am a fan of BOSE since that is really the only sound system I will use as a professional DJ. I use the BOSE L1 with B1 Bass. It was fun having several BOSE employees come up and converse with me about my DJ equipment, a few have never heard the BOSE L1 used by a DJ before and were so excited! I always love showing off the best DJ equipment and the opportunity to demonstrate its incredible sound to techies at BOSE was a blast for me.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party with BOSE L1 DJ Equipment

L1® Model 1S system with B1 bass

  • Recommended for audiences up to 300
  • 12-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage
  • Produces consistent tonal balance with less volume drop-off over distance
  • System’s interconnecting pieces allow for easy transport, setup and breakdown
  • B1 bass module included
  • Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

Spend less time setting up your gear and more time enjoying it. The new L1 Model 1S portable line array system delivers a potent combination of portability and performance. It’s compact and light enough to make setup quick and easy, yet powerful enough to fill a mid-sized venue. This system works well for solo musicians, bands and public speakers. Includes one B1 bass module for enhanced low-end performance.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

A fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party was had by all!

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ

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Tee 60th Birthday Party


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What is World Music? Does The Name Work Anymore?

As a Rhode Island DJ with a diverse, Multicultural DJ Music library, I get asked often to play “World Music”. Of course, I know what the person requesting World Music wants to hear most of the time but the name World Music may not be applicable or respectful anymore. Let’s take a look at the roots of the genre World Music and if it is something that needs to change in a multicultural world like we haver today; Uganda, Mumbai, Turkey and Tibet do not feel like foreign, “exotic” nations as they did before the internet and You Tube took hold of the world do they?

World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ


      Samite - Mountains Of The Moon


What Is World Music?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I am asked “What is World Music?”. It is probably my most frequently asked question.

To a lot of people I know, the term “World Music” conjures up images of men in loincloths, banging on clay gourds in Africa. Or something like that. A style of music that is particular to a specific, usually non-Western culture.


Buddha Bar, World Music and Global Lounge Mix

      Buddha Bar & Global Lounge Mix - DJ Mystical Michael


And to an extent, they are right. World Music is, to over-simplify, music from around the world. Sounds that reflect a particular culture through the use of geographically-specific musical structure, instruments, and in some cases, lyrics that also reflect a cultural or social reality.


In some cases, World Music an be as simple as pop music with lyrics in a language other than English. What does the linguistic approach Francis Cabrel takes — his pronunciation, his turns of phrases — say about the French language? What does his style reflect about the development of the French chanson since the early part of this century?


Or, most commonly assumed, World Music can be a musical style completely rooted in a culture apart from our own respective ones. To me, someone who has grown up in white, middle class Canada, Native American music opens the doors to a rich social and musical history — even though many of the performers, like Buffy Sainte-Marie and Robbie Robertson, are from the same country as I. And when the music is performed by an artist completely outside the Western realm, someone like Youssou N’Dour, it is practically impossible to separate the perfomer from the culture he or she comes from.

World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Sometimes musical styles and cultures start to mix. This is when things get interesting. In general, music utilizing a wide range of cultural instruments and styles is called World Fusion or World Beat. Peter Gabriel made World Beat a household term when he founded Real World Records, a label that supports and distributes the work of many World artists. It really doesn’t matter where an artist is from or what his or her background is — if a performer uses different ethnic influences that are obvious in the sound of the finished work, that’s World Music. Inside World Music


      Zeb - Sufism

World Music Dictionary Definition

world music


Music from cultures other than those of Western Europe and English-speaking North America, especially popular music from Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


      Vas - Astrae


World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ

What Is World Music?

ABSTRACT:  World Music is the currently popular alternative for terms such as primitive, non-Western, ethnic and folk music.  It has come to the forefront by its use in commercial and academic circles.  With the growth of worldwide systems of communication and commerce, music librarians will feel increasing demands for materials characterized as world music.


