Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host at T.G.I. Fridays

As a fun Rhode Island DJ, I get hired for all kinds of non-DJ type situations. Theses days, I am Trivia Host at T.G.I. Fridays in North Dartmouth, MA. This specific Pub Trivia Game is called Tunes On Tap, musically based game of questions, “Name That Tune” and a final bonus round that is interactive!  The location is 455 State Rd, North Dartmouth, MA 02747 at 9:00.

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host at T.G.I. Fridays

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host

pub quiz is a quiz held in a public house. These events are also called quiz nights or trivia nights and may be held in other settings. Pub quizzes may attract customers to a pub who are not found there on other days. The pub quiz is a modern example of a pub game. Though different pub quizzes can cover a range of formats and topics, they have many features in common.

Pub quizzes (also known as live trivia, or table quizzes) are often weekly events and will have an advertised start time, most often in the evening.

While specific formats vary, most pub quizzes depend on answers being written in response to questions which may themselves be written or announced by a Trivia Host.

Generally someone (either one of the bar staff or the Trivia Host will come around with pens and quiz papers, which may contain questions or may just be blank sheets for writing the answers on. A mixture of both is common, in which case often only the blank sheet is to be handed in. Traditionally a member of the team hands the answers in for adjudication to the quiz master or to the next team along for marking when the answers are called.

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host at T.G.I. Fridays

Trivia Night
A trivia night is a large group event, usually staged to benefit a charitable cause or organization.During a trivia night, a Trivia Host reads trivia questions split up into different categories or rounds. The questions are then answered by different groups of people in an audience. These groups, also known as “teams” or “tables,” typically consist of six to 12 people who have paid an admission fee to participate. At the end of each round, a representative from each team turns in its answers to a panel of judges who then calculate the scores for each team. The teams compete against one another with the top two or three teams receiving prizes.

Trivia nights are held throughout the United States, but are particularly popular in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, where upwards of 30 trivia nights occur on any given weekend. Urban Dictionary

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Fun Trivia Host

On Wednesday nights in Fayetteville, N.C., groups of people gather at The Kickin’ Chicken for Team Trivia — a chance to hang out with friends, showcase knowledge of random facts, win some Chicken Bucks and even vie for an opportunity to go to the regional tournament in Raleigh. Pretty good entertainment for Hump Day!

Whether in London or Lexington, Sydney or San Francisco, it’s easy to find trivia nights (also known as quiz nights) at local bars and restaurants. These events are fun, popular and great for business.

Why’s that? Trivia night is more than just spending money on food and drinks. There’s the game aspect, which can draw a crowd on an otherwise slow night. And trivia night is a great way to create groups of regulars who will make it a recurring event on their social calendars. No one wants to let down their fellow team members so they’re more likely to come back than they would for an individual competition.

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host

If a trivia night is just what your place needs, use these four questions to start making it happen.

  • Who: Who’ll be the Trivia Host and where will you find contestants?
  • What: What format of trivia should you use?
  • When: What night is the best? Choose one that you can make a standing date.
  • How: Should you plan it yourself or use one of the many companies that can create the event for a price?

You can also host a trivia night at a hall or large room as a fundraiser for your organization. TLC

Fun Rhode Island DJ as Trivia Host

Come out and play Tunes on Tap Trivia with your fun Rhode Island DJ every Thursday Night at 9:00!

DJ Mystical Michael Fun Rhode Island DJ & Fun Boston DJ

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Trivia Host and DJ at O’Reilly’s Bar and Grill

I continue to have fun and enjoy my experience as Trivia Host and DJ at O’Reilly’s Bar and Grill in Newton, NJ on Tuesday Nights.We have lots of fun and everybody learns a thing or two, even the Trivia Host and DJ! We gets tarted somewhere between 9:30-10:00 and play till we finish, about two hours later. They give out great prizes and the competition is stiff but casual and playful.


Now that I have been a Trivia Host for over a year now and feel like I am actually getting good at it, or at least decent!  For those who don’t know, we play Bar Busters Pub Trivia. The game consists of seven Rounds or Categories; General Knowledge, Pictures, Sports, Music, Geography/History, Entertainment and a General Knowledge Bonus Round. The game is diverse enough that every team and player have a chance to do good, since we have questions that cover many different forms of trivia. One of the aspects of this particular trivia game I like best is the fact that you don’t have to shout out answers. In fact, nobody can shout out answers, they are all written down without anybody else knowing what you guessed! Great for people who want to have fun, test their brain a little and not want to make a fool of themselves in the process.


