Oldies DJ For Birthdays and Anniversaries

I have been hired as professional Oldies DJ for several Oldies events lately. These are typically parties with lots of good, clean fun. I grew-up with plenty of the songs from the late 50’s and early 60’s with artists like Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Dion & The Belmonts, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Johnny Mathis and all the MoTown stuff being the ones that stick out in my memory the most. My family also listened to a lot of Jazz, Pop Vocalists and Big Bands as well.


For reasons I do not know, as a child I gravitated towards the Oldies genre on my own. It started with me asking my parents to find me The Crusin’ Series of albums and cassettes. They are where I first began to study the history of  music and the roots of Rock and Roll. The Crusin’ 1961 album was the first since it was the year I was born, then 1958 and 1962. Soon after that I got the double album soundtrack to the film American Graffiti.  My brother gave me as a gift a couple of albums by Shanana with covers of many of the great tunes of that era. The collection grew with time and patience.


When I first started as a professional DJ, I was hired for a party for some Morristown Police Officers. They had so much fun they kept hiring me for all their events and it wasn’t long before all the police, fire and P.A.L. events booked me and I became known as the “Oldies DJ” even though I was only nineteen or twenty at the time. I had fun and learned a lot about music and Rock and Roll.


I still enjoy the opportunity to break out the Oldies and spin great times with folks who really appreciate the music and memories.  I think it is easier for me since I was alive during most of this music and grew-up with it. I imagine a young professional DJ who is trying to play the songs of the 50’s and 60’s through reading about them or just what Billboard says would struggle with knowing what works with what, as I did when I was DJing in my early twenties and playing some Big Band and Swing gigs back then. I do know a couple of young professional DJs who actually do an excellent job with both The Oldies and music of today though.


Back to the playlist I am working on for a 50th anniversary party coming up soon!

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Professional DJs Playing Remix after Remix

I have not been a fan of a steady diet of remix after remix of old samples added to new beats. It somehow seems like a way to take someone’s work and pull it apart. Think if we did the same thing with a painting or a novel? But music is somewhat different. Music is more malleable than most artistic forms. Artists have been doing their versions of artists songs for as long as there has been music. So, it is not a great leap to take their recorded music and reshape it to your needs. I need to clarify that I think it makes total sense for the artist or producer to remix at their leisure. It is their creative piece to begin with, but when we do so, it is without their voice being heard in the creative process. This seems different to me.

What I did find interesting though was hearing great inspiring speeches and phrases dubbed over beats. An example was Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream Speech was dubbed over some basic hard-driving beats. Of course, this is not a new practice, just one that deserves further exploration. Is it against the basic premise of artist’s work is left alone except when the artist themselves are giving their creative input to make certain it meets their standards and maintains their intention?  Artist integrity also has to be considered. As an artist, would you be OK with someone you have never met taking your work and reshaping to the way they want it? Any shape they want. They may even take out your vocals altogether, or just the lyrics they do not like.

As a songwriter, there is a conflict here. Of course, they are fine with the idea that someone likes their work enough to care, maybe not as accepting to the concept of it being pulled apart at the seams and made into something brand new, without their input. I think it would depend on the artist.

I wonder how Pink Floyd feel about hearing their songs sampled over a disco beat or Johnny Cash to a Hip Hop beat (both exist)?  What about Sinatra remixed to Country beats?  Or Mozart to Heavy Metal? Would these artists lose sleep from agony or embrace the new, different form their work has taken?

I think it is important to recognize that not all artists will feel respected and admired by the final results. Some may be blown away at what we can do today without bands or musicians, yet others may cringe at the thought. While we dance away to the new version of Sly and The Family Stone’s Everyday People, I invite you to keep in mind the original artist’s intention and how they would feel about our new version of their song. Hear their voice and let it speak to you and connect with you. It is not that I am saying that remixing or sampling are bad, just think it is important to be mindful of the original artist and their focus, creativity and direction. Are we honoring or ignoring them in our need for something new without actually creating something new? This is the question for the professional DJ.


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Music, Dance and Culture As A Professional DJ

It does not happen often, but every now and then I have to really dig into my experience as a professional DJ to figure out how to make things work at an event.  Most recently, it was due to some cultural differences that I did not take into account and fortunately was helped by some of the guests to understand and find an effective solution.

Even though I have lived and traveled through a large section of Eastern and Central Asia, I still view how an event is supposed to go in the USA from an American perspective. This is not necessarily a bad thing but can be a blind-spot when not taking into account cultural differences. If I was in South Korea or Uzbekistan, I would not think twice about ASSUMING the way we do it here is the way it is done there. But being here in the USA, my vision is not as wide and expansive at times since it is my home.  I ASSUMED that the order of events that are typical for an American social event were the same everywhere, big mistake. I know better. I ASSUMED that there is some time before dinner for people to mingle and settle, dinner, cake/coffee/tea and then everybody is ready to let go and dance till they are cleaning the tables and folding chairs. This is not the case everywhere.

