Diana Ross and The Supremes Supreme Mix

Diana Ross and The Supremes Supreme Mix. My room as a kid was cluttered with The Supremes ’45s’ with the old blue Motown label. I remember my first radio. It was a little red Panasonic plastic ball radio that only played AM. At that time, most music was still on AM so it was fine. I even brought it with me to the beach when we went down the shore. A year or so after that, I received a Panasonic hand-held cassette player as a birthday present. I used to place the cassette player next to my radio and record songs through the built-in microphone when I heard a song I liked. There were many Diana Ross and The Supremes songs that made it to tape, most of them on the medley. Of course, all of them were missing the first five seconds or so of the song since I had to wait to see what they were going to play. Glad we have moved forward in technology since then:)

Diana Ross and The Supremes Supreme Mix on Motown Records

Diana Ross and The Supremes Supreme Mix on Motown Records

I will not write about their history since the missumusicz has done an excellent job of collecting and reporting their history and that of many of the Motown artists of that period. What a career they and Diana had – true legends who set the foundation for female groups still to this day. I still get to play their music regularly as a professional Event and Wedding DJ.  A quick snapshot of Diana Ross and The Supremes commercial success; 33 of their singles reached the Billboard Top 40 in the US, 23 reached either the US orUK Top 10, and 12 of them reached the number-one position on the US pop chart with “Baby Love” also topping the UK pop chart. 12 of their albums reached the Top 10 in either the US or UK, with five of them going to number-one.

Diana Ross and The Supremes Supreme Mix Music Video

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The Bee Gees Stayin Alive

The Bee Gees Stayin Alive. I was in 7th grade when John Travolta was at the peak of his teen icon status with his role as Vinnie Barbarino on the TV show Welcome Back Kotter.  My brother who was four years older than me, met and became friends with him strangely enough at a bar in Miami. They stayed in contact for a little while and  once I answered the phone and sure enough John Travolta was on the other end. My brother wasn’t home and I took a message.

Fun Rhode Island Wedding DJ Dancing Bee Gees Stayin Alive

It wasn’t till I was in high school that Saturday Night Fever and The Bee Gees Stayin Alive came out. My brother liked Disco, at the time I was not as much a fan. I have grown to appreciate how it is so well-made for dancing. As a professional DJ, The Bee Gees Stayin Alive such an effective tool for mixing genres and generations.  It continues to amaze how often I get The Bee Gees Stayin Alive requested by people of all ages from teens, college students, middle-aged and older folks at weddings and parties. There are many remixes of The Bee Gees Stayin Alive out these days that are all fun and great party songs.

The Bee Gees Stayin Alive Music Video

The Bee Gees Stayin Alive is a disco song by the group Bee Gees from the Saturday Night Fever motion picture soundtrack. The song was written by the Bee Gees (BarryRobin and Maurice Gibb) and produced by the Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson. It was released on 13 December 1977, as the second single from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. It is one of their signature songs. “Stayin’ Alive” was placed at number 191 on the list of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Upon release, “Stayin’ Alive” climbed the charts to hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of 4 February 1978, remaining there for four weeks. In the process, it became one of the band’s most recognisable tunes, in part because of its place at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever.”

The Bee Gees were an interesting group who made their name originally as a Soft Rock, almost Folk, in the 60’s and early 70’s. They had a completely different sound and energy in their first round as pop stars. They gained international success and lasted nearly forty years as recording and preforming artists.

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Carly Simon You’re So Vain

It was the summer between sixth and seventh grade.  I had just gotten home from a Little League game which I pitched and we won. I walked up to my room and the new telephone that my parents had just hooked up for me rang its old-style ring like a bell. I picked up the phone and heard the song Carly Simon You’re So Vain playing from beginning to end with the person on the other end hanging up, evidenced by the click and dial tone. I smiled as I put my new beige phone back on its receiver. I was twelve and did not know what ‘vain’ meant yet and in my foolishness thought it was a compliment:)

Fun Boy Dancing with Rhode Island Sweet Sixteen Party DJ Carly Simon You're So Vain

Later that summer I was at our school camping weekend to end the year and these two girls kept singing Carly Simon You’re So Vain every time they passed me in a chorus. I again smiled every time just fueling them even more.  Finally, one of them came up to me and told me the other one had played Carly Simon You’re So Vain on the phone to me. I asked her to thank her friend and smiled, still clueless. She explained to me with fire in her eyes “Vain is not a compliment, it means you are a jerk!”