            World music means different things to different people, making it difficult to define.  One thing is certain–we see more of it coming into our music libraries every day and “we know it when we hear it!”

World music might best be described by what it is not.  It is not Western art music, neither is it mainstream Western folk or popular music.  World music canbe traditional (folk), popular or even art music, but it must have ethnic or foreign elements.  It is simply not our music, it is their music, music which belongs to someone else.

A review of the literature shows that “world music” is a relatively recent term, and one appearing in ever wider contexts.  Only since 1989 has the Music Index given a cross reference for the term, one which directs us to see “ethnic music,” “folk music”, and “popular music–styles”.  This seems to imply that world music is a large category, which encompasses ethnic music, folk music, and certain popular styles with non-Western elements.  The fact that the term only gets a cross-reference suggests that Music Index has not yet fully accepted it as a subject.  The Library of Congress Subject Headings do not use the term at all.  What, then, is world music? By Carl Rahkonen                        What Is World Music


      Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasthi - Chaiyya Chaiyaa - Dil Se

The term ‘world music’ is outdated and offensive

Its original intention was to help promote non-western musicians. But now it is just putting them in a ghetto• Ian Birrell will be taking part in a Guardian Open Weekend session on Sunday 25 March, discussing music’s global revolutions with Fatoumata Diawara, Ian Anderson, Johan Hugo and DJ Abrantee.

It is 25 years since the concept of world music was created by enthusiasts in a north London pub. Perhaps it made sense then, as a marketing device to promote the sounds of the world that were lost in record shops and on the radio. But not now. Not in this mixed-up, messy and shrunken world. It feels like an outdated and increasingly offensive term.

For a start, it implies cultural superiority. Artists from America and Europe tend not to get stuck in the world section, just those that don’t speak English or come from “exotic” parts of the world. They can be consigned safely to the world music ghetto, ignored by the mainstream and drooled over by those who approach music as an offshoot of anthropology.

Of course, even Fela Kuti made music that owed as much to America as to his native Nigeria. But how does this label make any sense now, when you have western bands such as Tuneyards relying on African grooves while artists such as D’Banj and Buraka Som Sistema destroy the concept with each track they release? Or when you hear samples from all over the world in clubs?

Or indeed, when a very British singer and a bassist from one of America’s biggest rock bands join forces with Fela’s drummer and singers from Mali and Ghana, as on Damon Albarn‘s latest project Rocketjuice and the Moon? This band emerged from Africa Express, an organisation I helped to found seven years ago to break down the ghetto walls. Among those joining Albarn, Flea and Tony Allen on the album is M.anifest, a Ghanaian rapper who lives in Minnesota and often performs with M3nsa, a fellow countryman who lives in north London, with a British teacher as their DJ.

Should this be filed under world music? The Guardian

World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ


      Musa Dieng Kala - Mawahibou

World Music, The Genre Dear America, you are doing it wrong!

US music industry is the most matured industry as I understand, but juvenile when it comes to classifying music. The American nomenclature of musical genre is what I have been constantly struggling to grasp. Basically, the system address all aspects, Explores the music and their roots, period, flavor etc, in every possible direction. But whenever I encounter a situation where I need a chose a genre for my music, it is not an easy job, if not impossible.Earlier, I started to select World as my genre for Indian flavor music. And.. yeah! its International at times. But I am yet to understand the difference between a World Beat and Fusion. I wanted to make it asInstrumental for convenience. But that doesn’t seem to work.A common man from East is unlikely to understand ‘Classical’ as ‘Western Classical’, ‘Fusion’ as ‘Jazz Fusion’, for examples. Because, every country, especially countries like India, has great heritage of music and ‘Classical Music’ would always mean something to them.

When I read a page from All Music saying ‘Blues is about traditional and personal expression’, I wondered myself. “Oh! Blues is about personal expression too, like Rock”. I know this is funny. And so the definition too. And, I never find it reasonable when I read something like ‘… generally a three chord progression…’

Every country has Classical, Easy Listening, Children, Holiday, Folk and Film Score. For me, the most obscure genre is Bollywood and I never understood it technically.

