Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms)

If you are like many Brides (and Grooms), when a Wedding DJ begins talking to you about Wedding DJ equipment, you might shy away from the discussion, thinking you do not know enough to proceed. You might even tune out the conversation altogether, thinking you have a certain gene omitted from your DNA when it comes to this kind of stuff. I want to tell you there is no such gene and you probably know everything you need to know to make an intelligent decision in discussions regarding Wedding DJ equipment. You do not have to leave this to the men, there is no secret knowledge base that you are born without. The key is to know what details actually matter, not the specs and technology that can often be more about ego than quality. Many Rhode Island Wedding DJs are busy trying to impress other DJs, rather than creating happy customers. Of course, many Brides today do know quite a bit about Wedding DJ equipment and none of the above applies. If you are part of this group, I invite you to continue to further your knowledge base, before hiring your Wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms) - Rhode Island Wedding DJ - Bose L1

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics – What is Good Sound?

Sound This is simple, if it sounds good, it probably is good, if it doesn’t sound good, it probably isn’t very good! The rest is why this is true. Listen to the system; if it fills the room and sounds exceptional everywhere in the room, this is what you want. You want your friends and family sitting left and right, as well those in the back to all hear excellent quality. The volume may vary but the quality should sound similar in all parts of the room. Many systems are set-up to sound good directly in front and are often much weaker on the sides, this is not what is optimal.


Can you hear the bass, treble and all the middle? Would the system sound good for Classical songs that may be part of your ceremony as well as Elvis Presley, Madonna and Beyonce, with enough oomph to let the Wedding DJ crank-out some Bon Jovi if this is something you want? Many systems can do Rock, Classical, Dance or R&B, if you are only going to have your DJ play one genre this is fine. If you want everybody to be happy with a diverse mix of music, the gear needs to support this.

 Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms) - Rhode Island Wedding DJ - Bose L1

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics – What Will It Look Like in Your Wedding Album?

Aesthetically Pleasing It is your wedding, why let a big, ugly sound system ruin all your photos?  This is simple; you’ve gone to great lengths to make the room look exactly the way you want, maybe even better. No reason to compromise now. There is no reason no matter what anybody tells you that you need big, ugly speakers taking up space and energy on your dance floor!  It is myth.  Nice, sleek attractive speakers are one of the benefits of modern technology.  It is not necessary for a NJ or NY Wedding DJ to pile stacks of equipment on a table, looking more like a recording studio than a wedding reception. Remember, you are getting married, not hanging out in at a local tavern on Friday. Make sure your DJ’s equipment expresses your elegance and style.

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms) - Rhode Island Wedding DJ - Bose L1

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics – Will Music Fill The Space Completely?

Volume Loud is important and necessary, booming is not, in fact it is unattractive and often a sign of a system lacking in quality. The place where volume matters is not in the numbers like watts, it is in making certain the music effectively covers the room where you want it to and fills the dance floor with enough oomph that you can feel it in your belly. If it does not have enough oomph, you will probably not be happy. Unfortunately, most manufacturers have developed methods raising ‘watts’ without actually increasing the quality of sound strictly for marketing purposes.

A general rule is for about 250 guests, your Wedding DJ’s equipment needs to handle 300 guests, or add about 25% onto your guest list to make sure you are covered for your wedding. Most systems will work up to about 400-500 guests in a large banquet hall. I encourage you to use common sense and not let a DJ convince you that numbers like watts and impedance are what matters.

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms) - Rhode Island Wedding DJ - Bose L1

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics – Sound quality is what matters

 Ask the Wedding DJ if you can hear their equipment performing somewhere to experience their system live and in operation. You will know if it will make you happy or not.If this is not a possibility due to client privacy concerns, ask for more information for you to do your own research.  Trust yourself and what you do know, instead of being afraid of what you may not. Your ears are equipped with all the technology you need!

Do you have any questions regarding Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for your wedding? Ask DJ Mystical Michael, a Wedding DJ Equipment Pro for answers to your questions.

Wedding DJ Equipment Basics for Brides (and Grooms) - Rhode Island Wedding DJ - Bose L1

For more on the exceptional BOSE L1 System Wedding DJ equipment, please view the BOSE L1 System.


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The Rhode Island DJ Needs Great BOSE Sound For Dancing!

Last Saturday night I attended the first ever Dance Eden, a new freestyle dance event coordinated by two friends of mine.  One of them is a Rhode Island DJ I work with from time to time who also happens to be an excellent musician, Allan Chapman. I had recommended the same audio system I use, The BOSE L1 with Bass and he has since purchased one. I knew he was going to be cranking it up for the dance event and I was looking forward to hearing it.

DJ Mystical Michael Uses BOSE Better Sound Through Research

I am typically on the other side of the equipment and rarely get to relax and listen to just how good the sound quality is. Embarrassingly I forgot just how amazing it sounds!


I attend many dance events and they all have decent sound systems but what a difference the BOSE system is in comparison to all the rest of them. The high end was so clean and clear and it sounded the same no matter where I was in the room dancing or listening. It is unusual to experience such a full, natural midrange these days. Most sound systems will make the highs and lows much higher quality than the mids, not the BOSE. And of course, the bass was full and I felt it in my belly, just the way I like it!


I had so much fun dancing and the music just made it that much better. I am psyched to use my gear again now that I have remembered what all of you experience at every one of my gigs. I always do several sound checks but they are not the same as sitting or dancing without having to make certain I am doing what I hired, play great music, at an exceptional level.

DJ Mystical Michael uses The Incredible BOSE L1 System


Thanks BOSE for reminding me what music can sound like.

