Every Wedding is Unique For The Professional Wedding DJ

I keep thinking that one day I am going to show-up for a wedding and it will be like the others. It seems like the odds are in favor of at least two weddings to be the same as a  Professional Wedding DJ, right?




No matter how similar they seem in the planning and coordination, each wedding is a unique and singular event. I guess that is the way it is supposed to be since it is such an important event. I guess weddings for this Professional Wedding DJ are like people; no two will ever be exactly the same.


On the outside, if you attend one or two a year they may seem to be similar since the basic components appear alike; Bridal Party Introductions, First Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Father-Daughter dance, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss and often a Garter Removal and Toss as well. There are typically friends and family and a shared meal. There is usually dancing and celebration, which can be dictated by family, religious and cultural traditions. These pieces may feel the same on the surface but they are not for any Professional Wedding DJ worth their salt. We work together to create something that expresses The Bride and Groom uniquely. Again, it may appear the same but is not for this Professional Wedding DJ.


An example last summer I think illustrates this perfectly. I had two weddings in a row where the Bridal Party was being introduced to Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” and The Bouquet Toss was highlighted by Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. The Brides had chosen these songs independently of each other but as often is the case, the songs were the same but believe me they had little else in common.


At the first wedding, The Bridal Party came out with the Groomsmen carrying the Bridesmaids in their arms as if crossing the threshold with new Brides themselves. The second wedding had them dancing as pairs that was choreographed earlier that day. Same song but completely different experiences for the Professional Wedding DJ.


First wedding had close to twenty-five women ranging in age from late teens to late thirties vying for the Bouquet aggressively with almost a fight between two ladies in peach colored gowns. The second wedding was twelve young women all different shapes, sizes and colors respectfully allowing the oldest one to catch the bouquet and feel good about herself. They all hugged and kissed her as she held it high in the air beaming.


What was also the same at both of these amazing weddings was the simple, elegant and fun energy of the venue and event. That is what is my job – to make sure the wedding is simple, elegant and fun. As a professional Wedding DJ, I am responsible for creating a fantastic space for the Bride, Groom, friends and family. That is my job.


What was unique at yesterday’s wedding, as all of my weddings, are how the elegance, simplicity and fun manifest. It is not always what I define as fun or elegant, it is the Bride and Groom that are in charge and they decide what they want and I make certain it happens. Last night that meant the Groom’s parents, who are in their late sixties, specifically asked for the music to be soft enough to allow regular conversation. The Bride and Groom had already had their ‘fun’ wedding in Florida where they live in May and his parents wanted them to celebrate with their friends and family here in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania together. It was a simple, elegant and fun affair but not the way one typically thinks of when they plan their wedding. Everybody had great time, especially Michael and Maureen. I don’t think I saw her smile leave her face once during the whole day! That is what I took with me on my drive north on The Garden State Parkway leaving Manahawkin, next to Long Beach Island.


Like people, no two weddings are the same for this Professional Wedding DJ.

Beautiful Couple Dancing with Professional Wedding DJ

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