DJ Mystical Michael Live At Barefoot Boogie Saturday Night 1/26!

I am really excited about another opportunity to DJ at Barefoot Boogie NYC Saturday Night! I laugh at myself, that every time I put my name on the schedule to DJ one of our events, I feel like I have just won a prize or something. I have so much fun when I DJ at Barefoot Boogie. If for no other reason than I get to DJ and dance barefoot! I try to be fair in scheduling our team of DJs to make sure we all get a turn. Sometimes I forget that I am not the only DJ that gets really pumped about being the DJ. Since being Coordinator of DJs and Teachers is a volunteer position that I take serious, I am mindful that sharing is important.

DJ Mystical Michael Live At Barefoot Boogie

Creative DJ at Barefoot Boogie NYC with Dancer at Sea

This Saturday Night, we have a Biodanza class before my first set.

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a healing system of human development that fuses music, heartfelt emotion and authentic movement providing a safe space for you to express your many potentials. It is a non judgemental space where all are welcome no matter age, race, spiritual tradition or sexual orientation.  Biodanza is here to give value to your life!

Understanding an emotional issue won’t create true healing unless you also make an obvious change in how you conduct your life.  Unlike traditional dance/talk therapy, Biodanza is system that offers you a space where silence is golden (we don’t talk) and you are the true master of your internal/external expression (action) which unfolds organically in its own time as you explore weekly in the sessions.  Over time and with your presence with yourself, the space and others, you embody all of the wonderous potentials within you and and you will begin to notice shifts happening in your life.

Biodanza will open spaces for life integration…
do, say and feel the same thing and BE HAPPY!

Creative DJ at Barefoot Boogie NYC with Dancer with Flame

Biodanza classes meet regularly and stimulate five major human potentials:
vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence.

I have participated in a Biodanza class before and that is why I asked Michelle Dubreuil Macek if she would be willing to lead another Biodanza class at Barefoot Boogie. We had so much fun last time and it is long overdue for another experience. The dancers are very alive and present by the time the class is completed, I can play music that requires creative and freestyle movement without needing to build them up. They are already peaking. It is fun to express my Creative DJ and Ecstatic DJ interests at Barefoot Boogie after a class like this. It attracts very open and creative dancers and movers. I also appreciate the sense of community that we create together!

I feel it is an honor to be a Barefoot Boogie DJ in NYC and the experiences are rich and profound. Can’t wait to try some new DJ mixes and songs!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & Boston DJ