Cancer victim, 16, dies shortly after dream DJ gig in Las Vegas – Las Vegas Sun News

This is such a beautiful story. I am so glad DJ Mash-Up King gave this kid a chance to fulfill his dream DJ gig before he died. It is unfortunate that few professional DJs provide these kinds of opportunities for individuals like Tanner Seebaum, or anybody who has a dream DJ gig. It continues to disappoint me that the Wedding DJ and Party DJ industries are predominantly a business of me-first, all-about-the-money entertainers.  Like most professionals, we have to support our communities and make sure we share our experience and talents when opportunities are right for us.

Dream DJ Gig by Cancer Patient with Rhode Island Wedding DJ

Tanner Seebaum scrolls through a song list on a Macbook Pro while serving as guest DJ at Rehab on Saturday afternoon.

By Brian Nordli (contact)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 11 p.m.

Cancer victim, 16, dies shortly after Dream DJ Gig

Teen DJ Tanner Seebaum died on Friday in Centennial, Colo., after a lengthy battle with brain cancer.

Seebaum, 16, had battled brain tumors for most of his life and was diagnosed last year with an inoperable tumor. Around June, doctors gave him only a few weeks to live.

With the help of DJ Mash-Up King (Landon Dyksterhouse) and the Hard Rock Hotel, Seebaum fulfilled his final wish in Las Vegas. Seebaum, who was an avid DJ, was given an hourlong slot on June 22 to perform a set at Rehab Pool during Electric Daisy Carnival weekend. His medley of beats and song mash-ups kept the crowd at the famous day club dancing and bobbing their heads poolside.

It was a dream DJ gig he never thought would come true.

“We’re just very thankful to Las Vegas in general for changing our perception of the people, of the attitudes, and graciousness and openness they showed for letting Tanner do this; to Landon, to Hard Rock, they did a lot to make that happen for Tanner,” Matt Seebaum, Tanner’s father, said. “It’s kind of what he needed to let go. We sort of joked that he had to do Vegas before he could let go.”

Tanner is survived by his parents, Matt and Stephanie Seebaum, and sister, Ellie. Donations can be made to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation at The foundation raises money for brain and spine tumor research.

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