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This is a positive blogpost on Wedding Songs List from Totally Love It, a fun and interesting website. I continue to add posts with potential wedding songs for you to choose for your wedding. I think having many options is great from Brides and Grooms. It is also helpful for couples with upcoming weddings to have plenty of Wedding Songs Lists to view to shake loose some of your owns ideas more personal to you and your experiences together as a Bride and Groom. I have used many of these songs and find several very good for the right couple at their wedding.

Wedding Songs List - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Planning a wedding is not easy!!!!! So many details and so many options and little time to make decisions, I’m going Crazy here. Choosing songs for your wedding DJ to play is can be hard too, you want to please the guests but you can’t forget about you two. You need to pick YOUR wedding song, Father and Bride dance song, the entrance song and it goes and goes. Not forgetting that each bride is different, I wanted to share this wedding songs list according to your style and share my very own favorites.

Wedding Songs List

Wedding Songs List - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

♥ Indie Wedding Songs ♥

Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros {Entrance Song}

First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes

We Are Going to be Friends – The White Stripes

Settle Down -Kimbra

Daughters – John Mayer {Perfect for Father Daughter Dance Song}

Morning Theft – Jeff Buckley

Us – Regina Spektor

You And I – Wilco

I Was Made for You- She & Him

1,2,3,4 – Plain White T’s

Love and Some Other Verses- Iron and Wine

Love Today – Mika {Processional Wedding Party Entrance}

1234 – Feist

Such Great Heights- Perform by Iron and Wine {First Dance Song}

Reunion- M83 {Last Song}

Wedding Songs List - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

❥ Top 40 Wedding Songs ♛

A Thousand Years- Christina Perri {Walking Down The Aisle}

Make You Feel My Love- Adele

This I Promise You- N’SYNC {First Dance}

Love Song- 311

Good Life – OneRepublic

You and Me – Dave Matthews

Lovestoned – Justin Timberlake

Ho Hey- The Luminers

Chapel of Love – The Dixie Cups

Rhythm of Love- Plain White T’s

Marry You- Bruno Mars

Love You Madly- Cake

This Years Love- David Gray

Underneath it All- No Doubt

Lucky- Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliat

Wedding Songs List - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

♡ Country Wedding Songs ♞

God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton

When You Got a Good Thing- by Lady Antebellum {First Dance}

Little Moments- Brad Paisley

You are Everything- Keith Urban

Love Your Love The Most- Eric Church

From This Moment On- Shania Twain {First Dance}

Wanted- Hunter Hayes

Inside Your Heaven- Carrie Underwood

Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland {Entrance Song}

Whatever It Is- Zac Brown Band

There You Are-Martina McBride

If I Die Young- The Band Perry

Pontoon- Little Big Town

You Are the Nearest Thing to Heaven- Johnny Cash

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What do you think of this Wedding Songs List? Is there another Wedding Songs List you find more helpful?

The one thought I have about this Wedding Songs List, like many of its kind that can be found online, there are few songs for a Multicultural Wedding for Multicultural Wedding DJs to use. It is not as easy for Multicultural Brides and Grooms often have trouble finding Wedding Songs Lists offering ideas for them. As a Multicultural Wedding DJ, I have many great ideas for a Multicultural Wedding Songs List for you to use if you are looking for recommendations.

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7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex – Rhode Island Wedding DJ

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

For the record, I do not necessarily agree with the author of this article but thought it was interesting and makes for fun conversation. Some Wedding Traditions do seem a bit outdated for many young couples but, have value for others. One of the benefits of being a Wedding DJ these days is that Brides and Grooms can create whatever they want for your Wedding together with your Wedding DJ. You can include, recreate or leave out whatever Wedding Traditions you want.

By | Love + Sex – Thu, May 9, 2013 5:24 PM EDT

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die

A recent poll showed that more women are changing their last names after getting hitched, and I plan on following the crowd after I get married next summer. But there are a ton of other outdated traditions that my man and I need to figure out about before the day comes. IMHO, these are totally old-fashioned…

By Natasha Burton

1. The bouquet toss

I used to think the bouquet was the most exciting part of a wedding. When I was 12. As I got older, and the crowd of women around me hungering for the bride’s flowers thinned out to a handful of tweens and me, I realized how awful this tradition really is. Plus, I’m selfish and want to keep my bouquet to myself, m’kay?

