A Rhode Island Professional DJ Needs To Stay Current

One of the challenges for a good Rhode Island professional DJ is to stay current with many genres of music. It is not enough to just keep up on the most popular songs on The Billboard Hot 100, we must go beyond Top 40 and be prepared for a last minute gig that requires music from other genre like Country, Rock, Latin, Hip Hop, House, Dance, Smooth Jazz and some less popular styles in The USA like Buddha Bar, Lounge and what has become named ‘World Music’, a name that does not make sense to me since all music is from somewhere in the world.


I have enjoyed and been a collector of music from around the world for years as a Rhode Island Professional DJ. I like to learn about music from places that I have not visited yet like from various countries in Africa, South America, India, Europe and The Middle East. I lived in Asia for a couple of years and am pretty familiar with many of their popular and traditional styles.


I know many Rhode Island Professional DJs today think that playing just one genre like House or Hip Hop or Dance are what people want most. My experience is that people want you to be ready for whatever they request live.

 A Rhode Island Professional DJ Needs To Stay Current

I was speaking to a man who has hired me for a party later this month. He stated that at their annual Holiday Party every year many of the guests leave complaining that the Rhode Island professional DJ did not have most of the songs they requested since they have a very diverse crowd from ages twenty-one to late sixties. I felt bad they have experienced this several times.  I offered him a guarantee that if they experience the same disappointment with my performance at their event this year, they do not have to pay me the balance owed. He laughed and said I do not have to do that.


I replied, “Yes I do! At some point professional DJs need to be held accountable for the quality we offer; if we do a bad job, you shouldn’t have to pay us.”


He laughed again and said, “You must be either real crazy or real good at what you do to make a statement like that.”


It was my turn to laugh, “Maybe a little bit of both.”


Nothing like giving yourself a challenge to raise your game as a Rhode Island Professional DJ!

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