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Good DJ

Feb 28, 2015 by Amelia
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

Michael did a great job at our wedding. We all had fun and danced throughout the night. He did excellent with all announcements and keep things moving along while we were bust with our guests.

Very Professional

Sep 13, 2014 by Caroline
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Probably 

Overall we were really happy with his services and he did a great job. Lots of people were dancing and he was really good about playing the music we wanted. There were a few snags, like when some Christmas music got mixed in with our dinner hour music, but overall it was a really great experience.

Very prepared and Flexible

Aug 27, 2014 by Nancy
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

Michael was very good to work with. Our wedding reception was outdoors. Michael was very conscious of timing for introductions, announcements,and allowed everyone time for speeches, and had a great sense of humor. He worked very closely with us on our song list also. I would highly recommend him to others.

polite and prepared

Jun 30, 2014 by Joshua Berry
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

My wife and I hired DJ Mystical Michael provided music for our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. He is well versed in his musical knowledge and has vast experience with his work. He was prompt and professional in communication prior to the wedding in order to be prepared and organized for the event. He is a friendly and polite individual who enjoys what he does and let's it show. We have an interracial marriage so our guests were very diverse, something that he handled beautifully. He was awesome for us and could be perfect for you.

Good To Work with

Apr 01, 2014 by Jackie
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes and have 

Mike was great. Nice to talk to, helped me in my situation, found me an age appropriate DJ, we danced all night, till I could not stand anymore. The whole place danced! The DJ used all my song suggestions, and that with a sunny saturday in October, made it the best wedding ever.

I am using his services again for my daughter's sweet 16, only she is not so sweet :).

I would definately recommend this service!

Great Wedding DJ!

Apr 01, 2014 by Christina
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

I couldn't have been happier with the experience we had with DJ Mystical Michael. My husband and I are music enthusiasts so the music at our wedding was pretty important to us. From the first meeting with Michael, we walked away feeling confident in Michael's knowledge and experience. He was extremely helpful throughout the process, offering quality suggestions and insights for our big day. Our wedding wasn't "typical" or "traditional" in some ways and Michael was very accommodating and helpful in the execution of our special day. I will definitely use him again and recommend him to friends. Thank you DJ Mystical!

Professional Wedding DJ

Feb 10, 2014 by Jennifer V
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

Michael was great! Easy to communicate with, organized and thought worthy. We had an awesome time, our guests loved him and I would highly recommend him for future events - private or corporate.

Our Wedding

Nov 12, 2013 by Lillian and William DiLeo
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

DJ Mystical Michael did a wonderful job at our wedding at a reasonable price. He went above and beyond for us. We highly recommend his services. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!

Excellent Wedding DJ

Aug 27, 2013 by Jared and Elsa
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

We got married on August 17th, 2013. DJ Mystical Michael was phenomenal. We booked him about a year before the wedding. He made sure to contact us throughout the engagement to keep us on schedule with the reception music. He was familiar with our reception venue (The Manor in West Orange NJ) and made sure to provide them with all of the necessary paperwork. He played every single song we requested and made sure to ask us about any potential issues before they came up (made sure we had a signal in case of a bad combination of girl/boy catching the bouquet/garter, checked to see if we were ok with songs with mature subject matter etc.). He checked with us towards the end of the night to make sure there weren't any other songs we were hoping to have played.

He has high quality equipment. He does not use playlists for the entire night, but you wouldn't know based on the way the music plays. He figured out what type of music was getting people dancing and played it. We had multiple dinner courses with time to dance between courses, and he adjusted the music so that it flowed with the pace of the meal. We had people dancing the entire night, even though many of our guests don't typically dance.

Michael was very accommodating with our special requests (announcing my divorced parents separately, cutting into songs at unusual times etc.) and double checked everything with us once we got close to the wedding to make sure we had not changed our mind about anything. I could not have asked for a better DJ. We paid half of what other DJs were asking for and we got compliments throughout the evening and after our event about the quality of the music and DJ.

Great Outdoor wedding!

Jun 18, 2013 by Karley & Dan
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

DJ Mystical Michael helped to make our wedding a success! Throughout the planning process he was very professional, helpful and had great suggestions. He made it easier for me to focus on other wedding related activities because I knew the music was taken care of. Michael and his assistant kept the energy up during the entire reception, despite the extreme unexpected heat wave (it was an outdoor reception). Thanks again!