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

2. The garter retrieval

There’s nothing less sexy than your guy burrowing his head under your wedding dress while your dad-and his-watch. Not to mention your mother, your mother-in-law, your friends…need I go on? My groom can put his head between my legs all he wants on our honeymoon, but not in front of our nearest and dearest.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

3. Bridesmaids

Why, in 2013, are we still down with the idea of forcing our friends to buy ugly coordinated dresses and stand up in uncomfortable high heels next to us while we get married? There is literally no reason to do this, now or ever. Sure, I suppose some people like the cuteness of taking pictures with their friends in matching outfits, but I did enough of that at the mall’s glamour shot booth in middle school. Not trying to hate on gals who dream of a big bridal party, but I honestly don’t see the point.

4. The white dress

Full disclosure: I bought a white dress for my wedding. But I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by the blush, pink, and red frothy creations that have been floating down runways and taking up valuable real estate in bridal salons. While I chose to wear white-mainly because it fits my personal vision of how I’d like to look as a bride-I don’t like the kinda sexist, virgin-y undertones of the tradition.

5. The father give-away

This is another thing I’m probably going to do, even though I’m not totally down with the origin of the tradition-as in, the suggestion that a woman is an object given to her husband from her dear old dad. Still, I don’t want to walk down the aisle alone (I’ll trip and fall on my face, knowing my lack of composure in these types of high-pressure situations), my mom has politely declined the job for fear of the same aforementioned clumsiness, and I have two amazing fathers-my dad-dad and my step-dad-who would happily escort me. And, more importantly, keep me upright.

7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

6. The not-seeing-each-other-beforehand thing

Honestly, I love this tradition of not seeing my groom until I’m walking down the aisle. It’s kinda romantic, right? But I don’t like the idea of following a superstition that, if we happen to catch a glance of each other, bad luck will befall our marriage. Plus, I’m going to be nervous as sh*t pre-ceremony and I want to be able to hug my fiancé and hear him tell me how pretty I look before we swap vows.

7. The cake smashing

It’s become custom for couples to get into a mini food fight after cutting their ungodly expensive wedding cake. I get it. It’s funny to see people in fancy clothing with food on their faces. Maybe I’m a bit uptight, but I’d prefer not to have chocolate ganache smeared up my nose (or on my dress) on my wedding day. Considering that most couples don’t get a chance to eat at their receptions, I’d much rather put that cake where it belongs-in my belly. And then get myself back out on that dance floor.

via 7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die | Love + Sex – Yahoo! Shine.

What do you think about this article? Which Wedding Traditions do you agree or disagree with the author that should be removed from Modern Weddings?

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Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song

I love Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song! It is such a unique song with all kinds of fun and curious pieces. Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song was the first single of the Canadian folk-rock group Crash Test Dummies and came from their 1991 debut album The Ghosts That Haunt Me. The single was the group’s first hit, charting in both Canada (#4) and the United States (#56). It was also featured in the pilot of the Canadian TV series Due South and appeared on the first Due South soundtrack album.

The song was covered by Lucy Wainwright Roche, daughter of Loudon Wainwright III and Suzzy Roche of The Roches, on her second EP “8 More.” It also has been covered by Nataly Dawn.

Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song Music Video

Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song Story

Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song is a slow funeral dirge, mournfully telling the story of Clark Kent/Superman, as if he had recently died. The central theme is the death of the selfless hero. The song notes that Superman had the power to commit great evil and bring himself unfathomable riches, but instead chose to use his powers for good, while expecting no payment for his deeds.

The chorus emphasizes this theme:

Superman never made any money
For saving the world from Solomon Grundy
And sometimes I despair the world will never see
Another man like him

Throughout the song, Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song, Brad Roberts contrasts Superman and Tarzan, whom he considers a crude, rough, and uncivilized antihero.

This tribute to the Man of Steel predates his eventual death and his replacement by four new heroes claiming to be the “new” Superman.

Crash Test Dummies Superman's Song with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song Video Story

The music video for the song was directed by Dale Heslip and features the band singing at a funeral for Superman attended by various aging superheroes. Some depicted are a middle aged Wonder Woman-like character, The Green Hornet, and possibly Green Lantern (Alan Scott). It won the MuchMusic Video Award for Best Video in 1991.

There is no mistaking Brad Roberts’ voice. He may look like an average guy, now in his mid- 40s, but then he opens his mouth and his majestic baritone voice immediately conjures fond memories of such Crash Test Dummies hits at “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm” and “Superman.” Perhaps best remembered for the acerbic folk rock sound of 1991’s The Ghosts That Haunt Me and 1993’s God Shuffled His Feet, there have nonetheless been enough hits for the band over the years to merit a couple of greatest hits packages. Through it all, the band with Roberts at the helm has touched on funk and soul, folk, electronic music and even Christmas tunes. Yet it is Roberts’ voice and offbeat lyrical sensibility that have been this beloved band’s calling cards since their founding twenty years ago.” Crash Test Dummies Official Site

Where did the Crash Test Dummies get their name?