The genre ‘Ethnic Jazz’ is an American perception of an exotic style. It has doesn’t give a clue about to a non American. The entire system sees music as American and WorldThe problem is, music doesn’t fit in such clear-cut suites. Its a fun that my recent release is named under different genres on different portals. At least, an artist from West should be able to say what he or she produces. They may abhor saying “I make world music”.  Gokul Salvadi


      Fun-Da-Mental - Ja Sha Taan (Transglobal Underground Karachi Deathcult Mix)


World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ

How to define the broad genre of world music

By Alex Case-Cohen

The month of October brought a cultural twist to Ambient Transience.  I dedicated three shows to various factions of “world” music.  To me, the term is vague and somewhat offensive; in general, it signifies musical themes from non-western cultures, eliciting sounds distinct from what we would typically hear in the West.  World music is infinitely broad; its strange to me that Chinese folk music can be considered in the same genre as African Mbira music, but so is the Western process of definition and categorization. Granted, each show possessed only a small taste of each culturally distinct genre, and it was necessary for me to lump together regions and ethnicities that are completely opposite to each other. I chose an Asian theme for my first show in October; the majority of the music came from Japan with such influential ambient artists as Tetsu Inoue with Ambient Otaku, and Yukari fresh.  Some Chinese choices included Monolake, Liu Fang; Chinese ambient draws on traditional Folk music while incorporating contemporary trends in electronic sounds. The following show brought songs from Africa. Again, my two-hour time slot did not allow for an extreme clarification of the various genres existing in the diverse continent.  From northern Africa came distinct Islamic influences, for the region is dominated by the religion; Orchestre Du Jardin Du Guinee and Ali Farka Toure exhibit stylistic tendencies out of MENA (Middle East and North Africa).  Mbira, out of Nigeria and Kenya, utilizes the finger piano to create distinctive rhythm in the music.  Thomas Mapfumo and Toto Bona Lakua are among the many that represent this musical variety. The following week brought music from my favorite region: Latin America.  Both Central and South America incorporate a vast array of people, cultures, languages, and musical types.  I used indigenous folk songs from Atahualpa Yupanqui with incredible wind instruments, and looked at the Brazilian band Os Mutantes which greatly influenced the American Progressive Rock movement.  Another theme I touched on was Nueva Cancion where various musicians produced songs of peaceful protest against the tyrannical regimes of the 1960s and 1970s. Although I’ve never set foot in Asia, Africa or South America, researching the musical genres from these regions has greatly intrigued me.  One day, I hope to explore such diverse and interesting regions in order to create my own definition of “World” music. Ambient Transience airs every Thursday from 12-2 a.m. University of Kansas Radio

      Keola Beamer - Ku'u Lei Awapuhi

Does Hawaiian Music qualify as World Music?

World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ

World Music Party Mix by DJ Mystical Michael

      World Music Party Mix - DJ Mystical Michael


World Music DJ  Review by Multicultural Rhode Island Wedding DJ

What are your favorite artists fro around the globe? Do you fid the term World Music offensive?

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ
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Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs

I came across this important project earlier today and wanted to share it with you in hopes of gaining some support and momentum for the producers. I think Girls Gone Vinyl is something we have needed for a while and hope they can get their message out there to inspire young women to DJ and acknowledge those that have been female DJs for years unnoticed. And I love the name; Girls Gone Vinyl!

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ



A film about the true story of female DJs from around the world in a male dominated industry. No one would think that the electronic music industry is in conflict, but the truth is that DJs are more segregated that politicians or business executives.

Girls Gone Vinyl is the world’s first documentary about female DJs, their struggles and successes, what inspires them and what drives them in spite of overwhelming odds. Watch these women converge on Detroit for the largest electronic music festival in North America and hear their stories firsthand.

