Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know

I saw this interesting and fairly accurate list of Wedding DJ Tips for Brides on Perfect Wedding Guide.  It is not current but still offers decent Wedding DJ Tips. I am surprised more blog posts by wedding experts do not include a Wedding DJ Guarantee as essential for your wedding though.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know

Colleen McKenzie (04 May 2010)

Although some people design and play their own reception soundtracks, the most common choice for pre-recorded music is a professional wedding DJ. Here are a few wedding DJ tips to consider when deciding on your music professionals for your wedding.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know  - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

DJs not only play music, they can provide crowd-pleasing entertainment and even serve as masters of ceremonies. A DJ service often can supply special lighting, smoke and bubble machines, props and other effects. Because of the large number of songs that technology lets them provide, DJs are increasingly a fixture at wedding receptions.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know  -  Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Don’t make price your only consideration when you select a wedding DJ. Referrals are good, but seeing him or her perform in person is the best way to make a decision. There can be more for a DJ to do than just play music. You may need him or her to make introductions, schedule toasts and oversee the timing of activities.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know  -  Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Ask if the DJ service has a high-quality sound system. This is important because different sites have different acoustic requirements. Confirm that backup equipment is available. After all, even the best equipment can falter.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know  -  Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ

An essential Wedding DJ tip is simply communication. Let your DJ know your preferences and those songs not to play. Provide a schedule of events like the first dance, cake cutting and garter toss so there are no distractions. Other considerations include what the DJ will wear, whether he or she will take requests, the number of breaks planned, what equipment is needed, if you’ll have to supply anything and what his or her payment and cancellation policies are. Make sure the contract clearly outlines responsibilities and expectations. Also, make sure the DJ who turns up is the one you wanted.

Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know  -  Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ

By following these wedding DJ tips, you will insure a stress-free, enjoyable reception.

via Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know – Wedding DJ | Perfect Wedding Guide.

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Are there any Wedding DJ Tips they left out? Should hiring a Wedding DJ with a Guarantee be a Wedding DJ Tip? What about experienced Multicultural Wedding DJ as a Wedding DJ Tip?

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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ

This is an interesting article on getting the most out of your Rhode Island Wedding DJ. I can’t lie, much of it is offensive but unfortunately, many Rhode Island Wedding DJs need a Bride or Groom to be this “direct”. This is true for most of the younger, less experienced Wedding DJs that think being able to mix and dress a certain way makes the a good Rhode Island Wedding DJ. We have all been to weddings where the Rhode Island Wedding DJ just could not find a way to let the wedding be amazing, too busy being the spotlight. An exceptional Rhode Island Wedding DJ knows how to get out of the way and make certain all the shine on The Bride and Groom. This takes years of experience and mistakes before gaining enough humility and maturity. Let me know what you think about Sandy Malone’s blog post from The Huffington Post.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ

Posted: 02/08/2013 8:10 pm

Depending on where you come from, the things you take into consideration when choosing the music for your wedding are dramatically different. Back when I got married, I would NEVER have used a WeddingDJ in a million years, having coming from the school of thought that a Wedding DJ is a loud obnoxious creature who incites your guests to do dances you would prefer never be a part of your biggest day (Macarena, ChaCha, Slide, YMCA… I could go on forever). While my guests had fun dancing to the bands I selected both in Vieques and Washington, DC, now that I know more, I certainly wonder if we might have had a much, much better time if we’d had a good Wedding DJ with a good playlist instead.

With five-plus years of wedding planning experience, I’m here to tell you that not all Wedding DJs are created equal, and the good ones are worth their weight in gold. But even if you don’t necessarily have a whole bunch of DJ options for your wedding (the venue provides it or you’re getting married on an island that only has a couple of choices), you can structure your wedding playlist in a way that makes your wedding flow seamlessly even if the guy running the system is dumber than a box of rocks.