DJ Mystical Michael – Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Upgrading My MacBook For DJ Services

I knew it was time for a new internal hard drive when I noticed that I was about to run out of space for adding new tunes to my computer.  As a professional DJ, continuing to build and expand our music library is essential to success with our customers, especially here in the NJ & NY region.


I visited The Apple Store last week for advice and recommendations on which hard drive to purchase and determined that the Samsung 1TB drive would be the best option for me.  Even though I do a Time Machine back up of my whole system weekly and once more ten minutes before removing the old one, I was nervous, very nervous about the wedding I have this Saturday. What if something went wrong and I did not have use of my MacBook? What if somehow it erased or lost my entire music library; all 35,000+ songs?

Well, fortunately nothing bad happened. I installed it properly and transferred all the data successfully.  There have been some collections I have wanted to strengthen and build larger and now I have the opportunity to do so!  I can’t wait to work on filling up the whole 1TB – a fun and ambitious challenge. But hey, this is what professional DJs get excited about.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Professional DJ Party Lights

I have been asked several times recently by potential clients, “What kind of DJ party light do you have?”


I giggle inside because I know if I share the names of the lights they will not know what I am talking about. Truthfully, I too do not keep up on all the different lights for professional DJs that are out there these days. The good news is we have many options as professional DJs today for what kind of lights we want to use to add some ‘juice’ to the right gigs. Not all events will DJ party lights be a good fit.


Here are some of the DJ lights I regularly bring to events that they are successful in adding another element to the party. I have others that are not included but here are images of the sone of the more popular ones:







They sure make for fun wedding and parties!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Believe It Or Not, Aesthetically Attractive DJ Equipment

I continue to get such a kick out of the confused stares I receive from folks as they gawk at the BOSE L1 System with B1 professional DJ equipment trying to figure out how that ‘Little thing makes such a big, beautiful sound?”



At almost every professional DJ gig there is some guy standing with his hands on his hips wondering how it works. They approach me hesitantly to ask where ‘the other speakers’ are?


I smile and gently share with him there are no other speakers. Someone has finally engineered a professional DJ system that is attractive, compact and loud enough for up to 500 people. It has the juice to move a crowd but still looks like something you might place in the corner of your living room.



I have been doing this long enough that I do not have to prove myself as a professional DJ by lugging all the big, heavy gear with me from gig to gig. I now work smarter and actually have better sound than the old style of big, heavy, UGLY things that ruin every wedding photo.


Can’t wait for my obligatory stares tomorrow at the wedding in the afternoon and the double anniversary party at night!



DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

New Professional DJ Gear – Focusrite Saffire 6!

This past Friday I received a package in the mail I was very excited to get, my new piece of professional DJ equipment the Focusrite Saffire 6! It is a neat little box that allows me to connect my BOSE L1 with Bass from the USB output on MacBook now.


I got a chance to hear it in action on Saturday at The Old Pine Community Center in Philadelphia. As expected, the sound quality was even cleaner than before and the volume increased. I am always looking for ways to improve the sound of my professional DJ equipment. Even though I use the Bose L1 system, which I know is better than most of the stuff out there that is not a reason to constantly upgrade and adapt as new professional DJ gear comes out.


It worked great and can’t wait to use it again!


If you have any suggestions, please share them.

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Professional DJs Need Good Clean Sound

One of the things that has been a quirk of mine is the need for good clean sound when providing music at an event as the professional DJ. I grew up with a Dad who was a bit of an audiophile and this was passed on to me. I have always had at least decent, if not more than decent audio equipment at home.

As a professional DJ, in some ways it is even more important to have high-end equipment that you can count on. For me, this is why I feel so comfortable using the Bose L1 Professional DJ System. I know what I am dealing with. Bose like Apple make good stuff. Working in a recording studio, we see a lot of equipment and get to know what holds up and is supported and what isn’t, Bose and Apple are two brands that we know what we are getting, know they work and are designed well. This kind of confidence is such a plus when showing up for a professional DJ gig with maybe only 30 minutes to set-up and get the system cranked up.


Good, clean sound. The Bose L1 system is just so clean. I feel like I am with the musicians while in the studio! I have heard things on the Bose L1 that I did not know were part of songs that I have been listening to for 30+ years and never heard before. To be able to produce that kind of sound in a PA system is unheard of. You can get the pounding and thunder in most systems, like a huge car stereo system. But not that kind of clarity and clean sound.  I have fiddled with this a bit when setting for gigs to test the acoustics of the room or space. Each time I start out by cranking up Prince’s “When Dives Cry” first. It has that guitar, percussion and clean sound that allows me to hear what I need to hear before everybody is present. When I have the time, I ask the other folks setting up for the event; wait staff, bartenders, catering crew, event coordinators, etc, what they want to hear while we are alone. The requests are varied, which allows me to hear the system with diverse music. One night it will be Mozart’s “Moonlight Sonata”, the next it will be U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the next maybe they will want to hear MJ’s Thriller. It does not matter what they choose, I will have the music and more importantly, it will sound better than maybe anything they have ever heard before. Not that over-equalized, synthesized bass and treble sound that is popular with electronic systems today- it is good, clean sound that everyone will and does appreciate. You can feel it in your belly, it is that clean!

If you are a professional DJ and want the best for your events, I highly recommend the Bose L1 System with Bass and Tone Match.¨Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The L1 system also has a unique feature. It sounds equally good from all angles- front. sides and anywhere in between. This means that every table at the wedding will have the same quality of sound!   Why would we use anything else as a professional DJ?


DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