50 Years Ago Today The Beatles Signed With Brian Epstein

On December 13, 1961 The Beatles signed with Manager Brian Epstein who later Paul McCartney said, “If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian.” Brian Epstein paid for them to record a demo in Decca Studios since nobody thought The Beatles were talented enough to record.  George Martin was impressed with Epstein’s enthusiasm and gave them a listen. He offered them a contract with EMI’s small label Parlophone. That is where The Beatles journey began.

The Beatles – Brian Epstein Tribute – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

I wonder if The Beatles would have ever made it at all if not for the coaxing and complete faith that Epstein had that someday they would be an international hit. Hard to imagine growing-up without The Beatles and having them be ‘with me’ throughout my life. Imagine no “Let It Be”.

The Beatles Let It Be

Thanks Brian for your belief in these guys fifty years ago today!

The Beatles Icon


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