I enjoy Being a Trivia Host because it integrates some of my favorite character traits, excellent DJ and music, entertaining and sharpening up my brain while have lots of fun in the process. Of course, I can be a bit of a ‘ham’ at times but not too over-the-top.

Trivia Host and DJ with Rhode Island Wedding DJ Mystical Michael\

What is Pub Trivia and A Trivia Host?

Here is what Wikipedia defines a Pub Quiz Game with a Trivia Host:

“A pub quiz is a quiz held in a public house. These events are also called quiz nights  or trivia nights and may be held in other settings. Pub quizzes may attract customers to a pub who are not found there on other days. The pub quiz is a modern example of a pub game. Though different pub quizzes can cover a range of formats and topics, they have many features in common. A 2009 study put the number of regular weekly pub quizzes in the UK at 22,445, and one website has counted approximately 2,000 regular weekly quizzes in the United States. The largest pub quiz, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was the “Quiz for Life”, held at the Flanders Expo Halls in Ghent, Belgium, on 11 December 2010 with 2,280 participants.”

Come join me Trivia Host and DJ at O’Reilly’s every Tuesday Night at 9:30!


Paul McCartney at 12.12.12 Rocks This DJ

It was such a treat to see Sir Paul McCartney onstage at the 12.12.12 Benefit Concert for Hurricane Sandy! Of course, the whole line-up was great to see from Bruce Springsteen to The Who, Roger Waters and The Rolling Stones to Kanye West and Alicia Keys and Bill Joel.  Most of the performers looked old, well, because they are old. I am not sure why I give a pass to Paul McCartney and not as much the rest of the Classic Rockers who made the trip from near and far to support us here in the New Jersey, New York and Long Island area hit by Hurricane Sandy. There is something about Paul McCartney that is different, I felt it as a kid and still do today. Paul McCartney has that ‘thing’ that few people posses to the degree he does. It also might have something to do with this past Saturday Night being the memorial of John Lennon’s death, which hit me harder this year than most.


Paul McCartney’s set began with “Helter Skelter” that somehow seemed very appropriate. “Let Me Roll It” and “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five”. It was fun to hear this song played with such energy! The video is below.

Paul McCartney Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five Music Video

Paul McCartney  invited Diana Krall onstage for “My Valentine”. There was also a heartfelt dedication to the victims of Sandy and rendition of “Blackbird”.  Members of the band Nirvana joined Paul McCartney for a song. Paul McCartney then played “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Live and Let Die”.

Fifty-one years ago Paul McCartney & The Beatles signed with Brian Epstein!

Paul McCartney and Beatles Icon with Rhode Island Rock DJ

I enjoyed many of the performers but Paul McCartney’s set moved me the most. I also was inspired by Bill Joel’s “Miami 2017” and Kanye West’s “Golddigger”. The only negative perspective I would add is that Alicia Keys was the sole female musical performer. She did a great job but would have liked to had more female musicians represented. It was a great night for an excellent cause. Any professional DJ would be thrilled to support this benefit if they live in the area or anywhere.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

ZZ Top Legs

ZZ Top is a unique Rock Band that has strangely had three ‘separate” careers as a group. There were the early years as a touring Texas blues and boogie band that had success in the Rock genre nationally. Then they had massive success as a pop band in the late 70’s and 80’s with hits like ZZ Top Legs and finally returning back to their roots again later. Their mainstream success was so fast and unexpected it surprised the music industry at the time. I listened to ZZ Top from the early days and when they changed their style and became pop stars, I had mixed feelings but loved playing their songs as a professional DJ, especially ZZ Top Legs!

Beautiful Woman Dancing at Wedding ZZ Top Legs with Rhode Island DJ

“By the mid-1970s, they were among the most popular touring acts in the United States and broke various concert attendance feats. After years of touring, the band went on a two-year break in 1977, which resulted in Gibbons and Hill growing chest-length beards.

Although they returned in 1979 and the band signed a new deal with Warner Bros Records (taking the rights to their London recordings with them), it was not until the band released 1983’s Eliminator that they reached a new height in popularity, selling over 10 million copies. Throughout the late 1980s, the band made several hits and won several awards for music videos like “Legs” and “Sharp Dressed Man“. After over 40 years of performing with the same members, the band continues to tour and record music.”