The event I was providing professional DJ services for was a high school graduation party for an American Punjabi family. The event was at an Indian Restaurant and they followed Indian traditional order of social events.  The dancing for events is between the appetizers and the main meal, not after the main meal. I did not know this, I do now!

Again, if not for the willing guests who showed me the way, I am afraid the party would not have been the success it was. I am grateful they took the time to explain to me how this works and what to do. They even shared with me what music to play when!

The lesson learned for me is an old lesson relived: Don’t make ASSUMPTIONS, especially with cultural differences.


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DJs Need To Support Our Military and Our Local Police & Firefighters

For reasons I have not completely figured out, when I first started my journey as a professional DJ, I was booked on a regular basis by local police and firefighters for parties. Many of these parties were reunions and local chapters of P.A.L. and other fraternal organizations. These events were all good times and primarily the music was Oldies centered, which typically make fun parties.


Today I still get to do some of these kinds of events but what has manifested recently is the opportunity to serve our troops by offering discounts to our military service men and women at their weddings. Last night I met with a young couple. The Groom is home in between deployments for his wedding.  After spending time with both of them, I felt good about the decision I made a while back to offer professional DJ discounts to our troops.


The wedding should be fun.  I look forward to being able to support them and be a apart of their day.  We set-up the music and coordinated the events of the cocktail hour and reception.  All systems go for a beautiful August wedding.

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Popular Bouquet Toss Songs

Here are some Great Rock and Pop Songs followed by a list of the most popular bouquet toss songs nationally.

Uptown Girl        Billy Joel

Foxy Lady          Jimi Hendrix

American Woman The Guess Who or Lenny Kravitz

Just A Girl          No Doubt

Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leopard

She’s A Beauty The Tubes

Stray Cat Strut The Stray Cats

All I want To Do Sheryl Crow

Maneater          Hall & Oates

Oh Yeah           Yello

Walk This Way Aerosmith or Aerosmith & Run-DMC

Another one bites the dust
Bad boys
Da Ya think I’m sexy
Do you wanna touch me
Girls just want to have fun
Girls girls girls
Guys do it all the time
I’m too sexy
It’s raining men
James Bond theme
Jeopardy clock
Ladies night
Let’s get it on
Macho man
Mission impossible theme
Oh! pretty woman
Peter gunn theme
Sharp dressed man
She’s a bad mama jama
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)
The distance
The stripper
Theme from star trek
U can’t touch this
Whip it
Wild thing
Wild thing
Why don’t we do it in the road
You can leave your hat on
You sexy thing
Inner Circle
Rod Stewart
Joan Jett
Peggy Lee
Cyndi Lauper
Motley Crue
Mindy McCready
Right Said Fred
Weather Girls
TV Theme
TV Theme
Kool & The Gang
ZZ Top
Marvin Gaye
Village People
Larry Mullen
Roy Orbison
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Garth Brooks
ZZ Top
Carl Carlton
David Rose
TV Theme
M. C. Hammer
The Troggs
Tone Loc
The Beatles
Tom Jones
Hot Chocolate

Popular Bouquet Toss Songs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

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What are your favorite Bouquet Toss Songs?

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Teen Parties Are Fun For DJs

One of the biggest thrills as a professional DJ is seeing young folks get-up and do their thing on the dance floor. They do not worry about looking silly or ‘acting like a teenager’ because they are teenagers.  They dance as soon as the music is cranked up and allowed to to have fun. In fact, sometimes we have to stop playing dance music so they will sit down to eat or the caterers and parents might get angry. This is one of the joys of a Teen Parties for a  DJ.

I have written about this before but I still get great joy in seeing how young people today enjoy Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, House, Rock and Country all at the same time. I was this way as a teenager but I was one of the few people I knew that allowed themselves to listen to many genres. Today it is common and acceptable for teens to mix genres and have fun with all of it.

I get asked asked every now and then, “How are you able to relate to teens as a professional DJ since you are so much older than them?”

My answers are simple; “I still feel like a teenager most of the time and I relate to their passion, excitement and energy. I appreciate that they will tell you what they feel whether it comes out pretty or not.” For me, as a guy who was a counselor and social worker with teens and families for more than fifteen years, I feel very comfortable in the presence of a group of teens. I think they feel the same way about me, at least most of them. They get a kick out the way that I do not worry how people view or feel about me and just be myself. I have some Sweet Sixteens coming-up and look forward to getting back to working teen parties, I miss it.

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Slow Music Works For A Good DJ Too!

Most folks when thinking about their wedding and its accompanying playlist; they think of partying, up-tempo music. Every now and then a couple wants slow music as their preferred choice for their reception. It is not as uncommon as one would assume as a professional Wedding DJ.

Recently a Bride and Groom thought they had guests that did not like to dance, “We are Chinese and are too shy to dance, especially to fast music”. I smiled thinking in my head I have heard this before as a Wedding DJ  and saw the results of picking the correct songs for that audience and people not only danced, they grooved to fast and slow tunes.

