Professional DJs Can Have Fun Too!

As a professional DJ, I typically enjoy every gig I perform, some more than others. When I am hired for a wedding or event, I am focused on making sure I meet needs of the host, and all the guests are having a great time. That is what I am hired to do and my primary focus.


When I am offering my services for somewhere like The Barefoot Boogie, I can relax and enjoy myself even more. Last Saturday night was one of those nights. It was a night when I was really feeling the crowd and aligning with their rhythm and flow. I was able to sense when they needed the music to slow and become more lyrical and lush, and when they needed me to pick it up and reach 135 beats per minute. For me, that is fun since I appreciate when good dancers go deeper into music and embody the vibration and energy.


At professional functions I do not dance when performing as professional DJ and MC. I have to control myself sometimes since I like to dance and want to get out and move, but that is not what I am hired to do. At events like Barefoot Boogie I can jump out on the dance floor and join the group in movement.


We had an exceptional time collectively last Saturday night. I came home tired, sore and glowing. It could be worse…

Professional DJ Mystical Michael Prepping For A Wedding

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