Dancer To DJ: “I Want Your Job!”

Last night while taking a quick break between sets at a NYC DJ dance event, one of the dancers came up to me, “I want your job!”


I laughed and smiled. I gave her the usual response about all jobs have their strengths and challenges but smiled very large while trying to keep a straight face. I am well aware how much I enjoy what I do as a professional DJ.  There have been many great people that have stated in various ways something, “If you have a vocation you love, you will never work a day in your life”. I agree completely but know too that I have put my time in and it is not all play and good times, ask any of my Brides and Grooms about my attention to detail and calm, supportive presence.


I have worked hard to market my professional DJ business here in the NJ/NY/PA area to have a page rank near the top of Page One of Google searches for ‘Rhode Island DJ’, Page Two for ‘Rhode Island Wedding DJ’, ‘NJ Professional Wedding DJ’ and ‘Rhode Island Professional DJ’. Creating a strong online presence is not easy and takes commitment.


Making sure I have such a diverse music library of high quality songs is not a thing you do once and are done. It takes another commitment to stay current plus know what you need to add to collections from the past as tastes and trends shift.


Owning the highest rated DJ equipment helps but there also needs to be a commitment to replacing old wires, updating software and keeping knowledgeable of the latest equipment. I am fortunate that I used to work at a recording studio and was mentored by a tech genius on what gear to use. He recommended and uses the same BOSE L1 System with Bass, MacBook and djay software as I do. I learned from him that buying the best once and not having to upgrade to every new trend is the only way to go and to not get fooled by new marketing campaigns that confuse professional DJs and audiophiles with deceptive claims. “Buy the best; BOSE & Mac and don’t worry about your gear again. The best stands the test of time,” he said to me regularly.


Yes I do have a great job. Being a full-time professional DJ is prefect for me because it combines several of my natural skills to understand music and technology, entertain and discern what people need and be the calm, positive presence in any situation that brings fun and excitement to everything I am passionate about. It is good to be reminded that I am good at what I do and that it is the right profession for me to be committed for those who hire me for their Weddings, Parties and Events.

DJ Having Fun at benefit Dance Party in NYC

DJ Mystical Michael Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