DJ Mystical Michael at Barefoot Boogie Saturday Night 10/8!

I am even more excited than I was last night!


Along with being a professional full-time DJ & MC, I am also the volunteer Coordinator of Teachers & DJs at The Barefoot Boogie NYC.  It is my responsibility to recruit, schedule and sometimes train our teachers and DJs for our semi-monthly events.  The venue we create these evens is Insight Meditation Center, originally had a special event scheduled for this Saturday Night, 10/8. We shifted our schedule to accommodate. It turns out they had to cancel the event and we had some conversation and decided we would scramble together and put a dance event together for tomorrow night.  I offered to DJ since I have not had the opportunity to DJ there since before the wedding season was in full swing. I miss it.


I now get to DJ at an outdoor wedding in the afternoon and Barefoot Boogie at night.  Besides seeing friends and being in an environment I enjoy, DJing at The Barefoot Boogie allows me to get extremely creative in musical selections.  I will start the night with some slow, lush music to support dancers in getting warmed-up and stretched.  After I see folks are ready, I will slowly raise the energy, tempo and volume till we are at full force.  The Boogie is an environment that diversity and creativity are considered gifts for dancers and movers.  Throughout the night I will try to mix in some music from many decades, genres and cultures from around the globe.


Should be a great day between the wedding and the boogie!

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