What Makes The Best Professional DJ?

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘The Best Professional DJ’. There are many incredible DJs, some that are famous, some are in your local area right here in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania. Since there is no one exact thing that makes one DJ better than another, we have to dig a little deeper before making any claims like ‘the Best Professional DJ’.

If the sports world has taught us anything, the best is not always the best. Michael Jordan did not win a title every year, neither did Wayne Gretzky or Tom Brady. First, we have to establish what makes the Best Professional DJ.

Can Crowd-Size Determine The Best Professional DJ?

Crowd-size – Some would say that the professional DJ that is most popular is the best, meaning, the DJ that draws the biggest crowds is the Best Professional DJ. That would be analogous to saying that Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are the best musicians in the world, since they draw some of the largest audiences. We all know that is not true. They may be great at drawing young audiences but we can’t compare them to some of the great musicians of our time and would not even try.

Sweet Sixteen Party on The Dance Floor with DJ Mystical Michael

 Best Professional DJ Has Quality Remixes

Quality Remixes – It is also possible to use the quality of remixes that a professional DJ produces as a measuring stick for determining the Best Professional DJ. This at least has a technical quality to it and bears merit. An excellent remix of a great song is so much fun to dance and party to. Here is the question though, does a DJ that can produce great remixes in his or her bedroom translate into a DJ that can rock a crowd of all ages and diverse states and styles at your Party or Wedding? Do you want a DJ that can play two or three great remixes that will “Wow” the crowd and let the rest of the night fall dead?


Scratching – Same as Remixes. If the DJ can’t inspire a crowd, what good is a wild scratch or two throughout the night do for you and your guests? If you practice long enough in your bedroom anyone can scratch with the best of them, that does not make them the Best Professional DJ.

Best Professional DJ Playing Great Music with DJ Mystical Michael

Best Professional DJ Has The Best DJ Equipment

Best DJ Equipment – As a professional DJ that has also worked in recording studios and an avid audiophile, I understand the need for incredible sound. If you ever get a chance to listen to my BOSE L1 System, you will understand how much great, clear quality sound means to me. I might even be a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my BOSE L1 DJ equipment. But we all know that quality sound doe snot make the best DJ. The DJ still has to know how to rock the room and make sure all people of all styles, tastes and ages are having fun. If it was just about quality of DJ Sound equipment, trust me, I would be the Best Professional DJ or at least one of the best.

Best Professional DJ Equipment BOSE L1

Best Professional DJ Has DJ Insurance

DJ Insurance – DJ Insurance is like DJ Sound equipment, I have excellent DJ insurance that covers up to $1,000,000 but that it does not cover the quality of me reading and inspiring a crowd. DJ insurance is very important but it does not make me the Best Professional DJ, just maybe the smartest and most concerned for you and your Wedding, Party or Event.

 Best Professional DJ Has Great Music

Music – OK, now were getting somewhere! DJ Music is the main thing you hire a professional DJ for. If the DJ does not have a huge musical library that ranges from Top 40 to Oldies to Hip Hop to Rock to Dance to Motown to Disco to Country to House to R&B to World to Latin and the list keeps going, how is the DJ going to make sure everyone at your Wedding, Party or Event will be happy and bragging about it on FaceBook the next day?

Having a huge collection of one genre like Hip Hop or Rock or Latin is good if you are only going to invite people of one age, race, culture, style and taste to your Wedding or Party. If you want to make sure everyone is happy and having fun, the Best Professional DJ needs to have a musical library that covers all the genres to meet the needs of your diverse friends and family.

If a DJ has an excellent musical library of about 25,000 songs (mine is about 40,000), the DJ has enough songs to cover all your guests, but if 20,000 of those songs are just in one genre like House or Hip Hop, how are they going to make sure everyone is having a good time with only 5,000 songs to cover the rest of all fun music? I invite you to remember that you are not the only one listening and dancing to your DJ. Your tastes are very important but are not the only ones to consider when hiring your DJ or determining who is the Best Professional DJ.

DJ Music Library in iTunes with Best Professional Rhode Island DJ

Best Professional DJ Knows The Crowd

DJ Knowing The Crowd –  This is the skill and talent that I think most defines the Best Professional DJ, if there is such a thing.

A great professional DJ can look at a crowd and know in their gut what music needs to be played now, next and in twenty minutes. The DJ is surveying the room from end to end to see who is dancing and having fun and who isn’t. It is not enough to just scan the dance floor because the mark of a great DJ is making sure everyone is included and having fun. It is an istinct that cannot be taught or learned. The Best Professional DJs can just ‘feel’ what the crowd needs and seems to pull out the perfect song one after another. The Best Professional DJs know when to lower the tempo just a touch or more if needed, so you can catch your breath and be able to stay on the dance floor and not need to sit and rest. It is sometimes subtle but important in making sure to keep your party alive.