Great DJ!

Jun 12, 2013 by Nina Transfeld
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

DJ Michael is an excellent DJ with an amazing selection of any music you could want. His great personality and the enjoyment over his work with are only the icing on the cake!!! I would recommend him to anyone!!

Great Birthday Party!

Mar 28, 2013 by Paul and Damaris
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

We recently used Michael to DJ at a 50th birthday party. It was a bit a challenge as our guests are pretty diverse in terms of age, background and culture. I can only applaud the job Michael and his assistant did for us. We created a playlist that matched the tastes of our guests and Michael executed the playlist perfectly. His timing is great, he's easy to work with and would recommend him to anyone who is planning a wedding or party. The party was great and just about everyone danced the night away.


Mar 06, 2013 by Kristen
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

Very attentive to our needs and patient with our requests. Very kind to our guests as well.

Highly Recommended

Feb 15, 2013 by Brian and Laura
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes! 

Micheal recently provided services at our wedding and did a great job. His pre-event meeting was a very valuable part of the process and along with his information request, produced great results. Good job, good value, easy to work with, and provided the services we wanted. Highly recommended.

He truly wants to make your special day memorable

Jan 08, 2013 by Jon and Nikki
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes! 

DJ Mystical Micheal did a terrific job at our Wedding. He is very knowledgeable about all types of music and had every song we requested. He is very professional and charges a fair price. He met with my wife and I two weeks before our wedding and went over every detail. He truly wants to make your special day memorable and he did just that for our wedding. Plus he has great sound equipment and cool lights!

Awesome Wedding DJ!

Oct 29, 2012 by Meghan and Stephen
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Definitely 

We were very pleased with our DJ services we received from you! You played everything we mentioned to you, and the other music you added fit perfectly with our tastes! Our guests really enjoyed the night and everyone was up on the dance floor at one point or another. You were professional, friendly, fun, and gave us a great deal ! You also didn't complain when my crazy cousin was doing back flips about an inch away from your equipment! (...Although I was having a heart attack!) We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a wedding DJ!

Thank you for such great music

Oct 29, 2012 by Nick and Michelle
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: I definitely will 

DJ Mystical Michael did an incredible job at our outdoor wedding this past September. He was very professional and endlessly flexible, accommodating last-minute changes cheerfully and smoothly. He played all the music we wanted and nothing we didn\'t, took requests from our guests, and allowed everyone to have a good time.

We were specifically looking for a DJ that wouldn\'t try to make himself the center of attention, wouldn\'t try to control the evening, and DJ Mystical Michael was great in that regard. He kept things going with great music, made the announcements we asked him to, and on the couple occasions where he had to ad-lib, he did a great job.

Highly recommended - thanks again Michael!

(And, I had some reservations about the single speaker setup - we were outdoors in a relatively big tent - but the single Bose tower was more than enough sound)

Great Job! So Much Fun!

Oct 29, 2012 by Joe and Nalini
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Definitely will 

We recently booked DJ Michael for our wedding at the Tides. When we were first looking for a DJ we met with a fellow who owns a DJ company who said he was the \"House DJ\" at the Tides. He had lots of nice equipment. He claimed he was the only one who would be able to use the PA during cocktail hour. Then we met a few of his DJ\'s... and therein lies the problem! He was an older guy with a bunch of teenagers working for him, and I immediately sensed a swindle. I felt like we would not have personal service let alone a thoughtful Master of Ceremonies who would do announcements the right way. I was pretty nervous. Less than a year ago my friend was married and the DJ came from a big company and he was very young and kept making mistakes. I was afraid we\'d end up with some kid with the biggest day of our life who would mess the wedding up.

So when we first met DJ Michael it was a big relief. He came across as having lots of experience, and even better he has a great love of music and does it all himself. He didn\'t just shake our hands and take our cash. He sat down with us and over the course of a few months helped us craft an overall set list. On top of his music experience, he is a good announcer. So when the big day came, we were not dissapointed. He really did a great job. I do feel bad because it was an outdoor wedding, and without warning the clouds opened up and he got rained on but he and his assistant quickly gathered his speakers and PA system, moved it all inside. He really kept his cool, and in spite of nature throwing us all a curve ball, kept the ceremony going.