Here are some tips to help you set things up so that you can relax and enjoy the music you want to hear on your big day!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

1) Establish up front that you are the CLIENT and you are in charge. Let him know if you don’t like a talker. Tell him if he has absolutely no room for independent judgment. If you don’t want to hear a single song that isn’t on your personal playlist, let him know. Lay out the ground rules and don’t be afraid to be a little bit aggressive and put it writing, asking him to acknowledge your requests. Many Wedding DJs prefer you be upfront and direct. Just don’t be rude about it. There’s a way to be demanding without being Bridezilla. Be a little nicer if he’s your only option at the venue.

2) Be very specific about your playlist and, if he doesn’t give you a good form to work with, create your own and include the following categories:


– Prelude music

– Music for seating the mothers

– Music for the bridesmaids’ processional

– Music for the bride’s processional

– Recessional music


– Cocktail music pre-entrance

– Entrance song

– First dance song

– Daddy/daughter dance song

– Mother/son dance song

– Cocktail music post-entrance

– Dinner music

– Cake cutting song

– Bouquet/garter toss songs

– Last dance

3) Decide whether you’re going to let the Wedding DJ take requests or not, and make sure you’re clear on the system with the Wedding DJ. If you’d prefer he not take requests, you can ask him to tell people that he doesn’t have the music being requested up to a certain point. If somebody gets aggressive, he might have to explain that the bride and groom have requested no spontaneous requests.

4) Be VERY SPECIFIC about your “Do Not Play” list. Those are the songs you really, really don’t want to hear at your wedding. You never know what your friends may request, and you’re better off making sure the Wedding DJ knows at the outset exactly how you feel about that. Trust me, “We are Family” can be a very awkward music selection in many groups.

5) Get your playlist to your Wedding DJ as early as possible. Every Wedding DJ has a different system, and many of them have to pull your playlist from their master systems, especially if you’re getting married somewhere like the tropics where the Wedding DJs might not have the most current systems. Some of them need time to make sure they have all your music ready in time for your wedding. At the very latest, have all song selections to your music master no less than 30 days prior to your wedding date. A full 90 days is even better.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

If you’re not working with a wedding planner, or you don’t trust the recommendations of the venue’s banquet manager, do your own homework and research and see what other brides who got married in your area had to say about their own Wedding DJs. Angry and dissatisfied brides blog…fairly or not. But you’ll be able to tell who sounds like a bitter crazy person and who had a legitimately bad experience. Hopefully, you can learn something from their bad experiences rather than repeating them yourself.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!

via Sandy Malone: 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

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What makes most sense of getting the most out of your Rhode Island Wedding DJ and what is not helpful? Did any of it offend you about how to work with a Rhode Island Wedding DJ?

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Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices

This is an interesting and informative article on Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices. There is plenty of helpful information for Brides and Grooms looking to hire your Wedding DJ for your wedding. Two points they do not cover in this article about Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices that I think are very important: a Wedding DJ Guarantee and Multicultural Wedding DJ experience. It seems that having a DJ Guarantee wold be maybe the most important item in hiring your Wedding DJ, if not, how can you trust the Wedding DJ you want to hire for your Wedding? Similarly, a Wedding DJ that doe snot have extensive experience as a Multicultural Wedding DJ would make me nervous, how would you know if they are prepared and experienced performing at Weddings with a diverse mix of friends and family?

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices

For many people getting married is one of the most important events of their life. It can also be one of the most expensive. There are many things to budget for, the wedding dress, venue hire, food and drink, the wedding cake and of course the evening entertainment. Rhode Island Wedding DJ prices can vary a lot and there are many things that you must taken into consideration.