“Crash Test Dummies was adopted initially as a joke, at the suggestion of a friend in medical school. Apparently through constant use, the name stuck. Among other monikers considered were Skin Graft and the Chemotherapists.”

Crash Test Dummies Superman's Song with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

“I think that when you are dealing with popular music, unless you have a strong melody, sympathetic chords, and a good set of lyrics you ain’t got nothing,” Roberts points out. Foreshadowing the highly entertaining shows for which he is so well known, Roberts adds “I want to have a little room to digress into an anecdote while Stuart strums the guitar, if that’s what I feel like doing.”

I think Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song is such a compelling and interesting tune. Somehow the somber elements contrast so nicely with Roberts Baritone voice and superhero tone and lyrics. It is a fun song for a DJ to play in unique situations.

Crash Test Dummies Superman's Song with Rhode Island Wedding DJ


It has been suggested that Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song would also be a fun ad interesting Father-Daughter Dance at a Wedding for a Bride that wants a song about she feels about her father. Most Father-Daughter Dance Songs are typically about how he feels about the daughter. Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song makes for a nice change of pace if you feel moved to do so. I invite you to contact me about other unique Father-Daughter Dance Songs or any special songs you need ideas.

What do you find most compelling about Crash Test Dummies Superman’s Song?

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Top 50 DJ Wedding Last Dance Songs

The Wedding Last Dance Songs are not as popular as The Bridal Party Introduction Songs, First Dance Songs, Father-Daughter Dance Songs, Mother-Son Dance Songs or Cake Cutting Songs but they are still an essential component of many Weddings.  The Wedding Last Dance Song can be that moment when The Bride and Groom acknowledge what has just taken place and maybe even what is next for them.


The Weding Last Dance Song can be fast, slow or a combination fo fast ands slow like Donna Summer – Last Dance or Billy Medley & Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, which both start slow and become uptempo songs along the way. It can also be a Party Song for your Wedding Last Dance like Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’, Green Day – Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance), Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places or Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline that all your friends and family can join in celebrating the moment with you.  Some Brides and Grooms prefer a nice quiet, still Wedding Last Dance Songs like Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight, Norah Jones – Come Away With Me or Lonestar – Amazed. One of my favorite Wedding Last Dance Songs is Jack Johnson – Better Together. I think it has such a nice vibe and feeling to end your special night!

Top 50 Wedding Last Dance Songs - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

The following are the Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Last Dance Songs for 2011 as compiled by DJ Intelligence

  1. Michael Buble – Save The Last Dance For Me
  2. Billy Medley & Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life
  3. Donna Summer – Last Dance
  4. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
  5. Semisonic – Closing Time
  6. Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
  7. Taylor Swift – Today Was A Fairytale
  8. Etta James – At Last
  9. Green Day – Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)
  10. Billy Joel – Piano Man
  11. Frank Sinatra – New York, New York
  12. Louis Armstrong – (What A) Wonderful World
  13. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
  14. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
  15. Sister Sledge – We Are Family
  16. Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
  17. Ray Lamontagne – You Are The Best Thing
  18. AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
  19. Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight
  20. Brad Paisley – Then
  21. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  22. Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places
  23. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  24. Chris Brown – Forever
  25. Spaniels – Goodnight Sweetheart
  26. Daft Punk – One More Time
  27. Dave Matthews Band – You And Me
  28. Don McLean – American Pie
  29. Big & Rich – Lost In This Moment
  30. Natalie Cole – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
  31. Iz – Over The Rainbow
  32. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  33. Shania Twain – From This Moment On
  34. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
  35. Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli – Time To Say Goodbye
  36. Journey – Faithfully
  37. Rascal Flatts – Bless The Broken Road
  38. Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
  39. George Strait – I Cross My Heart
  40. Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack
  41. Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way
  42. Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – I’ve Had The Time Of My Life
  43. Jay-Z ft Mr. Hudson – Young Forever
  44. Beatles – All You Need Is Love
  45. Cascada – Evacuate The Dance Floor
  46. Edwin Mccain – I Could Not Ask For More
  47. Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music
  48. Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You)
  49. Jack Johnson – Better Together
  50. Lonestar – Amazed

Which are your favorite Wedding Last Dance Songs and which surprised that were not added to the list by DJ Intelligence?

The Bride and Groom Wedding Last Dance Song at The Mill on Jersey Shore

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