 ZZ Top Legs Music Video

Their videos in the 80’s were fun, sexy and a demonstration of how music videos were shaping the music industry. The trio of hits, ZZ Top Legs, “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Gimme All Your Lovin” all utilized the red car, the three women, synthesized beats and the band members as ‘angels’ in the videos that commanded major success internationally. The guys were as popular for their beards as their music.

ZZ Top Legs Rankings

  • ZZ Top Legs is listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
  • In 1999, “MTV: 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made” included “Gimme All Your Lovin'” at #43.
  • In 2000, ranked No.44 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists.”
  • In 2001, “VH1: 100 Greatest Videos” included “Legs” at #96.
  • In 2003, Rolling Stone’The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time included Tres Hombres at No.498 and Eliminator at #396.
  • In 2004, ranked No.292 on the “Top Pop Artists of the Past 25 Years” chart.
  • In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked “La Grange” at No.74 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.
  • In 2009, “VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs” ranked “Tush” at #67.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Professional DJ and Trivia Host

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize my skills and talents in many facets these days. It used to be a good DJ either worked in clubs or Weddings, Parties and Events and that was it. Today, a good professional DJ can spread our wings and perform as Trivia Hosts, MCs, Lounges, Bars and anywhere someone with a good voice on the microphone, a diverse and exceptional musical collection and knowledge and skills to work a crowd can be hired and provide entertainment.

triv·i·a [triv-ee-uh] plural noun – matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential; trifles; trivialities. Trivia Host

My current schedule includes two nights as Trivia Hosting on Tuesday Nights at O’Reilly’s Pub in Newton, NJ and Wednesday Nights at Applebees in Hackettstown, NJ. I will be adding back the third night at Applebees in Hillsborough after the Holidays again. I was skeptical at first about being a Trivia Host but have grown to love the wok and have so much fun. I had no idea that I could turn such a simple act of asking questions into a great way to party and have a good time with friends or family in a positive setting! Of course, on weekends I am performing at what I do best; MC and DJ at Weddings, Parties and Events, which I always look forward to.

Triv·i·a[triv-ee-uh] noun (in Roman religion) Hecate: so called because she was the goddess of the crossroads.

Fun DJ and Trivia Host DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

More Trivia Hosting For DJ Mystical Michael

Wednesday and Thursday nights this week I will continue my Trivia Hosting at Applebees locations in New Jersey as professional DJ in disguise. Wednesday night will be at the Hackettstown Applebees at 9:00pm and Thursday night at 8:00 in Hillsborough. Both locations were fun last week with my first events hosting trivia as a New Jersey professional DJ.


We had eleven terams competing in Hackettstown and seven teams in Hillsborough. Of course, the music round was the most fun for me as well as adding music between each round. If you have never experienced National Trivia Association Quiz Game, it is really fun and educational. It includes seven rounds with each round a different topic. The last round is the bonus round. The top three teams all win prizes and everybody has fun.

Come out and join us!

National Trivia Association Trivia Hosting with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Mystical Michael Trivia Host Tonight In Hackettstown

One of my new regular gigs are two nights as Trivia Host at Applebees locations in Central New Jersey. Wednesday nights will be at the Applebees in Hackettstown at 9:00pm. Tomorrow night and subsequent Thursdays nights will at the Applebees in Hillsborough at 8:00pm.


These are perfect gigs for me since I get to utilize several of my strengths as a performer and professional DJ. My DJ career started as a radio DJ and that is where I learned about using a microphone, professional DJ equipment and became comfortable speaking with audiences. I liked the opportunity to entertain and inform. I have also performed in small indie films, a local TV show and currently am a member with Playback Theatre WOW! in NYC. Of course, as a professional DJ, I have plenty of experience with producing clean, quality music, audio, MC and entertainment.

The National Trivia Association was formed in 2005 to promote live trivia nation wide. In addition to producing a weekly trivia contest called “Quiz Show” (formerly known as Quizzo or Quiz-O) National Trivia lists all live trivia games produced in the USA. A Quiz Show live trivia host. NTA hosts games in 25 states nation wide. Games last two hours and run every week in select locations nation wide

Late last night I was busy preparing the Trivia Host quizzes as well as the audio clips for the Music Round. It is really hard to choose only ten songs out of a music library of 35,000! The questions for the other six rounds are supplied by National Trivia Association. I would not be able to gather the quality of quizzes they put together for me to use. You can look at what they do here.

DJ Mystical Michael Smiling as Trivia Host

I am so excited to add this new aspect of Trivia Host to my professional DJ services. Should be a lot of fun!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