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7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

For the record, I do not necessarily agree with the author of this article but thought it was interesting and makes for fun conversation. Some Wedding Traditions do seem a bit outdated for many young couples but, have value for others. One of the benefits of being a Wedding DJ these days is that Brides and Grooms can create whatever they want for your Wedding together with your Wedding DJ. You can include, recreate or leave out whatever Wedding Traditions you want.

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7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

A recent poll showed that more women are changing their last names after getting hitched, and I plan on following the crowd after I get married next summer. But there are a ton of other outdated traditions that my man and I need to figure out about before the day comes. IMHO, these are totally old-fashioned…

By Natasha Burton

1. The bouquet toss

I used to think the bouquet was the most exciting part of a wedding. When I was 12. As I got older, and the crowd of women around me hungering for the bride’s flowers thinned out to a handful of tweens and me, I realized how awful this tradition really is. Plus, I’m selfish and want to keep my bouquet to myself, m’kay?

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

2. The garter retrieval

There’s nothing less sexy than your guy burrowing his head under your wedding dress while your dad-and his-watch. Not to mention your mother, your mother-in-law, your friends…need I go on? My groom can put his head between my legs all he wants on our honeymoon, but not in front of our nearest and dearest.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

3. Bridesmaids

Why, in 2013, are we still down with the idea of forcing our friends to buy ugly coordinated dresses and stand up in uncomfortable high heels next to us while we get married? There is literally no reason to do this, now or ever. Sure, I suppose some people like the cuteness of taking pictures with their friends in matching outfits, but I did enough of that at the mall’s glamour shot booth in middle school. Not trying to hate on gals who dream of a big bridal party, but I honestly don’t see the point.

4. The white dress

Full disclosure: I bought a white dress for my wedding. But I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by the blush, pink, and red frothy creations that have been floating down runways and taking up valuable real estate in bridal salons. While I chose to wear white-mainly because it fits my personal vision of how I’d like to look as a bride-I don’t like the kinda sexist, virgin-y undertones of the tradition.

5. The father give-away

This is another thing I’m probably going to do, even though I’m not totally down with the origin of the tradition-as in, the suggestion that a woman is an object given to her husband from her dear old dad. Still, I don’t want to walk down the aisle alone (I’ll trip and fall on my face, knowing my lack of composure in these types of high-pressure situations), my mom has politely declined the job for fear of the same aforementioned clumsiness, and I have two amazing fathers-my dad-dad and my step-dad-who would happily escort me. And, more importantly, keep me upright.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

6. The not-seeing-each-other-beforehand thing

Honestly, I love this tradition of not seeing my groom until I’m walking down the aisle. It’s kinda romantic, right? But I don’t like the idea of following a superstition that, if we happen to catch a glance of each other, bad luck will befall our marriage. Plus, I’m going to be nervous as sh*t pre-ceremony and I want to be able to hug my fiancé and hear him tell me how pretty I look before we swap vows.

7. The cake smashing

It’s become custom for couples to get into a mini food fight after cutting their ungodly expensive wedding cake. I get it. It’s funny to see people in fancy clothing with food on their faces. Maybe I’m a bit uptight, but I’d prefer not to have chocolate ganache smeared up my nose (or on my dress) on my wedding day. Considering that most couples don’t get a chance to eat at their receptions, I’d much rather put that cake where it belongs-in my belly. And then get myself back out on that dance floor.

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What do you think about this article? Which Wedding Traditions do you agree or disagree with the author that should be removed from Modern Weddings?

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Rhode Island DJ Wedding Garter Removal & Toss Songs

Often overlooked in the American Wedding Traditions are the Wedding Garter Removal and Tossing.  Strangely enough, Brides and Grooms typically like to have the same song for all three components of the Garter Tradition.


A quick history lesson on The Garter tradition. Just like The Bouquet Toss, The Garter Toss is supposed to represent the next single male to get married. It is believed in some traditions that the man that catches the garter will marry the woman that catches the Bouquet. In most cultures, it is simply who will get married next.  While the Bouquet Toss is fun and funny. The Wedding Garter Removal, Toss and Placing it on the woman that caught the bouquet, brings out a more adventurous and racy aspect to the wedding reception. Not all Bride and Groom want to include the Wedding Garter Tradition these days.


Here are some popular Wedding Garter songs that are used for all the parts of the Garter traditions from a professional New Jersey & New York Wedding DJ. This is not all the songs we use, but a failry substantial list to begin with. If you have any questions about your Wedding Garter or Bouquet songs, I invite you to contact me for more information.

Rhode Island DJ Wedding Garter Removal & Toss Songs

The Mission Impossible Theme –  Lalo Schifrin

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love – Barry White

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate

Bad Boys – Inner Circle

Foxy Lady – Jimi Hendrix

You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker

American Woman – Lenny Kravitz

Fever – Peggy Lee

Another Bites The Dust – Queen

Cherry Pie – Warrant

What A Man – Salt N Pepa

Wild Thing – Toni Loc

Wild Thing – The Troggs

Groom Holds Wedding Garter From Bride

Is there any I left off the list? What are your favorite Wedding Garter, Removal, Toss and Placement Songs?


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Popular Garter Toss Songs

Since we took a look at Bouquet Toss Songs, it seemed like a great idea as professional Wedding DJ to also inspect the Garter Toss Songs that can be used for Garter Removal as well. I know some folks are not wanting Garter Toss at their weddings these days but for those who do want to include it in your Wedding Traditions, here are some suggestions:

1 Queen Another One Bites The Dust
2 Gaye, Marvin Let’s Get It On
3 ZZ Top Legs
4 Nelly Hot In Herre
5 Hendrix, Jimi Foxey Lady
6 Clayton, Adam & Larry Mullen Theme From Mission: Impossible
7 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
8 Warrant Cherry Pie
9 Loggins, Kenny Danger Zone
10 Yello Oh Yeah
11 Right Said Fred I’m Too Sexy
12 Van Halen Hot For Teacher
13 Timberlake, Justin Sexyback
14 Cocker, Joe You Can Leave Your Hat On
15 Hammer, M.C. U Can’t Touch This
16 AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long
17 ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man
18 Tone Loc Wild Thing
19 Salt-N-Pepa Whatta Man
20 Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
21 Presley, Elvis A Little Less Conversation
22 Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing
23 Jay-Z Feat. Ugk Big Pimpin’
24 Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands To Yourself
25 Rose, David And His Orchestra The Stripper
26 Inner Circle Bad Boys (Theme From Cops)
27 Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out
28 Flight Of The Conchords Business Time
29 Mancini, Henry The Pink Panther Theme
30 Flo Rida Feat. Keisha Right Round
31 Thorogood, George & The Destroyers Bad To The Bone
32 Weather Girls It’s Raining Men
33 Kravitz, Lenny American Woman
34 Beyonce Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
35 Motley Crue Girls, Girls, Girls
36 Beastie Boys Girls
37 Derulo, Jason Ridin’ Solo
38 Mcgraw, Tim Real Good Man
39 Rose, David And His Orchestra Stripper
40 Village People Macho Man
41 Lee, Peggy Fever
42 Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling
43 Paisley, Brad I’m Still A Guy
44 Spears, Britney Womanizer
45 Commodores Brick House
46 Conti, Bill Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
47 Prince Kiss
48 Stewart, Rod Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
49 Benatar, Pat Hit Me With Your Best Shot
50 White, Barry Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe

Which do you think are best and which just don’t belong on the list?

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