A DJ Has A Night To Play

There is something really fun about having a night without a playlist.  As a professional full-time DJ, I rarely get to choose the music I play. I am extremely committed to making sure the folks that hire me as a professional DJ get what they want and not pick music for myself at a gig. Last Saturday night at the Barefoot Boogie I had the music all to myself!  We usually try to schedule more than one DJ at each event to add diversity in style and musical choices.  This particular night I was the only DJ on the schedule and took full advantage of the opportunity.


I can’t say it was my most fluid segues but we had fun and there was plenty of great tunes for moving and dancing.  We started the night with some mellow, lush music for letting the dancers get loose and grounded to the music and environment.  It was not long till we had it cranked-up to full volume and the energy was very high. I was mindful of bringing the energy and tempo down to provide space for catching breath and get even deeper into their process.


As usual, we had a great time and nobody wanted to leave at the end of the night. I still am smiling that I got to play Acoustic Jazz, New Age, Pop, Top 40, R&B, New Wave, Punk, Rock, Old Soul and Hip Hop all in the same night while visiting Cuba, Africa, India, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and Spain along the way. A fun ride for all!


DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