If you want to find the Best Professional DJ, look for the one that can get you, your friends, your parents and their friends and your Grandparents all on the dance floor and smiling, if smiling and dancing is what you want from your DJ. Find the DJ that somehow can inspire people from diverse backgrounds, races and cultures all to party together at the same time without missing a beat, no pun intended. Here in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area, we don’t all look the same or listen to the same music and the best DJs know how to handle this with ease and grace. The Best Professional DJs know from experience that staying at one tempo will burn the crowd out, especially if the DJ chooses fast tempos above 125 beats per minute. It is is a lot of fun when we are dancing to high tempo music but the Best Professional DJs know how to segue and mix it up so you can have fun all night!

Best Professional DJ at Fun Rhode Island Wedding

I am not sure I ended the debate of who is the Best Professional DJ or how to find one. At least I hope you now know what to look for when searching for a great DJ. And we didn’t even cover how well the DJ can use the mic to motivate a crowd or make announcements if you need them. Many DJs are good at spinning great tunes but when you turn the microphone on, they are completely dead and flat, or worse yet, they are cheesy and think they are what the Party is about and won’t shut-up!


Please choose your DJ wisely, your event is too important to you to not hire someone you think is the best for your Wedding, Party or Event. You don’t get to do again if the DJ sucks:)

Bride and Groom First Wedding Dance with Friends and Family with Best Professional DJ

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How To Hire The Best DJ

First, decide what kind of music you want before your search begins. This will help you discern who is the best DJ for you. Next, determine how many hours you will need the DJ and what is your budget.  I encourage you not to make up fake prices for your professional DJ, be honest about what you can spend and stick to it!  Then let your search begin…


Does the best DJ play the music you want? Are they willing to expand their selections for you? If they seem resistant, maybe they are not the best DJ for you.


Do they take requests from guests? Some of the best DJs only play what was decided in advance and what they think is best. If you want your guests to have input on what music is played, make sure you find a professional DJ that will honor this.


Agree on the hours needed plus set-up time. It is also recommended to establish in advance what the rate will be for overtime, if needed. Most professional DJs will charge about 1.5 X their hourly rate for overtime. It can be sticky if you do not agree on this in advance.

Sign a contract! If not, who knows what can happen?

Offer food and beverages to your Event DJ. A professional DJ that has to go an entire wedding or event without food is not going to perform at peak level with the energy and enthusiasm you want. Most venues will offer you a reduced rate for feeding your Event DJ. It is helpful to allow the best DJ to eat in another location so they do not have to eat in front of the whole reception. This means they will need to be prepared to have music ready to play while they are eating, you do not want silence during their break.

Do you need a professional DJ that is also an MC or a DJ with an MC as a two-person team?

Many of the best DJs also have experience as professional MCs and enjoy the opportunity to be more involved in your wedding. They can provide energy and excitement to your reception. The best DJs are comfortable making announcements such as your Introductions, First Dance, Special Dances, Cake Cutting and whatever else you need. This will work in most cases. Some Brides want a separate MC to be able to get out on the dance floor to make Introductions, lead dances and generally add flavor and energy to your wedding. If hiring a two-person team, I recommend this to be identified in the beginning to make sure the professional DJ Team can provide this service for you.  A good professional MC will add to your reception and help everyone get more involved.

What happens if there is an equipment failure? It is helpful to know what their back-up plan is if there is an unexpected problem. Many of the best DJs will have a back-up hard-drive ready if they have computer problems, or an iPod to cover quick fix or even an extra set of speakers if needed. When you are speaking with them, do you get the sense they will be able to handle a problem if one should arise? Follow your gut, if you feel they will get shaken easily, do you want to add more stress to your special day?

What kind of experience do they have and how may years or decades have they been doing weddings? Being a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ or Event DJ are as different as men and women.  There are some of us that excel at both but that is rare. Most have a specialty and that is what they feel most comfortable doing. Make certain they have plenty of wedding and event experience.

Ask for references. Most Former Brides and Grooms that have had good experiences with their DJs are excited about sharing this with future couples.  They know what a big day this is and want to support others going through the same experience. One or two is usually enough for you to get a feel for what they do and how they do it. A resume is not needed or helpful, anybody can write anything on a piece of paperJ

Are they fun? If they are not fun, do you want them at your wedding or party?

Finally, do you sense they really want to be part of your wedding or party, or just looking for work? Again, follow your gut. The best DJ can make or break your event.Trust your instincts and know you will make the right choice! This is one aspect of the wedding or event that needs to feel right for you! Trust me, your friends and family will have a great time if the professional DJ does their job to perfection. Pick the right one and make sure you have at least spoken to them on the phone, if not met with them in-person. Hiring the best DJ via the Internet without “real-life” contact is not a wise decision. It’s your wedding or event, the right professional DJ will make all the difference.

Best DJ Mystical Michael At NJ Wedding Having Fun

Do they offer a guarantee?

Do they know they excel as a DJ and MC? Some DJs want you to have that same confidence so you can focus your attention and energy into other areas of your wedding. If a good professional  DJ knows you and your guests will have fun, they can offer a guarantee since they am certain you will want to pay them for their excellent service. You are investing in DJ by hiring us and sending us a deposit. We can invest in your wedding or event by offering a guarantee that states if you are not happy with our performance, you do not have to pay the remainder of the balance. Period.  A good professional DJ will offer you a guarantee so you have peace of mind at your wedding. Make sure your DJ offers a guarantee.

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