“Jerk? Really? Why am I a jerk?”


“Because Mary is your girlfriend and you are going to the dance with Dana! Jerk!”


“What are you talking about?”


“Don’t your remember when Bryan asked Mary to go out with you in January on the playground at lunch-time?”


It took a minute but I remembered something like that happening in what seemed like such a long time ago at that point. “Oh yeah, I remember, tell her I am sorry that I forgot all about that.”


Since that day every time I have heard this song I think of that Saturday afternoon phone call that I thought was a compliment but learned later that vanity is not something that we aspire to achieve.

Carly Simon You’re So Vain Music Video


I really like the video of Carly Simon You’re So Vain they made for this and the remix.

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Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Set Billboard Record

It was on this date in 1994 that the Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons song, “December, 1963(Oh What A Night) re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 Music Charts for a second run. It was originally released in 1976 when it charted as high as number one on Billboard’s Hot 100. each time the song stayed on the charts for twenty-seven weeks, totaling fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two weeks was the record at the time for the longest stay on Billboard Hot 100. The remastered version, which peaked at number fourteen was remixed by Dutch deejay and producer Ben Liebrand.

As a New Jersey native, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons are part of my childhood and musical history. They grew-up in the same neighborhood in Newark, NJ as my Mother did. She, her sister and my Grandmother all knew the original members of the band, The Four Lovers, which became Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons . Of course, there have been many folk tales about Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in my family that I have no idea if are even remotely true:)


The Vocal Group Hall of Fame has stated that Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons group was the most popular rock band before The Beatles.  The Four Seasons (group members 1960–1966) were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, and it joined the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons are one of the greatest selling vocal groups of all-time selling over 175 million records worldwide! Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons have five number one and three number three hits on The Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons December, 1963(Oh What A Night)

Jersey Boys, a musical play based on the lives of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and directed by Des McAnuff, premiered at his La Jolla Playhouse and opened on November 6, 2005, to generally positive reviews and subsequently won multiple Tony Awards after its move to Broadway.

Fun Birthday Party with Rhode Island DJ and Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

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Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

I was at a family wedding this weekend. The band played many great songs well but I was left remembering the Elvis songs the most. One of the singers had sideburns like Elvis and some similar style of representing himself. It was fun and the band was good, especially on Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds.


I remember when I was kid and the first 7-Elevin opened down the street from us with all their Slurpees and everything else that made being a kid fun. Next to the counter, there was a large album rack stuffed with really only two artists; The Beatles and Elvis Presley. I was still young and did not understand the full scope of the popularity of either of them. I guess no one did really. At the time, I did not know that Elvis made albums, since I knew him as an actor who sang in all his movies. Funny to look back now and realize how small-minded that was. Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds.


He was on the radio all the time and if not there, on the television. He was everywhere.


About 20 years ago I visited Graceland. It was an uncomfortable experience. I felt like I was spying on a man’s life and legacy without his permission. Seeing his stuff and bedroom before the age of papparazzi, felt intrusive. Truly sounds hysterically funny in a time when not only is seeing a celebrity’s house while they are not in it commonplace, today we can actually see them when they are in it! Even their bedroom and bathroom while present! If this is so out of hand as it is today with the celebrities we have now; what would it be like if Elvis was alive today? He was really the first artist that had cameras following him night and day and no one really since till this decade, not even Michael Jackson or Madonna had a following of media like Elvis Presley.


It is sad seeing his photos before and after alcohol took its toll on him.  How many of our great talented performers are we going to lose due to not being able to properly handle fame and fortune? What responsibility do we have in their demise? Jimi, Janis, Keith, Marilyn, Lindsay, Brittany, Paris just to name a few. Of course, not all that are listed qualify as ‘great’ but fame and its trappings have had such a detrimental impact on their lives. When is enough, enough? Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

I stil get to play Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds as professional Wedding DJ on a regular basis.

Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds:

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Don McLean American Pie

Don McLean American Pie is Pop classic that has been covered by Madonna among others. This particular video demonstrates many of the lines in the song and where they were derived from. Don McLean American Pie is a deep song that is written in a fun and happy style, although not a fun or happy story.


