DJ Mystical Michael Live At Barefoot Boogie Saturday Night!

I always look forward to the nights I am able to provide DJ music for dancers at The Barefoot Boogie. As a dancer, this is one of my favorite places to perform. There are so many appreciative dancers that I have such a great time.

Barefoot Boogie Dancers with DJ Mystical Michael

If you have never been there, The Barefoot Boogie is a bi-monthly dance event held at Insight Meditation Center 28 W. 27th St, NYC.  Our community has been providing dance events since 1982 and is still going strong today! It is an honor for me to DJ at events. I am also Teacher and DJ Coordinator for the community.


Sometime before the dances, I find myself up late one night creating new mixes and possibilities for the upcoming event. Last night was one of those nights. I am excited to share these with our community. It is one of the rare opportunities for me as a DJ to really get to play with diverse genres, tempos, textures and rhythms. If you would like to read more about the larger dance community, Barefoot Boogie is a member of the Dance New England community of dances and dancers.

Contact Improvisation at Barefoot Boogie NYC with DJ Mystical Michael

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