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode island Wedding DJ


Preproduction will begin immediately. Shooting will commence promptly at the start of the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit which takes place May 28 to 30, 2011. To learn more about the festival please visit their site

Out of 107 acts at the festival there are 6 female DJs preforming. We will be interviewing and filming their performances at the festival itself and numerous afterparties taking place during the weekend.

We will also be hosting our own all female DJ line up event during the festival on Sunday May 29th.

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO?We’re producing, directing, shooting, and editing the film. By day, Jenny Lafemme is a video and film producer for Parliament Studios, who will handle film production and post-production. Funding for this project goes toward flight costs for DJs to interview, travel for shooting, camera equipment needed to produce beautiful footage, and marketing and PR costs. The movie will be shot digitally to reduce cost and speed up production. All people working on the film will be donating their time and talent to bring this story to life.

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Please share and pass on the news of the Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs project. I have always hired and promoted female DJs for my business as a Rhode Island DJ but know that I am in the minority. I have trained several women to become female DJs and find they are often better students and more serious about their work then young men who seem more interested in image ands sex than substance and skills.

Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ


Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs Trailer

For the record, it was really hard to find images of female DJs that are not selling sex versus talent, very disturbing, but not surprising!

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Rhode Island Multicultural DJ

How did I become a Rhode Island Multicultural DJ? Being raised in the New Jersey/New York City area, I was put in many situations that forced me to recognize that not everybody or every family lived life the way I did. I can remember walking down the streets of Manhattan as an adolescent and being amazed that it felt like there was a representative from every country in the world also walking down the same streets as me. Of course, this was not true but It helped me understand that the world was made of all kinds of different and similar people.  This is how I eventually became a Rhode Island Multicultural DJ.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

Your Rhode Island Multicultural DJ

I am very grateful for the diverse Multicultural Weddings and Multicultural Parties that I get the opportunity to provide Music, DJ and MC services for.  I assume that Brides, Grooms and Party Planners embrace finding a Multicultural Wedding and Party DJ,knowing that I have extensive experience with creating outstanding Weddings, Parties and Events with people from diverse races, culture and religions.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

Rhode Island Multicultural DJ Story

A significant part of the story on how I became a Multicultural DJ is still not told. Along with being a Rhode Island DJ, I have been a social worker and counselor since 1993. I have had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world, The United States and a diverse a mix of race, culture, class, gender and religion, as well as socio-economic class as one can imagine. I love it! I learn from you as much as you learn from me.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

Rhode Island Multicultural DJ and Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures. The term is used in two broad ways, either descriptively or normatively. As a descriptive term, it usually refers to the simple fact of cultural diversity: it is generally applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, sometime at the organizational level, e.g. schoolsbusinessesneighborhoodscities, or nations.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

As a normative term, it refers to ideologies or policies that promote this diversity or its institutionalization; in this sense, multiculturalism is a society “at ease with the rich tapestry of human life and the desire amongst people to express their own identity in the manner they see fit.” Such ideologies or policies vary widely, including country to country, ranging from the advocacy of equal respect to the various cultures in a society, to a policy of promoting the maintenance of cultural diversity, to policies in which people of various ethnic and religious groups are addressed by the authorities as defined by the group they belong to. However, two main different and seemingly inconsistent strategies have developed through different Government policies and strategies: The first focuses on interaction and communication between different cultures. Interactions of cultures provide opportunities for the cultural differences to communicate and interact to create multiculturalism. This approach is also often known as interculturalism. The second centers on diversity and cultural uniqueness. Cultural isolation can protect the uniqueness of the local culture of a nation or area and also contribute to global cultural diversity. A common aspect of many policies following the second approach is that they avoid presenting any specific ethnic, religious, or cultural community values as central.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

Multiculturalism is often contrasted with the concepts of assimilationism and has been described as a “salad bowl” or “cultural mosaic” rather than a “melting potWikipedia

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

If you are looking for a really fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ, I can help.

Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ & Fun Rhode Island Multicultural Wedding DJ

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3 Easy Steps To Making A Safe Decision Hiring Your Professional DJ

I get asked all the time by friends and family, “How do people know they are getting what they pay for when they hire a professional DJ for their wedding or party that they do not already know?”


I always smile before I reply, “Great question! It is not easy for them and that is why I came up with three easy steps”:


1)    Do Your Homework!

Scouring their website and reading the reviews is not enough. Not even reading the reviews on sites like Wedding Wire, Yelp and The Knot. You have to actually contact a few of their references and ask the questions you really want answers to; “Did he actually listen to what you wanted?” Did he show-up on time and look professional?” “Did he honor the requests of your friends and family?” and most of all, “Was he fun and did everybody have a great time?”

First Dance at Beautiful Backyard Wedding with professional DJ Mystical Michael

2)    Does Your Professional DJ Feel Right To You?

Professionals DJs need to feel like someone you want to work with and be at your wedding or party. If you don’t like the DJ, you probably do not want them at your wedding or party. It is important you feel comfortable talking, questioning and offering suggestions to your professional DJ. Do they listen and actually take an interest in your ideas?

Beautiful Couple Dance with professional DJ Mystical Michael

3)    Does Your Professional DJ Offer A Guarantee?

A guarantee means they are investing in your wedding or party just like you. If they get paid no matter how they perform or whether your friends and family have a great time or not, is not acceptable. You need a guarantee in writing. You need something that holds them accountable, so you know you are going to get what you paid for and more.  Find a professional DJ that has a stake in your wedding or party, so they make sure it is an outstanding success, or they don’t get paid. Trust me, if a professional DJ knows they will not get paid if you are not 100% happy, they will make sure you and every one of your guests are totally happy. They will go to any lengths to make it perfect. Nobody wants to work for free. A guarantee assures you of getting what you want times ten! Only an exceptional professional DJ with plenty of experience at weddings, parties and events will take the risk to offer a guarantee. That is who you want as your professional DJ for your wedding or party!

Wedding Dance Floor Rockin with professional DJ Mystical Michael

Of course, a good signed contract with everything spelled out is helpful too. Follow your gut and not let anyone confuse you on what you want. Pay your professional DJ to give you the peace of mind to know you have made the right choice and only worry about the other details, assured you are in good hands with your professional DJ.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Fun Booking Your Party & Wedding DJ

Wow! I have been having so much fun booking professional DJ events for Weddings and Parties lately! It seems every day I am booking another Wedding DJ or Event DJ gig. I meet such great people and love hearing their stories of what and why they need a professional DJ for their Wedding or Event. Of course, my favorites are The Brides and Grooms. They have the best stories to share and the excitement and energy level is off the charts booking your party.


This has been my busiest booking season so far for Wedding DJ and Parties. I am getting the opportunity to provide music, DJ and MC services for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Sorority Formals, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, a Reunion and a really neat Fundraiser in Old Bridge, NJ.


I know some professional DJs find the booking your party and coordination of Wedding and Parties boring and a hassle. To me it is the best opportunity to get to know my clients and connect with them before their Wedding or Event. I want to know you so I can perform better and make sure you receive the Entertainer you had in your mind when you decided to hire a professional DJ for your Wedding or Party. I think it is fun and just as rewarding as providing professional music, DJ and MC services at your Wedding or Party.


I am also finding out how many times folks have hired a professional DJ and been really disappointed in the past. This is why I began offering a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my DJ and MC services, DO NOT PAY ME THE BALANCE OWED! I want your trust, so you can know you are in great shape with your music and entertainment for your Wedding or Party. That is what all professional DJs should offer when booking your party, if they have the self-confidence in their work and the reviews and references to back it.