Don McLean American Pie was one of my first cassette tapes and I loved it and played it again and again till the tape broke. I did not fully understand the story about the deaths of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper till older and then the full meaning of the lyrics older yet.


I invite you to watch Don McLean American Pie video and the story behind the story, interesting, historical and a small window into an era that has been glorified and glamorized without true inspection.

Don McLean American Pie:

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DJ Spins An Oldies But Goodies Anniversary Party

Saturday Night could not come fast enough for the adult children of two happy couples celebrating 50 years of marriage. Imagine trying to plan a double surprise anniversary party for your parents and your spouse’s parents on the same night!  The good news is that all the siblings helped put the event together and kept the secret all along the way.


After dinner they each said a few words about their parents and most were tear-filled.  Their parents were beaming from ear-to-ear and did not stop smiling till we were breaking down our gear at 10:30pm.  After the announcements, we turned up the volume and Oldies Tunes from the 50’s and 60’s started the fun part of the night.  They reminded me why I enjoy this music so much as a professional DJ. It is fun, playful and great to dance to for young and old. There were even some kids and teens on the floor grinning and moving to The Drifters, Dion & The Belmonts, The Four seasons and Bill Haley and The Comets.



My ride home from The Holiday Inn in  Manahawkin, NJ was nice while reflecting on the party and the celebration of two marriages still going strong 50 years later. I know us professional DJs participate in so many events but I still get moved by special moments and celebrations.


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DJ For A Double 50th Anniversary Party!

This weekend I will have the opportunity to DJ, MC and provide music for a dual 50th anniversary party.  A woman is throwing a party for her parents and her husband’s parents, who are both celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. I think it is amazing.


Can you imagine how mind-boggling it must have been when they discovered both their parents were wed the same week in the same year? What are the chances of that? Talk about a marriage meant to be.


I love that my work as a professional DJ allows me to connect with people and their lives in such a meaningful and profound way. I get to hear their stories and their plans for their future. I listen while they share what is important to them and what is not. I offer support and direction as it pertains to my role as professional DJ in this brief period in their lives.


I find it funny that after more than fifteen years as a counselor and social worker, I am provided with just as many opportunities to support families and help them meet their needs as a professional DJ. These days it takes a much different shape and form but the supportive, calm, focused demeanor still creates space for individuals and families to be clear in what they want and not get caught up in the details that do not matter or out of our control.



I can’t wait till the party! The music is predominantly from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I have a large collection from this era and glad to continue to get requests to play it at the right events. A double 50thanniversary party is just that event!

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Oldies DJ For Birthdays and Anniversaries

I have been hired as professional Oldies DJ for several Oldies events lately. These are typically parties with lots of good, clean fun. I grew-up with plenty of the songs from the late 50’s and early 60’s with artists like Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Dion & The Belmonts, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Johnny Mathis and all the MoTown stuff being the ones that stick out in my memory the most. My family also listened to a lot of Jazz, Pop Vocalists and Big Bands as well.


For reasons I do not know, as a child I gravitated towards the Oldies genre on my own. It started with me asking my parents to find me The Crusin’ Series of albums and cassettes. They are where I first began to study the history of  music and the roots of Rock and Roll. The Crusin’ 1961 album was the first since it was the year I was born, then 1958 and 1962. Soon after that I got the double album soundtrack to the film American Graffiti.  My brother gave me as a gift a couple of albums by Shanana with covers of many of the great tunes of that era. The collection grew with time and patience.


When I first started as a professional DJ, I was hired for a party for some Morristown Police Officers. They had so much fun they kept hiring me for all their events and it wasn’t long before all the police, fire and P.A.L. events booked me and I became known as the “Oldies DJ” even though I was only nineteen or twenty at the time. I had fun and learned a lot about music and Rock and Roll.


I still enjoy the opportunity to break out the Oldies and spin great times with folks who really appreciate the music and memories.  I think it is easier for me since I was alive during most of this music and grew-up with it. I imagine a young professional DJ who is trying to play the songs of the 50’s and 60’s through reading about them or just what Billboard says would struggle with knowing what works with what, as I did when I was DJing in my early twenties and playing some Big Band and Swing gigs back then. I do know a couple of young professional DJs who actually do an excellent job with both The Oldies and music of today though.


Back to the playlist I am working on for a 50th anniversary party coming up soon!

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