Billboard 2011 Year End Winner From Rhode Island DJ’s Perspective

It is rare that the same artist wins Billboard year-end #1 for best album, song and artist. It is even rarer that an artist that recorded the album at age twenty-one wins all three. HINT!  HINT! Yes Adele has won all the main categories for a pop artist for 2011. I am not surprised since she is an amazing artist that has dominated the Billboard Charts and the music industry all year. In fact, she may have single-handedly saved the record industry.


I remember when I first heard “Turning Tables”. I was blown away and could not stop listening to it. I knew then she had found something special in her work and I made certain to listen to the whole album immediately. I was not disappointed, very impressed. Still am over a year later as song after song tops the Billboard charts. I still sometimes get a tear in my eyes when I hear “Someone Like You”. I realize this is a peculiar thing to add to my blog but true. Great writing and performances can affect me that way.


21 is now Billboard #1 for nineteen weeks! The upcoming interview and performance on 60 Minutes her appearance and performance at The Grammys should keep it at the top for #20.  It is refreshing and a statement about her talent that an artist who focuses less on how she looks and more on how she performs can have the kind of popularity and success that she has achieved. I hope more artists will choose to follow her model and infuse the music industry with artists placing their energy into their craft, not their image or appearance.

Billboard Awards Adele 21 with DJ Mystical Michael

Congratulations Adele on an amazing year, album and Billboard success!


DJ Mystical Michael – Rhode Island DJ & NY DJ