DJ Mystical Michael Booking Your Party and Wedding DJ

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Wedding Planner Guide for Boston & Rhode Island Weddings

Many Brides and Grooms are frustrated and stressed trying to figure out the specifics of their wedding. As a Wedding DJ in the New Jersey & New York area, I knew I needed to create a simple wedding planner guide for couples.


Of course, most professional Wedding DJs has some version of a wedding planner guide. They are basically the same with little variation. I made certain to focus on making it very simple. Brides and Grooms have enough to figure out and wanted to make it a tool to release stress, not add to it.


Like all documents used for wedding planners, it is a work in process. I invite you to use it, if you find it useful.  If you would like a Word version, please email me and I will send you a copy of the wedding planner guide. If I have left something out, please let me know. My professional experience as a Wedding DJ does not mean I have all the answers, just tons of experience and knowledge.

Bride and Groom First Wedding Dance Using Wedding Planner Guide

Wedding Planner Guide



Ceremony start and end time:


Will we be providing music for your ceremony?


If so, is it in the same room as the reception?


If not, where is the location of the ceremony?


Prelude Song:


Processional Song(s):


Recessional Song:


Ceremony notes:


Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour start and end time:


Will we be providing music for your cocktail hour?


If so, is it in the same room as the reception?


If not, where is the location of the cocktail hour?


Cocktail Hour music preferences:




Any other details we need to perform at your cocktail hour?












Bridal Party Introductions:


Parents Introduction Song:


Parents of The Bride:


Parents of The Groom:


Bridal Party Introduction Song:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 1:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 2:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 3:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 4:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 5:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 6:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 7:


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen 8:


Ring bearer:


Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man:


Bride & Groom Introduction Song:


How do you want to be introduced?


Introduction notes:










Ceremonial Dances:


Bride & Groom First Dance Song:


Would like the bridal party to join? If so, when?


Bride & Father Dance Song:


Groom & Mother Dancec Song:


Will there be a Bridal Party Dance?

If so, what song:


Special Dance:


Would you like the DJ to ‘cut’ the above songs early?


Introduction notes:








Dinner music preferences:



Cake Cutting Song:


Bouquet Toss Song:


Garter Off Song:


Garter On Song:


Last Dance Song:


Reception notes:


DJ Mystical Michael NJ & NY DJ

Why Do You Offer A DJ Guarantee & Most Rhode Island DJs Will Not?

Simple. I know I excel as a DJ and MC and know I can offer a DJ guarantee. I want you to have that same confidence, so you can focus your attention and energy on other aspects of your wedding or event. You worry about getting your guests there and making sure they have food, beverages and everything looks beautiful. I will make sure they have a great time and remember your wedding or party long after. They will have fun and I am condfident in that, so I can offer a DJ guarantee since I am certain you will want to pay me. You are investing in me by hiring me and sending me a deposit. I invest in you by offering a guarantee that states if you are not happy with my performance, you do not have to pay the remainder of the balance. Period.

Why Doesn’t Your Wedding DJ Guarantee Your Wedding?

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Guarantee

I realize this is a large risk on my part, since I am a DJ and Entertainer full-time and it is my primary source of income. But I think you are taking a greater risk by hiring someone you may not know for a one-time event that you have no recourse if I do not meet your satisfaction. This is my way of letting you know, you are covered and it will be great! I stake my paycheck on it!


If I was a part-time DJ that does this on weekends as a hobby, I would not be able to make this guarantee. I would not have the experience and focus that I can provide to every detail.  Together we will create something memorable. I am available to you to make this happen. This is the benefit of being a full-time DJ and Entertainer. I am here for you and will help you coordinate your wedding or event to be just the way you envisioned it. Why would you expect anything less?

Fun Wedding Dancers at Wedding with DJ Mystical Michael DJ Guarantee


Ask your DJ if they offer a DJ guarantee? If not, ask them why?


DJ Mystical Michael – Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