Most DJs will be able to offer a range of packages to suit most budgets. They may charge per hour or a fixed fee for the event. Some will have set packages that include a number of hours (typically 4 hours) and then charge per hour for additional ones.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

A good DJ should also be able to offer a range of optional extras. Such extras include a fog machine, programmable lighting, music videos and karaoke. Find out exactly what the DJ is offering as standard and what comes as extra. Choosing extras can quickly add to the wedding DJ’s price and blow your budget if you are not careful.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

If you require music at the wedding ceremony as well as the reception then discuss this with the DJ. Many DJs will be able to cover the ceremony as well and play music while your guests wait and when the bride walks down the aisle. If you do want the DJ to cover the ceremony too then don’t forget to ask how much extra it will cost.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ prices can vary considerable from area to area with good DJs charging anything from $800 to $2000. To get an overview of prices in your area it is best phone a number of DJs and ask for a list of their rates. You can then set a reasonable budget and choose the right DJ for your wedding.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Choosing The Right DJ According to Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices

Once you have fixed a budget and decided exactly what you will want your wedding DJ to do you can then choose your DJ. Initially you may talk to a prospective DJ on the phone or via email but you should always have a face to consultation with the DJ before hiring.

Meeting with a DJ in person will make it easier for you to tell if they can run a good party. There is nothing worse then having a party were everyone is sitting around with no one dancing. A good DJ will be able to encourage people onto the dance floor. Ask the DJ how they get people dancing and enjoying themselves.

You will want to choose the song for your first dance and probably some of the other music too. A good wedding DJ will be able to advise you on music and have a large collection of appropriate and popular music. Make sure that you discuss the playlist and first dance choice with your wedding DJ in advance of the wedding.

Many wedding DJs will have all their own equipment but some may rely on using some of the venues equipment. Find out which is the case so there are no suprises on the night.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients and a live audition if you think it necessary.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Rhode Island Wedding DJ prices can vary greatly and having the right DJ can make a big difference to your wedding reception. Take your time in choosing a DJ, don’t just go with the cheapest to save money or with the most expensive because they must be the best. The right price is about getting the best value for your money so take your time and plan carefully.

This article is courtesy of Wedding DJ Prices.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Prices with your Rhode Island Wedding DJ

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3 Easy Steps To Making A Safe Decision Hiring Your Professional DJ

I get asked all the time by friends and family, “How do people know they are getting what they pay for when they hire a professional DJ for their wedding or party that they do not already know?”


I always smile before I reply, “Great question! It is not easy for them and that is why I came up with three easy steps”:


1)    Do Your Homework!

Scouring their website and reading the reviews is not enough. Not even reading the reviews on sites like Wedding Wire, Yelp and The Knot. You have to actually contact a few of their references and ask the questions you really want answers to; “Did he actually listen to what you wanted?” Did he show-up on time and look professional?” “Did he honor the requests of your friends and family?” and most of all, “Was he fun and did everybody have a great time?”

First Dance at Beautiful Backyard Wedding with professional DJ Mystical Michael

2)    Does Your Professional DJ Feel Right To You?

Professionals DJs need to feel like someone you want to work with and be at your wedding or party. If you don’t like the DJ, you probably do not want them at your wedding or party. It is important you feel comfortable talking, questioning and offering suggestions to your professional DJ. Do they listen and actually take an interest in your ideas?

Beautiful Couple Dance with professional DJ Mystical Michael

3)    Does Your Professional DJ Offer A Guarantee?

A guarantee means they are investing in your wedding or party just like you. If they get paid no matter how they perform or whether your friends and family have a great time or not, is not acceptable. You need a guarantee in writing. You need something that holds them accountable, so you know you are going to get what you paid for and more.  Find a professional DJ that has a stake in your wedding or party, so they make sure it is an outstanding success, or they don’t get paid. Trust me, if a professional DJ knows they will not get paid if you are not 100% happy, they will make sure you and every one of your guests are totally happy. They will go to any lengths to make it perfect. Nobody wants to work for free. A guarantee assures you of getting what you want times ten! Only an exceptional professional DJ with plenty of experience at weddings, parties and events will take the risk to offer a guarantee. That is who you want as your professional DJ for your wedding or party!

