Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party

I always feel so satisfied after a really fun event, of course, some more than others. It seems to take the right mix of people and music to make an outstanding event like the Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party last week. It was a 60th Birthday party that the guest of honor kept insisting was his 38th Birthday, not his 60th:) He was a little late in trying to convince anybody since we were all present at Chelos Waterfront in Warwick way before him, due to it being a surprise 60th Birthday Party.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

The excitement was building as each guest arrived in advance of the guest of honor. There was a nice mix of family, friends and co-workers. Both the guest of honor and his wife are employees at BOSE in Framingham, MA. I am a fan of BOSE since that is really the only sound system I will use as a professional DJ. I use the BOSE L1 with B1 Bass. It was fun having several BOSE employees come up and converse with me about my DJ equipment, a few have never heard the BOSE L1 used by a DJ before and were so excited! I always love showing off the best DJ equipment and the opportunity to demonstrate its incredible sound to techies at BOSE was a blast for me.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party with BOSE L1 DJ Equipment

L1® Model 1S system with B1 bass

  • Recommended for audiences up to 300
  • 12-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage
  • Produces consistent tonal balance with less volume drop-off over distance
  • System’s interconnecting pieces allow for easy transport, setup and breakdown
  • B1 bass module included
  • Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

Spend less time setting up your gear and more time enjoying it. The new L1 Model 1S portable line array system delivers a potent combination of portability and performance. It’s compact and light enough to make setup quick and easy, yet powerful enough to fill a mid-sized venue. This system works well for solo musicians, bands and public speakers. Includes one B1 bass module for enhanced low-end performance.

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party at Fun 60th Birthday Party

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

A fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party was had by all!

Fun Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party - 60th Birthday Party

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Tee 60th Birthday Party


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Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties

One of the aspects of being a Rhode Island DJ is Birthday Parties! Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties are so much fun. We get to plan great music and get a first hand view of family and friends celebrating a fun event together. Part of the fun is co-creating the playlist with the person whose Birthday we are celebrating. They choose their favorite songs that represent their past and present memories and great times. It is an interesting way for a Rhode Island DJ to know the guest of honor through the music they love.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties that are even more fun are milestone birthdays like 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 year celebrations.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Fun Party Games for Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties

Animal Charades

Type: FB

Players: Any number.

In this version of Charades, players act out the names of animals or birds. This should be done by a combination of word miming and silent actions. Extroverts will relish the opportunity to bound around like a kangaroo; while quieter guests may prefer the three-toed sloth… although this can lead to an extremely long game.

For a trick version of this, place slips of paper into a hat, which all bear the same animal’s name. Amid the utmost secrecy, each player picks out a slip, then one person is sent from the room to prepare the mime. When he returns, the other players – all of whom know what the animal is – deliberately avoid guessing the mime. It can be mildly amusing to watch a poor guest desperately trying to convey ‘donkey’, even to the point of eating a carrot, while all around are guessing goat, horse, cow, hippopotamus etc.

My Name Is…

Type: F

Players: 3 – 10.

One player leaves the room, and the rest think of a famous person. When the player returns, he is allowed to ask each of the others two questions, in an effort to establish the identity. The questions can be answered only by ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

When the interrogation is complete, the player must do an impression of whoever he thinks it is. Poor questioning can lead to hapless individuals doing an impersonation of Boadicea, when they’re supposed to be Fanny Craddock. But then again, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ


Type: F

Players: Any number.

While one person is out of the room, the other players decide on a common factor that will dictate all their answers when he returns. By asking endless questions, the player has to work out what that factor is. They may choose to be cannibals, to end every sentence in a preposition, or to treat the questioner as if he has an unpleasant social disease. Or, of course, they may drive the questioner to the brink of insanity by all pretending to be hard of hearing, in which case the game can go on and on indefinitely.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ


Type: FCDE

Players: 6 – 12.

Equipment: Pencils and paper.

Should you feel that your party is getting too cosy, a quick game of Proposals might help to stir things up a bit. Ideally, there should be an equal number of men and women playing this game, although watching two heterosexual men declaring their undying love for each other can be amusing. Then again, it is probably no more than they do after seven pints on a lads’ night out.

Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper, and puts the slip in a pile (one for men, the other for women). The names are then paired off, and one of each pair has to get down on bended knee, and propose marriage to the other. This can be invigorating, if you find yourself proposing to someone you’ve always lusted after… and downright dangerous, if your partner is watching your every move.

