Last Minute Event DJ

It is not often but sometimes I have an open date approaching the weekend. It is even rarer when that date is a holiday three-day weekend like the Fourth of July. Stranger yet was that two separate clients wanted to hire me last minute for the same day but at different times. One needed a professional DJ for a First Communion celebration in the afternoon and the other a unique form of Wedding Party in the evening. We somehow found a way to schedule both of them and serve the families that requested our services last minute!


Fortunately for me, I have been doing this for a long time and don’t need much time or preparation to get ready for a last minute professional DJ gig. Of course, I appreciate the prep time when I have it, but can show-up wihtout much notice or details and do an excellent job providing professional DJ services and great music.


I was speaking with a friend over dinner last night about the fact that I always try to create a ‘playlist’ of songs which is more of a music bank then playlist. I take the songs that the client has requested and place them in a ‘playlist’ for their event. I then add on a 2:1 ratio another group of songs that would compliment their requests perfectly.  These are where I will start from at the event till I get a sense of the crowd and get a nice request list going from those attending the event. Together with the original list they offered, the ones I added intuitively, what I can see and feel working and the crowds requests – we end up with an excellent event full of great music and fun!


I am excited about both of these gigs and an additional Wedding on Sunday. The last minute Wedding is actually a kind of Wedding I have not served previously as a professional Wedding DJ. The Bride and Groom have already been married and celebrated at a destination Wedding in The Caribbean. This party is for the friends and family that could not attend their Destination Wedding. Should be fun!

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