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As a Rhode Island Holiday DJ, I get excited every year when the calendar turns to November. To me, this means Holiday Parties are on their way! As a Rhode Island Holiday DJ, Holiday parties are one time during the year with a specialized script or playlist. The rest of the year for Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, Anniversaries, Sweet Sixteens, Graduations and all other parties, the playlist is determined by the event and its planners. the Holiday parties only choose from songs that make sense for one month a year.

Rhode Island Holiday DJ - RI Holiday DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Rhode Island Holiday DJ – Planning a Holiday Party for Your Office or Company in Providence, Rhode Island

Providence RI is the Ideal City in Which to Celebrate the Season — Just Get Out of the Office and Head Downtown

It’s the festive time of the year again, and you want to celebrate the season with your co-workers? Don’t make the mistake of hosting the party in your office! Providence has a bevy of excellent restaurants, theaters, and museums, which are a much better choice for any seasonal gathering! When planning your company holiday party, research the great locations outside of the office if you truly want your coworkers to celebrate the season. Who can have fun in a cubicle? No one, that’s who!Have you ever seen the holiday party scene right in the beginning of Bridget Jones Diary when Bridget is wearing a silver tinsel headpiece and warbling some bad karaoke while standing on a desk? How about the scene during Seinfeld when Elaine busts a move in front of her co-workers only to be mortified later when her co-workers no longer respect her after seeing her bad dance moves? What about all the scenes during the Office when Michael does his best to host holiday parties at the local restaurant to the complete disdain of his employees? Don’t let this mortification happen to you or your office mates.Rhode Island Holiday DJ - RI Holiday DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

The best bet is to choose somewhere tasteful, yet fun. If you are the restaurant types, book a table for everyone at one of the restaurants in downcity Providence. McCormick and Schmicks might have great seafood, but Trinity Rep has great beer. Make the decision based on the personality of your coworkers. Sure, your coworkers are not your friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink together… just don’t get sloppy drunk whatever you do.

Rhode Island Holiday DJ - RI Holiday DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Next, why not do something out of the ordinary? Book a block of tickets at Trinity Rep or the Black Rep to enjoy some great live theater and give everybody something new to talk about at the water cooler the next week. Trinity hosts the Christmas Carol, which is a great take on a traditional favorite, and it doesn’t cost must more than a fancy dinner. Or take the whole crew to the RISD art museum and enjoy the new Dale Chihuly exhibit. Grab a cup of coffee afterward and Tazza and enjoy the newest installment of the Providence Art Windows by wandering through the downtown streets. A little dose of culture never hurt anybody.

So, despite this advice, you’re still insisting that you want to plan a holiday party in your office? Ask everyone in the office to bring his or her favorite dish and host a holiday potluck in your conference room. Similarly, ask several of your co-workers to make music playlists for the event. Come up with fun games, and not the lame typical games either. Maybe you could design a silly office scavenger hunt that involves other offices in your building? Ditch the lame gift exchanges in lieu of gift certificates to local venues. Watch an episode of the Office and do exactly the opposite of what Angela does when she is planning holiday parties for the office.

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Moira Richardson: A freelance writer living in Providence, Rhode Island, Moira Richardson is a regular magazine contributor. When she is not writing, Moira is often found making jewelry, teaching classes, or playing the accordion.

What great ideas do you have for the Rhode Island Holiday DJ?

Rhode Island Holiday DJ - RI Holiday DJ - Rhode Island Wedding DJ

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DJ puts Away Christmas Music For The Year

It is December 26th and time to file away Christmas Music till nest year. There will be a few requests throughout 2012 but for the most part, Christmas Music will rest till nest year at this time. I find this such a strange ritual each year. We play and listen to Christmas Music intensely for a short period of time and the it just goes away.

Other Holidays have a few songs that we identify directly with that day. There are a couple of songs that are expressly New Year’s Music but not like Christmas. Valentine’s Day does not have its own music but certainly there is a heavy emphasis on love and and romantic songs. Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day do not have songs that are truly made for them. There are occasional songs that a marching band may play to honor these Holidays. The Forth of July will have its share of American songs that bands will play primarily on that day but Christmas is different in this regard.

I think we lose enjoyment of Christmas Music due to overplay at stores & radio.

We do not get to choose the ones we like versus the ones we don’t, they are just played everywhere day and night. Last week something caught my attention and has been on my mind. I was doing some shopping for gifts in an art gallery in New Hope, PA. The owners and employees were Jewish and they were playing constant Christmas Music during my visit to their shop. It struck me how odd that must be to feel like as a shop owner that you need to play Christmas Music whether you believe in Christmas or not if you want to have a successful Holiday retail season. I wonder how that must feel to ‘act’ like you are part of something, just to make your income for the year?

Are there any other Holidays or traditions that retail stores need to follow the musical trend or get left out of the customer support?

DJ Christmas Music

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DJ For Seniors Christmas Party

Sometimes a professional DJ must play music that does not thrill them. It is true. We do not talk about it openly as to not make people feel like they might be hiring a good DJ that is not having fun. This is not the truth. A good professional DJ will have fun regardless of the music, since we are inspired by the people and the music, sometimes the former more than the latter.  Yesterday was one of those events for me at a Seniors Christmas Party.

 Last Minute DJ For Seniors Christmas Party

I was asked by a DJ associate to fill in for him for a last minute Seniors Christmas Party in Raritan, NJ. He had a death in the family and needed somebody to help-out and I was available. The pay was way below what I am used to receiving but wanted to help him and the Senior Center, so I accepted the gig. The music was not what I find inspiration in typically, outside of some good classic Christmas tunes. The first dance songs they wanted were “The Hokey Pokey” followed by “The Chicken Dance”, twice. We were able to move to some great Oldies and Motown stuff but there were many similar to those songs they wanted to dance to at their daytime Christmas Party.


Everybody had fun and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I had all their requests except one, “Dominik The Italian Christmas Donkey Song”, which I have acquired since. It always feels good to be able to honor requests from folks from the generations before me, since they have such a diverse and expanded library of songs they enjoy. This requires a really high quality and quantity library of music to succeed at a Seniors Christmas Party.

Fun Seniors Dancing with DJ Mystical Michael for Christmas Party

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