Proverbial Panto

Type: A

Players: Any number.

Equipment: Pencils and paper.

Players are divided into two teams, each person writing down a proverb on a piece of paper. The teams then exchange the slips, and players take turns to act out the proverbs they have been given. If their team-mates guess the proverb correctly, that team gains a point. If the proverb isn’t solved, it’s passed across for the other team to guess.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Speech Patterns

Type: F

Players: 3 or more.

This game is best played by groups of three, who must conduct impromptu conversations in which the first letter of the first word of a sentence must be the same as the last letter of the last word of the previous speaker’s sentence. Thus, player one might begin: ‘What shall we do today, Max?’ And player two might reply: ‘Xylophones! We’ll get out the xylophones, and play some jazz.’ This puts player three in something of a predicament, until he exclaims: ‘Zounds! What a great idea.’ And the game continues in strict rotation and alphabetical sequence, with each player trying to drop the next one into the mire.

Anyone who falls to think of an answer within 10 seconds, or whose answer is adjudged to bear no relation whatsoever to the conversation, is eliminated. When the first group is reduced to one, the next trio can have a go.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Strictly for Posers

Type: A

Players: Any number.

Equipment: Pieces of paper, a hat or bowl.

Write down a selection of adjectives – such as tragic, gob-smacked or amorous – on separate slips of paper, and put them into a hat or some other container. Each player draws a slip from the container, and has to strike a pose that captures the selected word. The others then have to guess the adjective.

What’s My Line?

Type: AB

Players: Any number.

For the party version of this old TV favourite, prepare a list of occupations prior to playing. Make them as diverse as possible – brain surgeon, page three model, rat catcher, pizza chef.

The first player is secretly given an occupation from the list, and has to mime it to the others. Whoever guesses the nature of the job has the next turn. This can be also be played as a team game.

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

 Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party Favorite Games

Of course, as a Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party DJ, I love playing two games from kids with adults that are even better when folks are loosened up a bit or drunk.

Musical Chairs: This kids game is so much fun when adults play, they are fierce! Trust me, it sounds silly but it is hysterical!

Music Freeze: With a good DJ, adults are so much more fun at this than kids. Especially, if the DJ really gets some songs with very fast tempos above 135 beats per minute and folks are dancing their butts off. One of the songs that is too funny to watch is the “Hamster Dance Song” at over 160 Beats Per Minute!

      The Hampster - The Official Hamster Dance Song

Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

If you would like more ideas for your Rhode Island DJ Birthday Party, I invite you to comment and I will add more. If you have great ideas for Rhode Island DJ Birthday Parties, please share them with others.

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Rhode Island DJ Music Chart – Week of 5/13

This week’s DJ Music Chart will be the Adult Contemporary DJ Music Chart the week of 5/13/2013. Good to see Lumineers “Ho Hey” on top of the DJ Music Chart.  I am surprised to see Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble” and Fun. “Some Nights” still near the top. I guess they still get requested often and played. I won’t lie, it is still strange for me to see Rod Stewart “She Makes Me Happy” on the charts. He has reinvented himself so any times, hard to know what Rod Stewart music actually is at this point.

DJ Music Chart with  Fun Rhode Island Multicultural DJ

Here is a description of Adult Contemporary Radio Music from Wikipedia for those who are to familiar with the DJ Music Chart format.

The Adult Contemporary DJ music chart (formerly known as Easy Listening (1961–1962; 1965–1979)Middle-Road Singles (1962–1964)Pop-Standard Singles (1964–1965)Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks (1979–1982) and Adult Contemporary Singles (1983–present)) is a weekly chart published in Billboard magazine that lists the most popular songs on adult contemporary and “lite-pop” radio stations in the United States. The dj music chart is compiled based on airplay data submitted to Billboard by stations that are members of the Adult Contemporary radio panel. The chart debuted in Billboard magazine on July 17, 1961.