Wedding Dance Floor Rockin with professional DJ Mystical Michael

Of course, a good signed contract with everything spelled out is helpful too. Follow your gut and not let anyone confuse you on what you want. Pay your professional DJ to give you the peace of mind to know you have made the right choice and only worry about the other details, assured you are in good hands with your professional DJ.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Fun Booking Your Party & Wedding DJ

Wow! I have been having so much fun booking professional DJ events for Weddings and Parties lately! It seems every day I am booking another Wedding DJ or Event DJ gig. I meet such great people and love hearing their stories of what and why they need a professional DJ for their Wedding or Event. Of course, my favorites are The Brides and Grooms. They have the best stories to share and the excitement and energy level is off the charts booking your party.


This has been my busiest booking season so far for Wedding DJ and Parties. I am getting the opportunity to provide music, DJ and MC services for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Sorority Formals, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, a Reunion and a really neat Fundraiser in Old Bridge, NJ.


I know some professional DJs find the booking your party and coordination of Wedding and Parties boring and a hassle. To me it is the best opportunity to get to know my clients and connect with them before their Wedding or Event. I want to know you so I can perform better and make sure you receive the Entertainer you had in your mind when you decided to hire a professional DJ for your Wedding or Party. I think it is fun and just as rewarding as providing professional music, DJ and MC services at your Wedding or Party.


I am also finding out how many times folks have hired a professional DJ and been really disappointed in the past. This is why I began offering a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my DJ and MC services, DO NOT PAY ME THE BALANCE OWED! I want your trust, so you can know you are in great shape with your music and entertainment for your Wedding or Party. That is what all professional DJs should offer when booking your party, if they have the self-confidence in their work and the reviews and references to back it.

DJ Mystical Michael Booking Your Party and Wedding DJ

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Why Do You Offer A DJ Guarantee & Most Rhode Island DJs Will Not?

Simple. I know I excel as a DJ and MC and know I can offer a DJ guarantee. I want you to have that same confidence, so you can focus your attention and energy on other aspects of your wedding or event. You worry about getting your guests there and making sure they have food, beverages and everything looks beautiful. I will make sure they have a great time and remember your wedding or party long after. They will have fun and I am condfident in that, so I can offer a DJ guarantee since I am certain you will want to pay me. You are investing in me by hiring me and sending me a deposit. I invest in you by offering a guarantee that states if you are not happy with my performance, you do not have to pay the remainder of the balance. Period.

Why Doesn’t Your Wedding DJ Guarantee Your Wedding?

Rhode Island Wedding DJ Guarantee

I realize this is a large risk on my part, since I am a DJ and Entertainer full-time and it is my primary source of income. But I think you are taking a greater risk by hiring someone you may not know for a one-time event that you have no recourse if I do not meet your satisfaction. This is my way of letting you know, you are covered and it will be great! I stake my paycheck on it!


If I was a part-time DJ that does this on weekends as a hobby, I would not be able to make this guarantee. I would not have the experience and focus that I can provide to every detail.  Together we will create something memorable. I am available to you to make this happen. This is the benefit of being a full-time DJ and Entertainer. I am here for you and will help you coordinate your wedding or event to be just the way you envisioned it. Why would you expect anything less?

Fun Wedding Dancers at Wedding with DJ Mystical Michael DJ Guarantee


Ask your DJ if they offer a DJ guarantee? If not, ask them why?


DJ Mystical Michael – Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

The Importance Of A DJ Contract

I have had the opportunity to share experiences with many New Jersey & Boston DJs and party planners over the years.  I still find it incredible that some DJs do not produce a written DJ contract when booking a gig with an event planner. For me, the written contract creates security and a firm commitment by both parties, a sense of mutual trust. I can’t imagine working without one.


I know that most event planners whether they are a bride, parent or professional in the industry will not feel comfortable working without a DJ contract. What many may not know is that the contract is equally important to us as entertainers too. We earn our income through the events we perform and if we are operating with the knowledge that a certain date is booked and have to turn away business, without a formal contract we are putting ourselves at risk too.


Young professional DJs have asked me what I think is important to include in a good DJ contract to insure both parties are protected and feel safe. This is what I generally share with them. I hope it is helpful.


