DJ Mystical Michael Live At Barefoot Boogie Saturday Night! 2/25

There are few aspects of the winter that are beneficial to a Wedding and Event DJ and Entertainer in New Jersey or New York.  After the Holidays, we hit a bit of a slow season till the spring with weddings, graduations and parties starting to fill our schedules again. I do get the opportunity to volunteer my services as DJ at many local events. My favorite is The Barefoot Boogie in NYC. I have several friends there and enjoy the chance to play music that I could not play at an event I was hired to perform.


As a professional DJ, I am trained to play to what the planner hired me to play musically. I am very conscious of their needs and wishes throughout the gig. For the most part, I keep my personal tastes out of the mix, literally.  I will slip in a song from the genre or playlist we have created together that I enjoy more than others but mostly it is your music, not mine. The Barefoot Boogie is the exception to this general guideline. There are many creative and talented dancers who thrive and appreciate moving to music they do not know or would not typically dance to. In fact, they look forward to hearing new music and challenging tempos, rhythms and beats. Any good DJ thrives with the opportunity to create new and refreshing mixes and beats for dancers to move and experiment.  I am not as good a dancer as most of them but do enjoy a beat and rhythm that is somewhat unique or out of the norm.  Of course, being in the New Jersey and New York area allows even more creativity due to our diversity and openminded attitude towards music, art and movement.

Dancing Through The Storm with DJ Mystical Michael

What kinds of creative or unique music do you like to move to when given the opportunity?

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