After the ceremony, the music during cocktail hour was excellent. Everyone kept commenting on how good the food and music was. Then during the sit down dinner and reception DJ Mystical Michael took to the microphone to make introductions, announcements, and kept everyone dancing. It was a great night. He even let one of my buddies plug a guitar into the PA and jam out during dinner. Not to mention that his DJ equipment especially the Bose system was more than enough to fill the space with music and keep the party going. I highly recommend DJ Michael if you want personal service, professional MC, and great music that exceeds other DJ services.

Thank You for Tim

Oct 29, 2012 by Laurel
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes! 

We contacted DJ Mystical Michael for our wedding and he himself was already booked for our date. He told us this immediately and offered to give us a discount for one of the other DJs he has in his team. And Tim was absolutely perfect! He was awesome and very knowledgeable because I had no idea what needed to be done all night. Thank you!

Thanks Michael

Oct 29, 2012 by Alex and Lauren
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Definitely 

We hired DJ Mystical Michael for our wedding on Memorial Day Weekend. He was very professional and customer focused. In our pre-wedding meeting, he guided us through our song selection and walked us through the day\'s events. His song recommendations and vision for the event were spot on.

DJ Mystical Michael understands that the day is about the couple, and not about him. He is not pretentious and does not try to steal the show or make himself the center of attention.

Everything ran smoothly the day of the wedding, we even made a number of last minute changes to the ceremony, and reception which he handled perfectly in stride. DJ Mystical Michael had Bose equipment and just about every song in existence. He was a wonderful addition to our special day.

A Good Time

Oct 29, 2012 by Maggie (Law)
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes! 

Hi Michael, you did such a wonderful job on last Saturday night and all my friends enjoyed the party. not just a professional and you are so nice and so considerate. Thank you...


Oct 29, 2012 by Melissa and Joey
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: YES! 

Hi Michael,

Joey and I were chatting the other night and we both said we wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we were so pleased with your services. You were fantastic and it was a real pleasure working with you through the entire process. Joey and I will sit down within the next few nights and provide feedback.

Thank you again – it was a wonderful evening!

Kind regards,

Thanks Michael

Oct 29, 2012 by Elliott and Emmanuella
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 

Michael was very accommodating with all of our demands and changes. He followed our wished to the letter and was very receptive. There were so many details that we almost forgot and would have definitely missed if it was not for Michael. He made our overall wedding experience memorable. It was the dream wedding that we hoped for and the fairy tale that we never imagined we would have. Thank you Michael for all of your help and thanks for that special first dance song ;)

Thanks for our wedding

Oct 29, 2012 by Mark and Yomi Knott
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Have several times 

I knew from our first meeting with DJ Michael that he was the DJ for us. His upbeat and lively spirit were so nicely aligned with his down to earth and approachable manner. He is knowledgeable, professional and passionate and was right on point with us every step of the way. He was timely with follow ups and responding to our requests, quick to offer suggestions or possibilities based on experience and was always available to discuss ideas and make changes. One can easily sense that Michael truly loves what he does - for him, it's not just a side gig.

At the wedding, DJ Michael and his assistant were on time, set-up and ready to go leaving us to focus only on getting married. They even handled having to play in two locations without a hitch (outdoor ceremony, indoor reception.) He was great, the music was great and our friends and family danced all night long!

Great Job

Oct 29, 2012 by Robyn Doviak
Would You Recommend Dj Mystical Michael?: Yes 


Thank you so much for checking in to see how the night went. We had a BLAST! My mother was genuinely surprised and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Bryant did a TERRIFIC job! He was so professional and went out of his way to make sure my mom was enjoying herself. I would LOVE to write a review for you on Yelp! because I can honestly say I\'d recommend you and Bryant to anyone. So, so, so much fun!

Thanks again,


DJ Mystical Michael NJ DJ & NY DJ 973-908-8147 Park Place Morristown NJ, 07960 USA 4.7 5.0 43 43 Michael did a great job at our wedding. We all had fun and danced throughout the night. He did excellent with all announcements and keep things moving along while we were bust with

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