What If We Are Not DJ Dancing People?

There are some families and groups that are just not typically the kind of people who like to dance to DJ music or not even dancers at all. Growing-up, I appreciated live music over recorded music any day. There is something that a good live band can produce in energy and excitement that a recorded song can’t match.  Many professional DJs do not understand this, or are just too young to know what good live bands are like and how they can make a Wedding, Party or Event amazing! I realize that as a full-time professional DJ this may seem hypocritical or against what I am promoting but it is not. I still enjoy a high quality live band, that will never change. I originally became a mobile and club DJ because I loved music, still do.


I am not trying to compete or replace good live music, they are not my competition, we create different experiences using different tools and skills. A good live band has trained experienced musicians who have dedicated years or even decades to their craft. A singer with an incredible voice can move and inspire a crowd like nothing else. They have been singing at events and celebrations since humans learned how to use our voices. DJs are a much different experience and should not try to compete with a quality live musicians, we can learn the basics of mixing, scratching and sound quite quickly and should not be compared to the time and discipline needed for an exceptional musician. When you hear a DJ brag about being goods at mixing and scratching that lets you know that they have spent more time practicing at home than performing with live crowds needing a separate set of skills and experience.

An exceptional DJ needs to have a talent for reading and responding to the crowd

An exceptional live DJ needs to have a talent for reading and responding to the crowd quickly and gracefully. Matching the beats is one thing, but knowing the perfect song at the perfect time is a whole different talent that cannot be taught; either you have it or you don’t, it is intuitive. Recently, somebody described me as “A Wedding Shaman DJ”. I looked at her funny not knowing how to respond or what I thought about this description, still don’t.


We talked further and they were referencing how I can look at a person at a Wedding, Party or Event and somehow know what they want to hear and when. It is actually a little weird sometimes and catches me off guard. I am not sure how I know those things, but I do.


This why Brides, Grooms & Party Planners choose me to preform at their events

This is why Brides, Grooms and Party Planners choose me to preform at their events, I get people dancing that don’t dance. I seamlessly shift from dinner to party without jarring friends and family. I make good clean fun happen while including people who may not feel a sense of belonging otherwise. This is why I offer a guarantee to every contracted client; if you are not satisfied with my performance at your Wedding, Party or Event, you do not have to pay me the balance owed.

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