DJ Music Chart Adult Contemporary with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

The Billboard Easy Listening DJ music chart, as it was first known, was born of a desire by some radio stations in the late 1950s and early 1960s to continue playing current hit songs but distinguish themselves from being branded as “rock and roll” stations. Billboard had written articles about this trend during the time, and the magazine’s editors decided to publish a separate chart for these songs beginning in 1961. The magazine offered an “Easy Listening” programming guide beginning January 9, 1961, which continued until the numbered chart appeared in July. The first #1 song on the Billboard Easy Listening chart was “The Boll Weevil Song” by Brook Benton. From 1961 to 1965, this chart was compiled from the Billboard Hot 100 chart by removing songs that were deemed rock and roll by the magazine and re-ranking the remaining songs. For example, if the non-rock and roll records in the Hot 100 Top 10 were at #5, #6, and #9, then #5 would be #1 that week on the Easy Listening chart, #6 would be #2, and #9 would be #3. Beginning in 1965, the Easy Listening chart would begin to be compiled by a method similar to the one used for other Billboard singles charts: reported playlists from radio stations airing the format as well as sales data submitted by record stores. By the early 1990s, automatic song detection and barcode sales information had begun to be the norm for most of the Billboard charts, and currently the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks DJ music chart is compiled in much the same way as those for other radio formats.

The DJ Music chart was known as the Easy Listening chart until 1962, when it was renamed Middle-Road Singles. In 1964, the name changed again, this time to Pop-Standard Singles. After alternating the name of this chart twice more in less than a year, Easy Listening was again chosen as the chart name in 1965 when the change in compilation occurred. In April 1979, the Easy Listening chart officially became known as Adult Contemporary, and those two words have remained consistent in the name of the chart ever since.

In 1996, Billboard created a new DJ music chart called Adult Top 40, which reflects programming on radio stations that exists somewhere between “adult contemporary” music and “pop” music. Although they are sometimes mistaken for each other, the Adult Contemporary chart and the Adult Top 40 chart are separate charts, and songs reaching one chart might not reach the other. In addition, the term “hot AC” refers to another sub-genre of radio programming that is distinct from the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks DJ music chart as it exists today, despite the apparent similarity in name.

DJ Music Chart – Week of 5/13 – Adult Contemporary

Download (PDF, 51KB)

What is your favorite song form this DJ Music Chart?

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Fun 50th Birthday Party in New Jersey

This past Saturday, along with the gorgeous Spring sunshine was a totally fun 50th Birthday Party in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The woman whose birthday we were celebrating, was so thrilled to have all her friends and family gathered together to play, eat, drink and dance in their backyard. Their backyard is beautiful and just added to the great atmosphere that the sun and people created.

I have been DJ for more and more milestone birthday parties lately, especially 50th birthday parties. I have a 40th birthday party and a 75th birthday party coming in June. I really enjoy being the DJ for these parties. They feel so joyful and fun, and everybody has a great time. The birthday party was catered by Encore Catering in East Hanover, New Jersey. They did an excellent job!

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Beyonce

50th Birthday Party with Great Music

This particular 50th birthday party offered a diverse selection of music from many genres and generations. Some of the artists that we chosen were Beyonce, Sly and The family Stone, The Beatles, Neil Diamond (she is a Red Sox fan), Bruno Mars, Joe Jackson, Billy Joel, Prince, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

One of the aspects of the event that was most pleasing for me was that a couple whose surprise 50th birthday party I was DJ for two years ago were there as well. In fact, another of their friend’s was the one who recommended me to the husband who organized the party. The husband asked his friend if he knew of a great DJ for the party and the friend had been at the other 50th birthday part and had so much fun, he gave him my name to contact. Fortunately, I had the date open and we were able to book it easily. It was fun seeing all these people again! I will see them all again in June at a High School Graduation Party the recommender wants me to DJ.

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Billy Joel

All in all, a great day for a family that has reason to celebrate. The husband had a stroke three years ago and he has come a long way since then. There were a few tears shed to celebrate his and their lives during a speech. I was very grateful to be there and participate in this occasion with them.

Fun 50th Birthday Party DJ in New Jersey with Motown Music

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ


Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode

“In the 1960s and 1970s, Berry’s music was the inspiration for such groups as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Berry had a number of comeback recordings and in 1972 had the first and only #1 Pop Chart hit of his career with “My Ding-A-Ling. 1986 fittingly saw him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the very first inductee in history. As a tribute to his pervasiveness in the realm of rock, a clip of Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode was chosen played in the Voyager I spacecraft, proving Chuck Berry and his rock legacy are truly out of this world.”  The Official Site of Chuck Berry


Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll music.


