Professional BBQ DJ

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be a professional DJ at some outdoor events. They are fun and simple. They have the benefit of typically being laid back parties with plenty of good food and atmosphere.  It is also different for us as professional DJs to be at events that people are dressed so casually, as opposed to a wedding or corporate event where we are all dressed more formally. But a professional BBQ DJ?

Outdoor parties give us chance to spread our wings a bit more than usual since they are typically longer and less structured than indoor events. Besides, when do you get to smell freshly cooked BBQ at an indoor event?  If you are the professional DJ at the right event, the professional DJ PA system is cranked up pretty loud and fills a backyard or park area with great music.  Nothing like corn on the cob with Marvin Gaye or The Beatles!

Choosing which music to play at an outdoor event requires a bit of a different touch. Since generally the dancing won’t get into high gear till the sun is fading and the moon is making its appearance, guests will want to hear the music that they listen to at home and with friends.  This often means a professional DJ needs to prepared to  play Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bobby Darin, Bob Geldoff, Bobby McFerrin, The Bobs and The Bobbettes! Or Michael or Donna or Rihanna.  That can mean you may end up playing Eric Clapton, The Temptations, Sly and The Family Stone, Lauryn Hill and The Fugees, Lady GaGa, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Barry White and India Arie all in the same afternoon before it gets dark and the dancin’ begins!

It’s July and the summer season is in full swing here in the NJ, NY & PA area. I am excited about the one time of year we get to play music for these types of events.  Put on the charcoals and break out the baked beans because Summer and outdoor parties are here and we are ready to rock them out! Can you pass me the potato salad please?


DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