Hey DJ, Where’s Your DJ Turntables?

Even with technology being what it is today, I still get asked as a professional DJ , “Where’s your DJ turntables?” from time to time.


I hold back my laughter and smile “I don’t use DJ turntables anymore. I just use this MacBook. It does everything I need and more.”


“Just the computer? No CD player either?” And they look around my DJ Station searching for the ‘hidden’ CD player or turntable that I must be keeping from him.


“It’s just me and this MacBook. Come look at the software I use, it is called djay, made specifically for Mac and iTunes. Works just like a DJ turntable but don’t have to lug around eight racks of records and kill my back, anymore. More importantly, I have about 35,000 songs to honor any requests that I could never do with my vinyl or CDs.”


They walk around skeptically and look at the screen, “WOW! Thad is so cool! You’re right; it is just like a DJ turntable. So you can play your whole library right from this thing?”

“Yup. Here me let me show you how I queue up the next song.” He watches like he is seeing the first spaceship land on the moon and invariably, “Unbelievable that you can do that so easily. What did you say the name of this software is?”

djay. You can download it online and be ready to go in minutes. I recommend it to everyone, professional DJs or folks who just want to play around at home. I think it’s great and I feel like I used to with DJ turntables without all the other problems. But I do miss them sometimes. I miss touching the vinyl itself, otherwise, I’ll statick with my MacBook and djay.”

DJ Turntables vs DJ Software


We continue to talk about music and dancing and technology for a little bit. Then they notice my BOSE L1 System and the next conversations starts…


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