First, what are the terms of the contract financially including the amount of the deposit and when the balance is due? Also is the deposit refundable if there should be a cancellation by the planner? If the deposit is refundable, how far in advance does the event need to be cancelled for this to occur?


What if the professional DJ is sick or any other circumstance that may prohibit them from being able to perform their duties? Do they have a back-up plan and what is it? What about equipment malfunctions? What happens in the event of an equipment failure? Are you the customer protected?


What about music and programming issues? Does the DJ reserve the right to choose not to play a song? What if they do not have a particular song requested at the event?  Can the planner or host provide a song to make sure the guests are happy?


Are there conditions that permit the use of photos or videos? If so, where can they be used?


I think it is important for all of us to discuss the potential roadblocks so we can resolve them in advance together. I have yet to have an event not get booked due to contractual conditions. In fact, I am certain the contract has been the reason I have booked events several times, especially weddings.  All Brides and Grooms want the peace of mind that their Wedding DJ will be present, on time, ready and all equipment functioning at an optimum level when their big day comes. It is too important to leave anything to chance.


These are some of the main reasons I always use a DJ contract when being hired.

Gorgeous Dancer with Beautiful Dress at Wedding by DJ Contract

Would you hire a NJ or NY DJ for your event without a DJ contract? Have you done so in the past?

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

How To Hire The Best DJ

First, decide what kind of music you want before your search begins. This will help you discern who is the best DJ for you. Next, determine how many hours you will need the DJ and what is your budget.  I encourage you not to make up fake prices for your professional DJ, be honest about what you can spend and stick to it!  Then let your search begin…


Does the best DJ play the music you want? Are they willing to expand their selections for you? If they seem resistant, maybe they are not the best DJ for you.


Do they take requests from guests? Some of the best DJs only play what was decided in advance and what they think is best. If you want your guests to have input on what music is played, make sure you find a professional DJ that will honor this.


Agree on the hours needed plus set-up time. It is also recommended to establish in advance what the rate will be for overtime, if needed. Most professional DJs will charge about 1.5 X their hourly rate for overtime. It can be sticky if you do not agree on this in advance.

Sign a contract! If not, who knows what can happen?

Offer food and beverages to your Event DJ. A professional DJ that has to go an entire wedding or event without food is not going to perform at peak level with the energy and enthusiasm you want. Most venues will offer you a reduced rate for feeding your Event DJ. It is helpful to allow the best DJ to eat in another location so they do not have to eat in front of the whole reception. This means they will need to be prepared to have music ready to play while they are eating, you do not want silence during their break.

Do you need a professional DJ that is also an MC or a DJ with an MC as a two-person team?

Many of the best DJs also have experience as professional MCs and enjoy the opportunity to be more involved in your wedding. They can provide energy and excitement to your reception. The best DJs are comfortable making announcements such as your Introductions, First Dance, Special Dances, Cake Cutting and whatever else you need. This will work in most cases. Some Brides want a separate MC to be able to get out on the dance floor to make Introductions, lead dances and generally add flavor and energy to your wedding. If hiring a two-person team, I recommend this to be identified in the beginning to make sure the professional DJ Team can provide this service for you.  A good professional MC will add to your reception and help everyone get more involved.

What happens if there is an equipment failure? It is helpful to know what their back-up plan is if there is an unexpected problem. Many of the best DJs will have a back-up hard-drive ready if they have computer problems, or an iPod to cover quick fix or even an extra set of speakers if needed. When you are speaking with them, do you get the sense they will be able to handle a problem if one should arise? Follow your gut, if you feel they will get shaken easily, do you want to add more stress to your special day?

What kind of experience do they have and how may years or decades have they been doing weddings? Being a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ or Event DJ are as different as men and women.  There are some of us that excel at both but that is rare. Most have a specialty and that is what they feel most comfortable doing. Make certain they have plenty of wedding and event experience.

