Creative Dance DJ in Cambridge

Last Friday Night I had the opportunity to be the creative dance DJ at Dance Friday in Cambridge, MA. After four years as creative dance DJ at Barefoot Boogie in NYC, I miss providing great and eclectic music for movement and dance at a venue like Dance Friday.

Creative Dance DJ in Cambridge - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Creative Dance DJ at Dance Friday in Cambridge

Dance Friday is an event where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can express themselves through movement to music. We offer an atmosphere of acceptance, friendship, and trust. We guide our freedom of Expression by a committed respect for the physical and psychological safety of others. Dance Friday is a community drawn together by a shared delight in dance and the recognition and respect for the value of life. We are the only Boston-area dance to welcome children. Dance Friday is a member dance of Dance New England.

Creative Dance DJ in Cambridge - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Creative Dance DJ Musical Styles at Dance Friday in Cambridge

All kinds of musical are played by our creative dance DJs! Contemporary, World music, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae and Reggaeton, Classic Rock, Disco, Funk, Ska, Latin, Swing, R&B, Blues…. Our Creative Dance DJs’ goals are to please everyone and keep the dance floor jumping. our DJ’s scour playlists to provide an evening full of wonderful beats, tempos and melodies to move your body with. If there’s something you’d like to hear, please suggest it; there is a Comments Book for sharing helpful suggestions regarding the evening’s music and atmosphere. All the music is provided by volunteer Creative Dance DJ’s.

Dance New England brings together a community of member dances and dancers. We are united by our love of dance as an empowering community activity.

We believe that everyone can dance and that dance provides us with the opportunity to enrich ourselves and the greater community. We use dance as a medium to communicate and to demonstrate our unity. At Dance Camp and Weekends we come together to dance, express our caring, exchange ideas; and organize ways to communicate and understand each other.

Creative Dance DJ in Cambridge - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

We seek to explore ways to show our commitment to the acceptance of and respect for all people and cultures, the empowerment of children, and the acknowledgement that our bodies and our environment are sacred. We recognize the need for each of us to be able to safely express who we are and be acknowledged for the value of the contributions that each of us brings to this community. These include a cooperative spirit, interdependence, and sustainable volunteerism.

We recognize that how we accomplish our aim is important. Consensus decision-making, non-violent conflict resolution, collective work, personal responsibility, educational inreach and outreach, and flexibility in the face of the need to change are tenets of our organizational democracy. We believe that the conservation of our planet’s resources and the fair distribution of the fruits of our labor and play create a positive example for the worl

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ

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DJ At A Punk-Jazz-Rock-Motown-Sinatra Wedding

I am aware many professional Wedding DJs like to play just one or maybe two genres at events. It makes sense and certainly is less of a challenge. I mean, you know what will work and have little or no risk involved. I get it, I really do, not every Wedding DJ wants to put in the extra time and effort to maintain such a diverse musical library.


For me, being a New Jersey or Boston DJ is not about taking the easier or safer route. Like all performers and entertainers, professional Wedding Disc Jockeys have to determine if the risk worth the reward?


I vote yes!

Dancing with Fun Wedding DJ in New Jersey

Saturday night was another fun wedding with a great couple. It was held at a nice venue, The Metuchen Inn in Metuchen, New Jersey. They had very varied tastes and wanted to make certain that their parents, family and friends all had music they would enjoy listening and dancing to. We carefully put together a basic playlist to meet the needs of everybody, not losing sight of the fact that it is their New Jersey wedding and what they want counts greatest.


So, we ended up with music all over the map from Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis during Cocktail Hour. More Jazz, Eddie Spaghetti and Soul was enjoyed with dinner. When we turned up the volume and tempo, it was Motown (The Temptations), Punk (The Clash), Beyonce, Rock (Def Leopard) and more Frank Sinatra. What an incredibly fun night!


Cutting the Cake with Fun Wedding DJ in New Jersey


I am totally fine with playing music from one genre but when given the opportunity to make some great segues and mixes, I jump at the chance. Thanks Joey and Melissa for letting me be part of your wedding and your wedding DJ!

Party on Dance Floor with Fun Wedding DJ in New Jersey

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

DJ Mystical Michael at Barefoot Boogie Saturday Night 10/8!

I am even more excited than I was last night!


Along with being a professional full-time DJ & MC, I am also the volunteer Coordinator of Teachers & DJs at The Barefoot Boogie NYC.  It is my responsibility to recruit, schedule and sometimes train our teachers and DJs for our semi-monthly events.  The venue we create these evens is Insight Meditation Center, originally had a special event scheduled for this Saturday Night, 10/8. We shifted our schedule to accommodate. It turns out they had to cancel the event and we had some conversation and decided we would scramble together and put a dance event together for tomorrow night.  I offered to DJ since I have not had the opportunity to DJ there since before the wedding season was in full swing. I miss it.


I now get to DJ at an outdoor wedding in the afternoon and Barefoot Boogie at night.  Besides seeing friends and being in an environment I enjoy, DJing at The Barefoot Boogie allows me to get extremely creative in musical selections.  I will start the night with some slow, lush music to support dancers in getting warmed-up and stretched.  After I see folks are ready, I will slowly raise the energy, tempo and volume till we are at full force.  The Boogie is an environment that diversity and creativity are considered gifts for dancers and movers.  Throughout the night I will try to mix in some music from many decades, genres and cultures from around the globe.


Should be a great day between the wedding and the boogie!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