What Makes A Great Party?

This afternoon a recently married Groom called me after returning from their honeymoon, which he was beaming about. He wanted to thank me for the great time they all had at their wedding. The three of us became friends while planning and coordinating their wedding over the previous half year. We shared meals, laughs, stories and ideas while creatively making a great wedding for them. It worked thankfully!

During our conversation, it occurred to me that the music, the clothes, the food, the service and the venue all matter but none of them by themselves can make a great party. I think it is the people. Mark and Yomi have great friends and family. It was evident to me even while I was busy producing the soundtrack to their day as their Wedding DJ. Their friends and family genuinely wanted to be part of their celebration and were supportive of everything they chose. I am sure there were some disagreements along the way, but at the wedding itself it was about Mark and Yomi and having a great time.

I met with another couple later this afternoon who are in the beginning stages of planning their wedding. I still had fresh in my mind my conversation with Mark, his remarks and my thoughts on the people being the primary ingredient in a fantastic party. When speaking with them, I asked more questions then I typically do in a first meeting. I want to know about them and their guests to know how best to make certain they too have a great wedding. They are a nice couple who are taking their time to make this be what they want but recognize they need to let professionals do what they do best, trusting the experience we have. I took the time to learn more about them and their friends and family. I think I will do a better job of this from now. I look froward to the opportunity to work with them and do my part in creating a great party for them and their guests to share.

What do you think makes a great party?


What is the most essential ingredient?

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