Ask for references. Most Former Brides and Grooms that have had good experiences with their DJs are excited about sharing this with future couples.  They know what a big day this is and want to support others going through the same experience. One or two is usually enough for you to get a feel for what they do and how they do it. A resume is not needed or helpful, anybody can write anything on a piece of paperJ

Are they fun? If they are not fun, do you want them at your wedding or party?

Finally, do you sense they really want to be part of your wedding or party, or just looking for work? Again, follow your gut. The best DJ can make or break your event.Trust your instincts and know you will make the right choice! This is one aspect of the wedding or event that needs to feel right for you! Trust me, your friends and family will have a great time if the professional DJ does their job to perfection. Pick the right one and make sure you have at least spoken to them on the phone, if not met with them in-person. Hiring the best DJ via the Internet without “real-life” contact is not a wise decision. It’s your wedding or event, the right professional DJ will make all the difference.

Best DJ Mystical Michael At NJ Wedding Having Fun

Do they offer a guarantee?

Do they know they excel as a DJ and MC? Some DJs want you to have that same confidence so you can focus your attention and energy into other areas of your wedding. If a good professional  DJ knows you and your guests will have fun, they can offer a guarantee since they am certain you will want to pay them for their excellent service. You are investing in DJ by hiring us and sending us a deposit. We can invest in your wedding or event by offering a guarantee that states if you are not happy with our performance, you do not have to pay the remainder of the balance. Period.  A good professional DJ will offer you a guarantee so you have peace of mind at your wedding. Make sure your DJ offers a guarantee.

DJ Mystical Michael NJ NY DJ

Ask about my Rhode Island Wedding DJ & Rhode Island Party DJ Guarantee!

Requesting A Professional DJ Price Quote

In our current age of Internet and smart phones  it is very common to ‘shop’ without actually speaking with a real life human being. This has some advantages like convenience and effeciency but certainly we all have experienced the obstacles of Internet shopping.  Of course, purchasing clothes, electronics, books, and other goods can be acheived easily and often less expensively online.  Shopping for personal services like professional DJ Entertainers are not as succesful through the Internet.



Professional DJs and Entertainers, like all performers, require more information than is often accessible through electronic communication to provide you with an accurate quote – not all events as the same or need the same services or equipment. A larger issue is that price-shopping for performers often is a case of comparing apples and oranges, or even ripe apples instead of spoiled or not-fully-ripened yet apples. In short, A professional DJ is not just a DJ any more than a professional singer is a singer or a professional actor is an actor.  Would you hire a musician for your wedding without ever speaking to them or having any human interaction first? Is price-shopping the most effective means for determining a tutor for your children or a social worker for a friend in crisis?


Of course not.



Hiring a professional Wedding DJ involves getting to know them before you get involved with price and packages. Some questions need to be answered first.

Would you want them to be at your wedding?

Are they the kind of person you would feel comfortable interacting with your friends and family?

Will they listen to you and make sure your needs will be met?  Do they care?

Are they attentive to discerning the styles of music you want at your event?

Are they willing to meet with you before signing the contract?  Will they be fun?



I am fortunate that I do not have the amount of overhead many professional Wedding DJ services require to be successful. This means I can offer you a fair price and still provide you with excellent professional DJ service and performance.  I am not a bottom-feeder and do not support those that are. They hurt the industry and the professionals that have put in the time and effort to provide outstanding service and great events. Before the Internet became a primary shopping tool, we hired local professionals and were able to find out from friends and neighbors who the professionals in each business that offered fair prices, excellent service, attention to detail and high quality customer service. I am not knocking the Internet. I book most of my gigs through customers that find me online sources like Google Searches, Yelp, Wedding Wire, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, there have been some potential customers that have not a chance to interact with me directly and hired their DJ based solely on price. I know they probably did not get as good a value as they would have by working with me. This is not arrogance, I just know what I am capable of and trust my skills, training, experience, maturity and common sense. This why I offer a professional DJ guarantee.



In the end, we all want to get excellent value for our dollar and know we will receive at least equally as high quality service.  If I can help you find that, please let me know.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