The reception started out with folks requesting all slow songs but halfway through, The Maid of Honor began the trend of asking for dancing tunes. Her excitement and energy let me know there would be dancing and not just slow songs.

As soon as dinner was completed. I played a few slow tunes to get folks on the dance floor and it was less than two minutes later before it was full of couples dancing slow and lovingly.  After I sensed they were ready, I switched to some of the faster, popular songs as a bridge, and it worked.  They danced to everything non-stop till it was time for dessert.

Another great wedding with happy friends and family for the Wedding DJ!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Spins Another Totally Fun Wedding!

If you have been following my blogs, you know that I had been looking forward to The Wedding of Yomi & Mark. I have really grown to know and like them very much. I can’t lie, I knew in advance this would be a fun wedding based on the music they choose and just spending time with them. The wedding was held at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ right on the Hudson River with a fabulous view of Manhattan, NYC, NY.  The ceremony was outside near sunset with a scare by some swirling winds making us believe we would have to move inside due to possible storms but we were fortunate it styed beautiuful and even lowered the temperature a few degrees. Here is what the ceremony looked like:

With The Groomsmen looking stately:

And of course The Bridesmaids were stunning:

The Bride and Groom are such wonderful people that I knew they would look outstanding because they love each other and have great friends and family.

One of the unique aspects of their reception they decided in advance that since they were having a buffet, they wanted us to play dance and fun Wedding DJ music all night long without the often mellowing effect that dinner music can sometimes facilitate. It worked as it had at other weddings that we have determined this style was preferred for certain receptions.

This allowed people to come on and off the dance floor as they felt moved and ate when they needed a break or hungry. Another advantage is that there are people on the dance floor all night and not waiting for others to get started. There were couples and individuals choosing to dance without the need of a full dance floor.

After everybody was done eating and warmed-up, things really got rockin’ and nobody wanted the night to end, including the Wedding DJ himself.

A good time was had by all.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Wedding Ceremony Prelude Music

A Wedding DJ often gets asked by Brides and Grooms preparing for their Wedding, “What is the best Prelude Music to have in the background before our Ceremony?”


The answer is actually pretty easy and painless. First,the Wedding DJ need to know what kind of music you are wanting to create the right mood for your guests as they find their seats and excitedly settle in anticipating  your ceremony. Most people appreciate either some nice calming Classical, Acoustic piano, guitar or harp or gentle Jazz.


Here are some popular Wedding DJ suggestions for you to consider:


 Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach) 8.96/10 (62
 Sheep May Safely Graze (Bach) 8.47/10 (10 ratings)
 Air on the G String( Bach) 8.1/10 (30 ratings)
Love of My Life (Jim Brickman) 8.03/10 (83 ratings)
Canon in D Minor (Pachelbel)
A Gift of a Thistle (James Horner)
Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto (Bach) 5/10 (13 ratings)
The Wedding Song (Kenny G) 4.74/10 (94 ratings)
Claire de Lune (Debussy)
Air from Water Music (George Frideric Handel) 2.78/10 (8 ratings)
 The Secret Wedding )James Horner)
Brandenburg Concerto #2 (Bach)


What ideas do you have?

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Two Worlds Connect Through Wedding DJ Music

I always get excited when hired to DJ and MC a wedding from a Bride and Groom of different cultures, which seems to be my specialty these days. The challenge and opportunity to blend styles of Wedding DJ music and genres during such an important celebration is fun and inspiring. In advance, I am often a bit concerned that it will not work. What if the family from The Groom’s culture will not appreciate the music from The Bride’s culture? Or the reverse?  What if it is too much of a stretch for them to connect? Is it realistic for everybody to just be placed in the same room and find a way to have fun and enjoy the magic of the wedding?


The answer is NO! It is not a stretch or a problem for an experienced Wedding DJ.

It is not something to fear or be concerned about. A good professional Wedding DJ with experience blending and balancing music will not have a problem making your wedding a fantastic success! Make sure you sit down with your professional Wedding DJ and take time planning your musical selections and playlists together. Listen to their experience and be clear what it is you want; it is your wedding. Listening to Brides and Event Planners, as well as that of your guests are some of the most critical skills of an outstanding Wedding DJ.

It is 2011 and we do not have to settle for Prima Donna DJs that are not interested in listening or respecting the needs of Brides, Grooms or Event Planners. Today’s professional Wedding DJs need to be able and interested in quality communication and direction, while being able to follow their own intuitive talents in meeting the needs of diverse groups and populations. This is not 1980 anymore where the Wedding DJ was in charge and everybody had to put-up with whatever they did because we didn’t know any better or were not able to find anoutstanding Wedding DJ.

Today there are many outstanding Wedding DJs. Take your time in hiring the right one for your unique wedding or event. The professional Wedding DJ is not the place to compromise. Know what you want and do not be afraid to ask for it and expect it be honored. It is your wedding or event.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