Professional DJs Need To Be Ready

I received a cancellation this week for my regular Friday Night DJ gig at The Office in Cranford, NJ. Fortunately, I will resume next Friday, they held a special event and needed to cancel. The good news is that I received a phone call from a woman in Newark, NJ needing a professional DJ for tomorrow night at a local Lounge in The Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. Newark is where I was born and appreciate when I get the opportunity to make it back there.

We had connected through email last month and she had a DJ hired that she was not feeling good about. I offered her a discount since I did not have a DJ gig scheduled for tomorrow night. I know many professional DJs charge more for last minute gigs but this has never made sense to me. I feel fortunate to book a gig I would not have had otherwise and am grateful to get the business. This is why I offer a discount to fill in missing dates on my professional DJ calendar.

The fact that I had my gig for tonight cancelled allowed me to drive to Newark, NJ tonight and meet with her and her family to plan the party for her daughter’s 4th birthday and her husband’s 50th birthday party in Newark, NJ. I always enjoy dual family birthday parties and this will be no exception. They are a really nice and fun Brazilian family and we had a good time planning their party. Of course, I never like cancellations as a full-time professional DJ but sometimes things work out for the best, as if it was meant to be!

I had some time tonight to prep for the party and make sure my Samba collection is in good standing along with my Classic Disco library. These were the two main genre they requested for the adults for after-dinner. For the kids, it will be Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Usher and other Pop and Top 40 hits. Should be a fun night!

Katy Perry Rocks the Stage: professional DJ Mystical Michael

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