Among the many bandleaders performing a backup role with Chuck Berry were Bruce Springsteen and Steve Miller when each was just starting his career.  At the request of President Jimmy Carter, Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode performed at the White House on June 1, 1979.  A pioneer of rock music, Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode was a significant influence on the development of both the music and the attitude associated with the rock music lifestyle. A statue 8 feet (2.4 m) tall of Berry, funded by donations, is being erected along the St. Louis Walk of Fame. The dedication ceremony was July 29th, 2011.

Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Rhode Island DJ

In 1980, when I was a freshman in college working at the college radio station as a DJ and a professional Wedding DJ, I had the opportunity to see Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode perform at a small venue in Dover, NJ called The Show Place. There were maybe 100 people present at the show and it was so much fun! I was so surprised how much energy and enthusiasm he had as ‘an older man’ back then. It is amazing to me that he is still performing today!!!! That was 31 years ago.

Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Music Video

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Fun Birthday Party with DJ Mystical Michael!

Last Friday Night, I was professional DJ at a fun 60th Birthday Party. It was a surprise party put together by her husband and best friend. They did a great job of keeping it hidden and she looked totally shocked when she walked into The Tap Room at the Somerset Hills Hotel in Warren, New Jersey.

The Tap Room

“Located in the lobby of the Somerset Hills Hotel, The Tap Room is one of the area’s most popular restaurants and gathering places. Enjoying a fantastic reputation as a restaurant as well as a lounge, the Tap Room’s popularity not only rises above dining spots at other Somerset County hotels, but is beloved the county over among locals and visitors alike. Dine in simply elegant decor and enjoy the Tap Room’s extensive menu selections and tantalizing specials—and don’t forget dessert! Additionally, The Tap Room serves a full breakfast buffet daily.”

Husband and Wife Dancing Celebrating Birthday Party with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mission accomplished!

They are a nice bunch of friends and family that just wanted to make sure that Barbara had a fun night to remember. DJ Mission accomplished!

Friends and Family Celebrate Birthday Party Dancing with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Music Played From All Six Generations of Her Life

They had the neat idea of wanting DJ music played throughout the night for all six generations of her life. This started with Louis Armstrong and Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Dion, Motown and The Beatles, Barry White and Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson and Bee Gees, Aerosmith and Salt-N-Pepa and lots of current songs as well with Carly Rae Jepsen, Jason Mraz, Taio Cruz, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO and Maroon 5. It was a fun DJ night that I am sure all will talk about for years to come.

Fun Dancing at Birthday Party with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ

Professional DJ 60th Birthday Party!

Tonight I get to provide music, DJ & MC services for a 60th birthday party! The best part is that it is a surprise birthday party that the husband and her best friend have done an excellent job of keeping a secret. I enjoy being the professional DJ at milestone birthday parties, they are fun, exciting and have such a nice celebratory feeling without the concerns of some larger events. It is always fun participating in surprise parties with everyone running around making sure it is all perfect before the guest of honor arrives. Then they all hide and try to be quiet. Of course, there is always one person who can’t keep still or quit no matter how hard they try, they just add to the entertainment. Finally, there is the last minute cue to let somebody know they are almost arriving and a complete hush hits the room. All but the one guy who can’t keep quiet and there is also some guy who takes the ‘opportunity’ to tickle a woman knowing she can’t laugh or giggle out loud. He too adds to the moment in a gross and backwards kind of way.

Preparing For A Surprise Birthday Party

When the guest of honor arrives and everybody pops out of what seems like every nook and cranny possible, the real fun begins. These parties do not need the usual getting comfortable period that some parties do. They don’t even need for folks to be full of alcohol for the partying to begin, just turn up the music and let the fun hit the roof!

I have enjoyed my experiences with helping to plan and coordinate this birthday party with the husband and her best friend. He was a little concerned, as we should be these days, that everything would go as planned since he found me on the internet. I mentioned to him that I have a guarantee stating if you are not happy with my performance at your event, do not pay me the balance. He laughed like most people do when I tell this to them and replied, “Of course, I will pay you, I just want to be sure you will actually show-up and do a great job”. I again stated that I offer this to every customer and mean it, if you do not like what you receive from me, don’t pay the balance due. Why should you not have a method for holding me accountable for quality level of service, since you can’t really ask for a refund for services already provided? A guarantee is the only fair thing to give you peace of mind that your event or wedding will be fantastic.

I can’t wait to see her face when all the fun begins tonight!

Fun Party on The Dance Floor at birthday party with DJ Mystical Michael

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